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The most dangerous place.

Where no one could enter.

Where no one could predict.

He hid the piece of the empire’s heart there.’

The previous emperor certainly said that, so she came to the most dangerous and worthless Mt.Calt.

“Shall we go back”

She turned her horse’s head slightly while talking to herself.

The horse groaned delightfully.

But Apollonia pulled the reins again.

She took a deep breath.

Shouldn’t we try everything we can if we came all the way here

“No, you’re the only one going back.”

She slowly got off the horse and stepped on the ground.

The white horse looked puzzled and uneasy at its owner.

“Go back first before it gets dangerous.”

She turned her horse around and slapped the side of her tail with her palm.

The white horse neighed again.


Apollonia looked at the back of the horse for a long time, feeling a little anxious.

There was no turning back now.

The moment when she thought she was completely alone.

Rustle-! Rustle-!

There was a sound coming from the trees.

“What is it”

She turned her head in the direction of the sound.

It wasn’t the wind, but the sound of something moving.


A huge wing was seen through a large tree just above her head.

The shivers ran down her spine.

“The monsters were almost nowhere to be seen during the dry season.”


Which means that if you’re unlucky….


Before she could grasp the situation, a huge black object above her head made a loud cry and dived right toward Apollonia’s head.


She instinctively flung herself away to avoid it, and the monster almost grazed past her with only an arm’s length away.

However, he flew back into the air and perched atop a branch closer than before.

Thanks to that Apollonia could see the shape of the monster properly.

The black fellow flew like a bird, but had sleek wings instead of feathers that looked like bats.

When the wings were spread out, they were about the same size as a horse and dozens of sharp teeth were revealed every time it opened its mouth.

The steel claws were firmly fixed to the thick branches.


As if it was welcoming its prey, it fixed its eyes on Apollonia and cried out threateningly.

It seemed to sit still, but if you look closely, muscles full all over its body were crawling.

It was a disaster.

She looked around but her horse had already gone far.

There were no obstacles between Apollonia and the monster except for a few curved trees.

Apollonia took a deep breath and slowly took the dagger out of her arms.

She didn’t even blink her eyes and keep eye contact with the monster to prevent it from starting an attack.

Apollonia had never mastered the sword properly.

As a part of her education, she learned the trick to intimidate her opponent from the previous emperor, and learned how to use self-defense daggers several times from Sid, but that wasn’t actual combat.

In other words, the odds weren’t great.

She swallowed her saliva and slowly found the weakness of the object.

Skimming through its claws and solid wings, she noticed a relatively soft-looking abdomen.


She spoke to herself.

“Come whenever you’re ready.”

As soon as she finished speaking, something flew up into the air and quickly dived back down.


Despite her defenseless stance, Apollonia did not avoid it, staying in place.

Then she held out her left arm toward the forthcoming monster.

The moment it would bite off her left arm, she’d use her right arm to stab it with the dagger.

Five meters, three meters, one meter.

The wind from its flapping wings rustled her hair, then sharp rows of teeth gleamed right in front of her.


A hard claw pierced into her shoulder.

She endured the pain and stretched her right arm, but its skin was too tough.

The dagger only scratched the skin of its belly and produced a few drops of blood.


The monster screeched more and kept attacking.

Its claw pierced further through her shoulders.

Apollonia was pushed to the ground by the force.

It’s over.


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