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I have to trust rational judgement, not baseless feelings.’

That was her ironclad principle.

That principle allowed Petra to remain unwavering in the face of crisis.


Everything would be settled once the princess married the heir of another country and lost the right to the throne.

Thus, the most important thing was the smooth progress of the marriage.

Nothing much would likely happen before it, but Petra didn’t like to miss even the tiniest detail that could make things go awry.

“Madam, Count Keaton is here.”

A servant entered the rose garden and interrupted the conversation between Mrs.

Carlin and Petra.

“Didn’t I tell you not to disturb us now”

“No, that’s enough.

I’ll do the rest tomorrow.”


Carlin, who was in the middle of reporting on an important silk import case, frowned and tried to get a word in, but Petra once again raised her hand to stop her.

Someone who could help with the princess’ marriage arrived just in time.

“Long time no see, Duchess.” The gray-haired, well-built man greeted her politely.

“Let’s skip the pleasantries.

Aren’t you an old comrade and friend of the emperor” Petra greeted the count with a rare smile, which he returned.

He had fought alongside Gaius in the previous emperor’s war of conquest back then, the head of a well-known family who was promoted from viscount to count due to his considerable contribution.

Petra and Count Keaton were entwined in business and politics, but they were far from being close friends.

For Petra to use those words meant that she was giving him special favor.

The count’s complexion brightened.

“As I wrote in the letter, I wanted to see Madam because of my eldest daughter.”

The count, who was born with a military background, was a blunt and brusque man.

He hated to waste time and always went straight to the point.

“Bianca is a wise and modest child.

Now that she’s coming of age, I can’t help but think about her marriage.”

The count did not employ false humility.

Bianca, the eldest of his three daughters, was the most favored by him and his wife.

In other words, she was Count Keaton’s precious daughter.

“The child is already 20 years old.

She’s at the age to get married.”

Petra had already guessed his request but nodded her head in silence.

“I don’t dare to ask for a great family, but with a bigger pond, isn’t it natural that you’ll meet more people…” The count uncharacteristically slurred his words.

She smiled and beckoned him to continue.

“Isn’t the spot of the imperial princess or the empress an honorable place to be envied by many young ladies The imperial family, without a doubt, can build relationships with many prestigious families, and in all likelihood, lead to a good marriage.”

“I get what you mean, but there’s no empress in the imperial family… there are only queens.”

“I’m talking about Her Highness the Princess, Madam.

I will never forget your kindness if you select Bianca as the princess’ maid.”

The words Petra was waiting for came out of the count’s mouth.

She smiled gracefully once again.

“The position of the princess’ maid of honor is truly unmatched to ensure a good marriage.

However, I don’t think there’s a shortage of people in the star palace right now…” he trailed off.

“That’s why I’m asking you for a favor.”

The count spoke frankly.

Petra also knew about the rumors.

Count Keaton favored his eldest daughter and was looking for a suitable groom.

It was not easy to find a son-in-law because he had such high standards, to the point that no matter how wealthy or high ranking the candidate was, he refused if they didn’t suit his preference.

“It’s not a difficult thing to do,” she said graciously, much to the elation of the count.

“Are you sure”

“Not only will I let her serve the princess, but I can also guarantee Bianca’s future.

By the time the princess gets married, the count will be able to get a suitable son-in-law.

I’ll bet on my family’s name.”

“How am I… supposed to return this favor…”

“I just need you to help me with one simple thing.

If you can help me with that, you don’t have to feel indebted to me.”


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