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Chapter 1: Rebirth! Selling Ten Billion Worth of Heritage

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In the capital of the Dragon Country.

In a villa, in a room that was more than a hundred square meters.

Suddenly, Dong Lei opened his eyes and sat up on the bed.

Dong Lei glanced at the 21st century antique clock on the wall.

July 5, 2275.

“Im reborn”

“Furthermore, I was reborn a week before the Chaos Game!”

“In a week, it will be the open beta of the online game Chaos.”

“Everyone in the world will enter this game to survive.”

“Chaos descends, and all races encounter calamity!”

“At first, everyone thought that this was just a holographic game!”

“After the players quit the Chaos game, they realized that their power in the game would be brought to reality!”

“Even their items and equipment in the game were brought to the real world and materialized!”

“After that, all the major countries, financial groups, and some terrifying organizations on Blue Planet all joined the game Chaos just for one goal!”

“That is to become a god and control the entire Blue Planet!”


Dong Lei exhaled and calmed himself down.

In his previous life, he was one of the top experts in the Dragon Country.

In the Chaos games Battle of the Gods.

A large number of players from Dragon Country faced the combined attacks of Sakura Country, Ginseng Country, Lighthouse Country, and Ah San Country.

Corpses of the Dragon Country fell one after another...

On the other hand, Dong Lei had relied on his own strength to snatch the divine artifact from a severely injured Heavenly God.

Dong Lei used the power of the divine artifact to kill in all directions!

He killed the strongest killers in the other regions, such as Sakura, Ginseng, Lighthouse, and Ah San.

Killed them all!

Moreover, Dong Lei led the players of the Dragon Country to completely unify all the regions.

After the first year of this game.

All the monsters in the game descended on the Blue Planet.

The entire Blue Planet was reduced to a large-scale hell.

In the next three years, humans would have to face the invasion of terrifying strange beasts.

Also, the various armies of the Mutant World attacked in all directions. Humans had to flee.

In the end, a huge and terrifying beast crawled out from under the sea of the Blue Planet.

In just a few days, it swept through the people and main cities of the various countries that were resisting. It slaughtered humans.

Of course, this included the Dragon Country.

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There were 51 main cities left on the entire Blue Planet.

They were all destroyed by this terrifying giant beast!

Humans had also become one of the fossils on the Blue Planet.

Dong Leis divine artifact was accidentally lost, which led to the destruction of the entire Dragon Country.

The terrifying beast spat out terrifying flames, turning him into...

Then, he lay on this bed and was reborn.

At the thought of this, Dong Leis aura became a little chaotic...

Since he had already been reborn, he had to seize the opportunity and make full use of all his advantages.

The most important thing was to survive!

There were only a few years left.

Dong Lei called Uncle Yang first.

Uncle Yang was his butler and had watched him grow up. He was the oldest family member in his life.

Dong Leis parents had died in a car accident when he had just graduated from university.

Dong Lei didnt even get to see his parents.

He and Uncle Yang were holding two urns...

They had left a large amount of inheritance for Dong Lei. It was enough for Dong Lei and his future descendants to live comfortably.

All these years, he had handed it over to Uncle Yang to manage. He had never asked.

Now, what he thought and wanted to do was to take his entire parents inheritance and estate.

All of them would be turned into cash and charged into this game.


He clearly remembered.

After the game “Chaos” was released, there was only a short five minutes for Dong Lei to purchase.

After five minutes, the Chaos game system, Heavenly Tyrant, would completely control the operations of the entire game.

At that time, the entire Chaos game would close the channel for purchase.

At that time, the gamers did not know that Heavenly Tyrant would close this purchase channel.

That was because all the players thought that every game was the same!

Those who paid most were the bosses! How could he close the channel for in-game purchase!

When everyone really entered the game “Chaos”, they realized that the chances of gold coins dropping were very low.

Moreover, in the black market between reality and the game, the exchange ratio between gold coins and cash was as high as 1:999.

Gold coins were such an expensive thing!

Now, Dong Lei had been reborn.


Investing in anything else was not as profitable as investing in the game Chaos.

He would directly increase his assets by 999 times!

If all his parents assets were cashed into the gold coins of Chaos, at that time, he would not only be the richest tycoon in the game, in reality, he would be even wealthier.

Moreover, as long as he had enough gold coins, he could quickly grow in the game Chaos.

At that time, he would not have to go through so many dangers to snatch the divine artifact.

Also, after the game equipment was materialized, it was impossible for him to lose his divine equipment...

He would destroy all the strange beasts on the Blue Planet!

Including the terrifying beast that destroyed humans, the monstrous snake!

Just as Dong Lei was imagining this, the person he was calling answered the phone.

“Young Master Dong!”

Uncle Yangs gentle voice came through the phone.

Upon hearing Uncle Yangs voice, Dong Lei felt a lump in his throat and tears welled up in his eyes.

In his previous life, Uncle Yang and he had experienced countless hardships and the man died to protect him.

Dong Lei took a deep breath, his eyes sharp.

After experiencing his previous life, he knew how important Uncle Yang was to him.

He needed a helper in the game Chaos.

In that case, Uncle Yang was definitely a great candidate.

Now, he needed to liquidate all the assets left behind by his parents.

Then, he would invest them in the game!

He had to finish this first and think about the rest later.

“Uncle Yang, help me cash out all my inheritance!”

“What Young Master Dong!”

When Uncle Yang heard Dong Leis decision, he almost said, “Young Master Dong, are you crazy”

In the end, he had no choice but to obey Dong Leis request.

After all, he was only a butler. Everything in the Dong family belonged to Dong Lei.

After hanging up, Dong Lei immediately went online to customize a top-grade gaming cabin.


One week later.

“Uncle Yang, how much liquidity did you have after selling my parents assets”

Dong Lei looked up at Uncle Yang and asked.

“According to Young Master Dongs request, in a short week, only a portion of the Dong familys real estate and shares, as well as other businesses, can be sold. Theyre a total of 105 assets.”

“I sold them all and obtained 13.8 billion Dragon Coins.”

“In addition to the original funds, the liquidity is a total of 1.5 billion!”



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