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When Paris’ hateful gaze turned towards Evangeline, only then did she realize the situation clearly.

He wanted to be the last person to defeat her in front of everyone as an insult.

This petty, little bastard seemed to have decided to drain her spirits and ensure an empty triumph for himself.

He was exactly the type of person who would do that.

“I’ve lost most of my strength, so just come out here and defeat me, Your Highness.”

Her exhaustion caused her to open her mouth and say exactly what she thought.

“What did you say”

“You said you were one of the best warriors in the Empire.

Aren’t you confident to defeat me at my weakest”

Similar to when she first met the Emperor, there was silence in the training ground.

“I see that you can still talk.” Paris shot back with a biting expression as if he was looking at an insect.

The more he did, the better his bare face looked.

“Am I that scary Was the battle in Rajan so hard that you don’t have the courage to face me without making me weak”

Now tired and powerless to think about the consequences, Evangeline decided to do what she was best at.


“I’ve learned swordsmanship for three years.

Also, this continent was filled with expert swordsmen regardless of their gender.

Can the Crown Prince, who is supposed to be Apollo’s descendant, cower in front of someone like me Now that I’m weak enough like you wanted, come here and fight me.”

Evangeline didn’t want to live long anyway after the Empire had captured her.

She wanted to appear cool, at least, before she died.

“You have a death wish.”

“If you wanted to kill me, come here and do it quickly.”

It was entertaining to goad the Crown Prince to anger.

“What if Grand Duke Epinhardt or Count Buiche participate in this competition If you don’t defeat me right away,  you won’t ever win against them.”


Paris stood up, knocking down the chair’s handle.

His face was worth seeing.

“Everyone get out of the way! This sword fight would be the last.”

Evangeline’s provocation seemed to have worked as the crown prince began to descend from the platform.

But first, there was another person emerging from the crowd.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness.

But I’d like to take the next challenge.”

Evangeline knew that voice well.

In an instant, the relief in her countenance vanished and a slightly complex emotion took place in her heart.

Archduke Caelion Ephinhardt.

Biting her lower lip, she turned around and saw his familiar raven hair and blood-red eyes staring at her.

“It’s too late.”

“It’s not too late.

You told me to gather at the training ground at noon.”

He smiled with ease.

The Grand Duke had worn that same expression in Rajan Kingdom and like a lightning bolt from out of the blue, he took Evangeline as a prisoner.

Evangeline admitted he was a mean and cocky bastard but she couldn’t deny the fact that he was also a handsome and charming man.

She didn’t like that at all.

His broad shoulders, lethal gaze, and deep baritone exuded a confident spirit.

He even exhibited subtle tenderness in the monster she had ridden earlier.

Archduke Caelion was actually quite close to her ideal type.

Uriel, whom she saw in Rajan, was also pretty handsome, but she preferred a large, masculine man.

“Her duel with me was the last,” Paris growled with a wrinkled face.

Caelion’s unexpected participation made him furious.

“I will defeat you soon so please fight me, Your Majesty.”

Caelion laughed back at her words.

Evangeline had heard that as a child, Caelion couldn’t even make eye contact with Paris.

He was always uncomfortable in his presence but apparently, the situation was different now.

“I had no idea you were interested in Evangeline.

You shouldn’t covet women like her.

Your taste must be quite unique.”

“Well, His Highness must have been afraid to let the royal daughter out of his sight.

People might assume you’re in love.”

Paris didn’t expect Caelion to join in such a dirty feast.

Who would want to take Evangeline, whom the emperor had given Paris, in the first place

This match was Paris’ game from the start and Caelion just got involved in it.

Unexpectedly, so did Evangeline.

Evangeline was quick to notice that Caelion didn’t see her as a woman at all.

The Grand Duke might appear like a naive, handsome, charming boy in front of the crown prince but she bet he was probably after something else.

Neither of them retreated from the arena.

Confused about who to cheer for, the surrounding knights looked at the two back and forth with their mouths wide open like idiots.

Evangeline quickly rolled her head, not knowing what to do with her in this situation.

She hated Paris.

She had no idea what torture she would be subjected to if she went with him.

She should better find a way to die in an instant.


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