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Although this was not the case in Lishan, most of the times the lords couldnt withstand the civil unrest.

They used to bow deeply in front of the residents, apologize earnestly, and go back to their profligate life after abandoning the people they once apologized to.

However, Apollonia did not bow her head.

She did not abandon her dignity as the lord.

Instead, she made eye contact with each person and openly admitted her faults.

Apollonia continued, “I…I dont want to justify all the treatment youve received so far.

Not one of my constituents should have been treated like that.”

A weeping sound broke out somewhere.

Surprisingly, it came from the muscular Ben.

Then the old woman also shed tears.

It seemed that Apollonias words had released a lot of pent-up anger and grief.

“In addition, I promise I will never give up on you.”

Every word she said burrowed deeply into the Bellas heart.

Their faces showed an inclination to favor her.

“I know youve been forced to make ends meet in a dangerous way because you werent protected by the law.

From now on, I promise to rule the land based on principles and trust,” she said.

Many of the citizens, including Tanyas family, were greatly responsible for the raid on the Imperial Princess envoy, which was a serious crime that warranted an execution.

“Starting from today, those who uphold principles and trust will be rewarded, and those who violate them will be punished.”

Apollonias message was clear.

She wasnt going to hold anyone accountable for all their previous crimes.

She even promised that they could escape a life of crime.

When she beckoned, someone standing near filled Apollonias glass with red fruit wine.

“Along with this drink, I want to bury your past here.

If you accept my apology, so will I accept yours.”

Every single one of them raised their glass.

“For your prosperity, for your honor.”

It was a quick toast, but it was something that used to be unthinkable for the Bellas.

A dream.

Apollonia drank the sweet red liquid in one go, and soon everyone there copied her.

It was embarrassing to call a feast that wouldnt be recorded in history books a ceremony.

But right in this place, for the first time in her life, Apollonia gained the trust of her people directly.

* * *

Uriel was puzzled.

“Why wont you answer” Tanya looked up at him with gleaming eyes.

Her little hands held something similar to a flower bouquet.

Were those morning-glories Or maybe just weeds It was dark, but when he looked closely, the flower… no, that grassy-looking thing was covered in dirt.

Her message was clear, though he repeatedly doubted his ears.

A confession.

A love confession.

The 13-year-old little girl confessed that she had grown fond of Uriel in a matter of days.

“You dont like me” Her voice trembled and her eyelashes fluttered.

She seemed to have learned this from someone.

“I think you misunderstood, but I saved you from the viscount because of Her Highness command…”

“I know that!” the child cried out and blushed at the thought of being rejected, attracting the stares and cheers of nearby people.

“I know, but you were so cool when you saved me! This is a serious confession! And Ive never seen anyone more handsome than my brothers!”

How could one be this straightforward Did she not know the concept of shame

The growing number of spectators made Uriel cringe.

“Im sorry…” He carefully chose his words.

He didnt want to hurt a child who seemed innocent.

“I dont think Im ready to like anyone.”

Ridiculous, meaningless dialogue came out of his mouth.

He wanted to punch himself for saying such words to a young child, but he held the urge in and looked at Tanya with the sincerest expression he could muster.

“No way! So youve never liked anyone before” Tanya looked at him with great surprise, and then pity for his lack of experience.

“Ive dated five people!” she said proudly

Uriel was becoming more and more embarrassed.

“This wont do.

Ill wait a little longer, so go get some experience.” She sighed as if she was giving up before Uriel could say anything else.

The people around them also clicked their tongue as though it was absurd.

It was the moment when the pride of Saphiros wolf, the most talented swordsman of the century, completely collapsed.


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