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Paris snorted.

“Are you insane” He approached Caelion, breathing heavily with his sword stuck in the arena, and continued,

“I thought you weren’t interested in women at all.

Perhaps, they weren’t wild enough for you, unlike this woman.” Paris kept acting like he had the entire world at his feet.

“What should I do This girl is my slave.

She isn’t my cup of tea, but if I keep her for a while and get tired of her——”

With clenched fists, Evangeline put her meanest expression on.

“I will hand her over to Duke Gareth and then to Lord Amon.

The line is long so you should wait for your turn.”

“Be careful what you say.”

It was not at all surprising to hear such a remark from Paris.

However, Caelion’s anger made him look like an insulted teenage boy.

Blushing, he cried out the most terrible lines he could ever think of.

“Don’t ever say that to the woman I love again!”

Suddenly, the entire arena became silent as everyone gave him a wide-eyed stare.

The embarrassment had caused his cheekbones to darken from the out-of-character confession.

Evangeline seemed to find it absurd and Caelion’s ears had turned red at this point.

“Oh, my.

HAHAHAHA! This is such a masterpiece!”

Paris clutched his stomach and laughed.

“I didn’t expect to see that face you just made ever in my entire life, Grand Duke.”

Paris put his face close to Caelion to examine his expression from side to side.

“Unfortunately, the duel is over.

There is nothing you can do.”

“I’ll give you——”

Paris stopped laughing when a familiar name came out of Caelion’s mouth.

“What What did you just say”

“If I lose to you again, I’ll give you Uriel.”

Paris blinked several times, his eyes twinkling with malice.


The crown prince grinned from ear to ear.

“You’re that crazy over this woman, huh”

Who was Uriel

Caelion’s assassination, which the Emperor, Paris, and Petra had attempted multiple times, always seemed to fail.

Even if Caelions defeated the ‘jagalope’ in the forest, even in the battlefield and even if he recruited his childhood friend to assassinate him, Uriel was always one step ahead.

Always there to the rescue.

Whether it was a man or a demon, he removed every threat and obstacle in Caelion’s life.

Quick and clean.

Even before the Battle of Atalan, Paris knew that Uriel was a better swordsman than Caelion.

Uriel was Caelion’s most valuable asset and his assasination would be a thousand times easier without him.

In addition to that, if Paris witnessed Uriel’s proud and sleek countenance replaced with that of a dog, his ten-year-old stagnation might go away.

Paris couldn’t hide his excitement when Caelion bet Uriel.

“Are you serious”

“Of course.

If that’s the only way I can take the woman from your hands.”

Paris gestured at the onlookers to back off.

“Hold the sword.”

He drew his sword again and faced Caelion.

“Don’t regret it, Your Highness.

He smiled proudly and waited for Caelion to point the sword at him.

“Well, then—–”


Before he could finish his sentence, Caelion’s new figure dug into Paris’ frame.

This time, everything was different.



Form of attacks.


Caelion attacked Paris like a giant lion.



Both came back together and withdrew.

At first glance, it might look similar to the duel earlier but Caelion had dominated this instead.

He pushed against Paris as if he was man blinded by love because of the woman.


As Paris did a little while ago, Caelion kicked him in the stomach as revenge.

“Get up.”

Paris stood up, trying to catch his breath, and this time Caelion’s sword hit him on the shoulder.


“Get up.” Caelion ordered coldly like an adult teaching a child.

Anyone could tell without seeing it to the end that he would win.



Breathing hard, Paris prepared the final blow but it’s too late.

Caelion was raising his sword high enough to strike Paris in the head.

The crown prince closed his eyes tightly, waiting for the blade to drop.


Someone’s voice rang low behind Caelion’s back.

“I see His Highness.

The Sun of the Empire!”

“I see His Highness.

The sun of the Empire!”

After confirming the Emperor’s face, the soldiers set their manners one by one.

As Paris looked up, the Emperor and his servants stood there.

On his right side was Ceta, who was always with the Emperor, and on his left…….

“I see Her Highness.

The Princess.”

“I see Her Highness.

The Princess.”

As the soldiers greeted loudly, Apollonia watched the match with wide innocent eyes.


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