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Uriel looked curiously at her and her cool answer.

“Ran Island is almost like a sovereign country.

Although it belonged to the empire, the owner who controls the mass-production on the island was the count, not the imperial family.

My wedding date hasnt been decided yet, so the company in Luwan hasnt gotten their hands on the Dharmayu yet.

That means everything is still in the hands of the Count Aiter.”

“Will he accept the deal if the proposal comes from the Luwan Headquarters”

“The count is not an easy person.

In order to protect the small island, he thoroughly examined the external affairs to fit his best interests.

In other words, if someone offers better conditions than Luwan, anyone can earn his favor easily.

The problem is, nobody has ever put forth such a proposal.”

“But who would dare to do that…”

“The count is attending the hunting competition.

Hes coming to conduct business with other nobles rather than join in the hunt.

After the event, he will sign a contract to supply Dharmayu to the company.

The Luwan Headquarters will acquire it and supply it to Bjern.” Apollonia smiled mysteriously, as if she was dropping hints one by one.

Uriels eyes widened.

“Do you mean someone will meet him in the capital and steal the deal”


“That… Do you mean…”

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“Its me.” Apollonia smiled.

“What are we going to do with all the jewels Leave them to rot forever”

Uriel couldnt help but laugh.

It was such a bold and reckless move, but there was no denying that it would be very effective if it was successful.

But was that enough

“Lets say we can block the deal… Wont they still proceed with the marriage by changing the conditions”

Apollonia grinned once more at his worried voice.

Not only that, but his expression still looked like a puppy.

He was a big, anxious puppy.

“It wont happen.

Eckart himself will break the engagement.”

He also knew well that an alliance was much greater than his personal feelings.

Bianca was a tool that could make him forsake his original plan at once the moment the alliance went awry.

“What do you mean” Uriel looked confused.


Im going to seduce him to the point where he can no longer think clearly”

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‘Not me personally, though, Apollonia added inwardly.

She missed Uriels face fall in defeat.


Chapter 8.

Eileen Itena

Evan Aiter, Count of Ran Island, arrived at the capital early and was working on several projects in his capital mansion.

The young count, now in his mid-twenties, was a quiet man.

He remained neutral in all political disputes, the same stance that the previous counts of Ran Island had taken.

The same was true when Pascal III purged his brothers to ascend the throne, and a few years ago when Emperor Gaius seized the throne.

That unwavering attitude secured peace on the island for hundreds of years.

His neutrality angered various powerful people who strived to isolate the island economically, but under his governance and brilliant acumen for business, Ran Island continued to flourish.

There werent many ways to make a profit off a small island.

Nevertheless, he made deals with many countries as well as a decent company, and the people of Ran Island enjoyed prosperity despite its small size.

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Although it was on a small scale, his secret to leading a stable business for a long time was nothing particularly great.

It was just intense focus.

He was a merciless businessman, even to his lover or his closest friends.

He was a man who never got himself involved in a useless fight, never did trivial things like delaying the payment just because he wanted to see his opponent suffer, and always kept his promises.

“The guest is here, Count,” a servant quietly informed him.

The count had tied his dark, shoulder-length black hair loosely and was preoccupied with reviewing the documents.

“Let them in.”


At the servants guidance, someone entered the office, though he had yet to take his eyes off the documents.

He could sense the guest sitting quietly.

“Thank you for the opportunity to have an audience.”

His busily moving hand stopped.

He only saw the guests name on the document, and assumed that she was a middle-aged woman since she was a businesswoman.

The voice he heard was unexpectedly soft.

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A woman in a purple velvet dress.

She wore a hat with black veil hiding her face.

Beside her, a tall knight, who appeared to be an escort, stood there carrying a bag.

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