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Chapter 117 - Bonus Chapter - Baby Grows Up

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When would the lotus bud lose its shell It became a question that all immortals paid attention to.

This kid was so special.

The kid didn't even bother to do anything when it went to the nine-story tower to follow its father.

But when it went to the seven-story elixir tower following its mother, the lotus petals would always poke out one after another.

The child seemed to dance inside.

Su Yu and Xiao Muge observed for a long time and came to a conclusion.

"This baby wants to come out."

"But when it was in my stomach, it made up its mind to turn into a lotus bud, turned nutrients into lotus petals and wrapped itself too tightly layer by layer.


After a while, the lotus bud baby struggled to come out.

Su Yu frowned.

"Whom does this baby look like"

Master Su was confused.

Heavenly Monarch Xiao lowered his head and glanced at the child and its pointy lotus petal.

"Like the mother."


Like its mother, it always liked to try new and different ways.

Su Yu stared at him, unable to refute.

This baby was just like her.

But also a baby with its own mind.

After observing for a long time, the new parents finally found the pattern and knew their child's personality.

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This child had strong learning abilities but was lazy and greedy.

If it was something that was not interesting, even its own father would be ignored.

But as soon as its father started to enjoy breakfast and lunch, the trouble began.

If you didn't look for a while, it could drown itself on the bed.

Xiao Muge read some papers and heard the sound of clattering.

He hurriedly glanced at the bed and the bud was already swimming.

"Baby has learned the magic of immortals" Jasper Turtle originally wanted to teach it, but before it could do anything, the baby had learned on its own.

Xiao Muge was so shocked that he fished the sluggish lotus bud from the 'lake'.

Wiped it, washed it and dried the quilt before putting it back again.

Since then, he had never dared to eat in front of his child.

As a result, when it was its father's turn, the lotus bud was very dissatisfied.

It jumped on its tiptoe, rolled up the quilt and teleported to its father, who was secretly hiding to eat lunch.

After a moment, it jumped into his lunch box, fried tomato rice, accurately sensed the smell and rolled over into his rice bowl.

Heavenly Monarch Xiao: "..."

All his lunch was gone.

Jasper Turtle also applauded happily.

"Baby is smart.

It has learned to teleport!"

When it was Su Yu's turn to bring her baby, Heavenly Monarch Xiao didn't dare to let the bud go to the seven-story pagoda.

"If baby teleports into the pot, you won't be able to catch it in time."

Master Su was carrying the lotus bud on her back and she shuddered.

The picture was too wonderful to imagine.

If the child was hungry and followed the fragrance of food, it couldn't eat it from inside the shell, but it wanted to roll around in the meal.

The lotus petals could soak up some flavors a little.

Su Yu could only give up.

She held the child in the garden and talked to the little guy.

"Baby, you have to grow fast.

Only when you break the shell can Mother take care of you.

Give you delicious soup dumplings, snail noodles, curry rice..."

Lotus bud had been working hard since then.

'Dad didn't let me go to the seven-story tower and work in the kitchen with mother.'

'Baby can only try to grow faster and faster.'

Luckily there were several babysitters—Taoist Mu, Elder Zhang, Qing Xuan, Jin Haotian, Son of Buddha, Hang Wan'er, Xiong Feng...

Every time, regardless of whether the baby understood or not, they would always talk about the methods of identifying scumbags, kicking bad guys, the magic of wind and metal, martial arts, and swordsmanship.

The lotus bud grew rapidly.

When a newcomer arrived in the Immortal Realm, they would see a lotus bud studying hard every day.

Swords and knives were flying.

Su Yu also specially designed a sling, which allowed the baby to put a sword in the storage bag of the sling.

Finally, one day, when the lotus bud was learning the art of grappling from Hang Wan'er, the lotus bud bravely rushed towards a scarecrow 'enemy' and with a click, there was a cracking sound.

Hang Wan'er was startled.

"Baby, are you broken"

The baby was in a cold sweat, but the bud was shaking violently.

As a result, it was picked up and checked all around, only to find out that it was only the sling made by Master Su which was torn apart by the shock.

The child didn't even get a scratch.

It was easy for clothes to fail to keep up with the growth rate.

Especially if every day they were charged with magic and swords.

Today, the sling finally broke.

In order not to scratch the baby's skin, Su Yu's sling was made of very soft fabric, which was breathable and considered top quality.

The raw material used was bamboo fungus, which had many good points.

[T/N: Bamboo fungus is a type of edible mushroom.]

The two straps that held the bamboo fungus sling were made of enoki mushroom, which was tough and could be adjusted in length so that the lotus bud could continue to wear it when it grew.

As a result...

Today, in Hang Wan'er's room, where she taught the baby, the strap was broken.

The lotus bud was stunned and 'looked' at the sling that had fallen from it.

After a glance, the bud solidified.

There was a moment of panic.

'If the sling which mother made is damaged, what should baby do'

'This baby still loves it.'

Every time Su Yu helped the baby wear the sling, it was very active.

The lotus bud would jump into the strap by itself.

Because this product didn't smell obvious, it didn't make a lot of fuss.

It was very similar to the smell on its mother's body.

Moreover, it was very convenient.

There was a pocket in front of it, with handkerchiefs, bibs, and all kinds of flying swords and fans that its father and uncles made...

Now that it was broken.

The baby was stunned for a while, then cried.

Tears and snot came together.

Hang Wan'er was frightened to death and found that there was a steady stream of spirit water that flooded the garden.

"Baby, stop!"

"It's not that the strap is broken.

It will accompany you in another way.

Seventh Aunt will help you to cook it into soup.

From the gap between your lotus petals, will you eat it"

The weeping lotus bud stopped shaking immediately.

Tears were still in the crevices of the petals, shaking like dewdrops.

But soon, with Hang Wan'er's hard work, the bud was no longer sad.

The bamboo fungus was white and plump, like a dense net.

After washing, soak it a little, then put it in Hang Wan'er's reserve soup.

Boil it a little and then when it was fully cooked, the pieces were like white flakes floating on a lake.

Paired with an enoki mushroom strap and shiitake mushroom storage bag, it was a bowl of mixed mushroom soup.

With a light touch, the fragrant oil beads turned with a wave, swaying between the fat mushrooms, and collided with each other.


Hang Wan'er slurped hard.

The lotus bud came over and squeezed its sharp petals to look at her.


Su Yu checked the time, put down her iron pot, went to the courtyard of the seven-story pagoda and was about to bring the lotus bud home.

As soon as she arrived at the gate of the garden, she ran into Heavenly Monarch Xiao, who came to pick up the child.

Husband and wife were exactly the same.

But when they reached the garden's gate, they heard a hurried voice with a sob.

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The two of them looked at each other and hurried to Hang Wan'er, where they saw she had poked a tube through the gap of the lotus petals.

A delicate and eager sobbing sound came from the lotus bud.

Hang Wan'er's bamboo fungus soup inside a jade bowl was decreasing rapidly.

Su Yu: "!"

She walked over, but Xiao Muge's speed was even faster.

As soon as the mushroom soup reached the bottom, he took the lotus bud, held it upright in his arms and patted its back lightly.

Not long after, a loud, full-bodied hiccup came out from the lotus bud.

Heavenly Monarch Xiao looked at Su Yu with a bright face.

The way he learned to pat was really not in vain.

But pat and pat, he suddenly felt wrong.

The lotus bud split open on his palms...

The child's father froze.

Su Yu was both surprised and delighted.

"It's broken! My stomach is broken."

The child's father: "..."

When he lowered the bud down, they saw the lotus petals disintegrate, revealing a pink, tender bulging belly.

His arms were fat like lotus roots.

He shyly pinched the corner of the petals and opened it gently.

Showing off a pair of red-cheeked, an oily mouth and a pair of slightly shy grape-like eyes.

"Baby, eat~"

Heavenly Monarch Xiao's body trembled.

"Baby is like you."

Especially those eyes.

Su Yu felt like she was hit by a blow.

She held her breath before lowering herself and checking the baby's hands and feet.

She was relieved when she saw that everything was good.

The baby was healthy and cute.

Hang Wan'er squinted and smiled while stuffing a spoonful of bamboo fungus soup into her mouth.

Delicious and tender, a spoonful of soup was simmering in her mouth, and the aftertaste was endless.

"Baby is finally here."

She closed her eyes, enjoyed the fresh soup and smacked her lips for the baby to see.

"As expected of Second Senior Sister.

One can be used for multiple purposes.

It will definitely be useful for baby!"

The baby blinked and made a sound.

It was looking at the bamboo fungus soup that Hang Wan'er quickly finished eating.

Immediately, tears came out.

'My food~'

'My food'!



Su Yu couldn't help laughing and fell into Xiao Muge's arms.


There were not many other things in their family, but the food was enough.


Many years later.

There was a legend in the mortal world.

If you were fortunate enough to meet a housekeeping company named Xianle, you must ask the housekeeper to provide you with a meal.

Although these housekeepers were extremely handsome and extremely beautiful, they were trustworthy.


Wearing a suspender and a pink coat with a pompom tie, a boy rang the doorbell, leaned against the wall and smiled.

"I'm Xianle No.


Your housekeeping expert, Lianlian."

"Tonight, what wish do you want to achieve"


-The End-


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