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Chapter 11: I Cant Wait

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“Luo Erlan, I gave you a Geji Grass (Epic). You actually removed the leaves!”

“Youre really something. If not for the fact that its everywhere in the Taro Canyon!”

“If theres only one Geji Grass, Luo Erlan, youve personally taken your fathers life!”

“Also, why are you kissing my Evil Mask You can kiss me if you want!”

“Ill personally take off my Evil Mask and let you kiss me to my hearts content...”

“I cant wait... When we were pulling the grass together just now, I felt like I missed something!”

Dong Lei didnt say anything else. After sighing, he turned around and walked into the Taro Canyon.

Outside the Taro Canyon, he and Luo Erlan didnt see any mutated beasts. They didnt appear to stop them.

This proved that the safer the situation looked, the more dangerous it actually was.

However, to Dong Lei, so what...

He did not panic at all. After all, his strength was really too powerful.

As soon as Dong Lei entered the depths of the yam valley, a bright door of light appeared in front of him.

In this situation, Dong Lei had encountered an Instance Dungeon in Taro Canyon.

Instance Dungeons were coincidental and could not be seen every time.

Perhaps the Search for the Lightning Lion Army of the Wind Lightning Empire that has disappeared! (SSS) quest was in the Taro Canyon dungeon.

Therefore, Dong Lei thought for a moment and walked straight into the door of light.

At this moment, a system notification and voice appeared on Dong Leis information interface.

“Peak Destroyer, you have encountered the Taro Canyon Instance Dungeon. This Instance Dungeon is a Legion Instance Dungeon. It can allow 300 players to enter!”

Dong Lei was stunned and a little surprised.

This Instance Dungeon was actually a Legion Instance Dungeon. Legion Instance Dungeons were one of the highest level Instance Dungeons.

Moreover, the difficulty of a Legion Instance Dungeon was very high. Generally, it required guild leaders and military personnel with high Military Merits.

Only by forming a large team would they dare to enter such a dungeon.

Normally, it was impossible for a single player or a dozen players to complete a Legion Instance Dungeon.

However, in the eyes of a super powerful person like Dong Lei, his powerful strength could crush everyone...

If guild members entered the Legion Instance Dungeon, they would claim the spoils of war.

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After all, the equipment and items dropped in the Legion Instance Dungeon were much higher than in the other dungeons.

Therefore, every Legion Instance Dungeon was hard-won and randomly appeared.

It would attract the attention of a large number of gamers, and they might even fight for it.

If they wanted a spot to enter the army instance dungeon, they would have to fight tooth and nail.

Even the NPCs in “Chaos” would fight for it. Dont think that NPCs wouldnt fight with gamers for it.

All the NPCs in Chaos were almost the same as humans.

There was basically no difference. The difference was that the players could quit the game, but they couldnt...

NPCs would also become stronger like gamers and compete for various resources.

In order to increase their strength, they would even kill gamers for benefits.

Dong Lei did not think too much about it and chose to enter the Legion Instance Dungeon.

He did not gather anyone else and entered the Legion Instance Dungeon alone.

In an instant, a choice appeared in front of Dong Lei.

Please choose the difficulty level of the Legion Instance Dungeon:

1. Simple

2. Normal

3. Difficult

4. Terrifying

5: Abyssal


Dong Lei didnt even think and directly chose the Abyssal mode.

For the current Dong Lei, there was no pressure at all in any instance dungeon.

After Dong Lei chose the Abyssal difficulty, rays of light scattered on Dong Leis body.

In an instant, Dong Lei vanished on the spot.

By the time Dong Lei opened his eyes, he had already appeared in a valley.

At this moment, the systems voice reached Dong Leis ears.

“System Notification: You have entered the War Smoke Valley Instance Dungeon (Abyssal Level).”

“System Notification: As your choice is Abyssal difficulty, your Legion Instance Dungeon earnings have increased by 10 times!”


System Notification: You have felt a terrifying aura. All attributes -30%

“System Notification: You have felt a terrifying aura. Fire Resistance -30%.”

It wasnt over yet! Dong Lei heard even more voices.

“Congratulations, you have triggered a random 100x amplification. The benefits of your Legion Instance Dungeon have increased by 3,000 times!”

“Instance dungeons also have a random 100x amplification Is that even possible”

When Dong Lei heard the systems voice, he was extremely surprised and shocked.

It directly increased the profits of the originally Abyssal Legion Instance Dungeon by 3,000 times.

This terrifying SSS grade talent Passive-Mad Plunderer made him feel that it was too abnormal...

Originally, the Legion Instance Dungeon had a lot of resources.

Now, it was another 3,000 times increase in benefits. In Dong Leis opinion, after this trip, he would probably become exhausted from picking up equipment alone.

Also, Dong Lei knew that his fire resistance was reduced by 30%.


In this War Smoke Valley Instance Dungeon (Abyssal Level), mutated beasts might all belong to fire-attribute.

To a Traditional Mage like him, fire-attributed mutated beasts damage was relatively high.

Compared to other professions, Traditional Mages were relatively fragile.

Therefore, after Dong Lei took a step forward, he became extremely careful.

In this valley, the high mountains on both sides almost blocked the sunlight in the sky.

Instead, the walls on both sides of the valley flickered with fiery red light, like smoke signals.

Dong Lei held the Hex Demon Spear (Legendary) tightly and slowly walked in.

Not long after, he found many corpses of soldiers in warrior armor.

There was a lion embroidered on the armor of these soldiers. Lightning flashed beside the lion.

At this moment, a system voice sounded in Dong Leis ear.

“Congratulations, you have successfully completed the military mission Search for the Lightning Lion Army of the Wind Lightning Empire that has disappeared! (SSS).”

You have discovered the corpses of the Lightning Lion army. You have successfully discovered the mystery of Lightning Lion army

“You received 2,000,000 EXP, 2,000,000 Gold Coins, 3,000 Military Merits, and a Lightning Lion Gift Box (Epic).”

“Congratulations, you have triggered a random 100x amplification. You have received 200 million experience points, 200 million gold coins, 330,000 Military Merits, and a Lightning Lion Gift Box (Legendary).”

Dong Lei received 200 million EXP, 200 million Gold Coins, and 330,000 Military Merits.

There was also the Lightning Lion Gift Box (Legendary).

Dong Lei had yet to open the Luo Erlans Gift Box (Legendary)!

The rewards for the Taro Canyon missions were really high!

In the future, if there were missions in the Taro Canyon, he would have to take them!

Without thinking too much, he walked deeper into the valley.

At this moment, the sounds of battle came from the depths of the valley.

Dong Leis eyes were sharp. He held the Hex Demon Spear (Legendary) and quickly ran in.



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