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Chapter 14: Who Can Kill Me

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As for the Thorn Armor (Legendary) on me!

Under its defense!

There is a 200% chance that the enemys attack damage will be converted into magic damage and bounced back!

With the current level of the mutated beasts!

Who can kill me

It would be good if you didnt die!

After all, I can do whatever I want to you and you will agree to it...

In the War Smoke Valley Instance Dungeon (Abyssal Level), Dong Lei was still worried that Daphne might be in danger if she was alone.

He planned to bring Daphne deeper.

After all, this woman had stolen his first kiss...

He didnt even give it to Luo Erlan...

It was all to save people! To save people.

“Alright then... Follow me, dont fall behind!”

Dong Lei sighed and nodded.


Seeing Dong Lei agree, Daphne was very happy and replied.

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Then, Dong Lei took the Hex Demon Spear (Legendary) and brought Daphne deeper.

At this moment, the system sent a notification.

“Congratulations, after curing the commander of the Lightning Lion Army, Level 19 Daphne (Master), you triggered a random 100x amplification.”

“Youve made the commander of the Lightning Lion Army Level 19 Daphne (Quasi-King)!”

“What NPCs can also increase their strength by 100 times randomly Theres such a hidden effect”

“This SSS-level talent Passive-Mad Plunderer is too abnormal!”

Dong Lei turned to look at Daphne. Her expression had indeed changed drastically.

Even though Daphne only had half of her health left, daphnes temperament alone had changed a lot.

She looked even more valiant and cold.

However, when Dong Lei turned to look at her, she became like a little girl again.

“Hmm Whats wrong...”

Daphne lowered her head. She did not know why Dong Lei suddenly turned around and stared at her. She parted her tender lips and asked softly.

Dong Lei made Daphne reveal a shy image.

“Uh... Im fine!”

Dong Lei turned his head. As expected of a woman who had fallen in love and was willing to listen to anything he said...

However, Dong Lei could not help but think that this womans advancement might be very fast.

In that case, he had to work harder.

Otherwise, if he couldnt suppress this woman, it was hard to stay safe from what he had done back then.

If she thought that he had insulted her, he would definitely die...

Even though he had no choice and was trying to save Daphne...

Dong Lei did not think too much about it. He still believed that Daphne, whose Fondness was at its peak, would not change her mind...

However, he did not have any territory or guild now.

If he wanted to recruit Daphne as his member, he would have to wait until the time came.

Right now, the most important thing was to increase his strength.

A virgin boy was a virgin boy. He only knew how to recruit Daphne, who would become very powerful in the future.

Instead of thinking about other things...

He had lived two lives in vain...

After walking for a while, Dong Lei and Daphne saw a huge Red-Spotted Tiger appear in front of them.

The Red-Spotted Tiger let out a strange howl. It had also noticed Dong Lei and Daphne, and was dashing toward them.

Red-Spotted Tiger Elite (Silver)


Tier: Silver

HP: 8,700/8,7

Attack: 1,890-2,8

Skills: Tiger Roar, Iron Claw, Tail Whip

Introduction: It is a terrifying Silver Elite Mutated Beast. Its body is filled with flames and it is not afraid of any provocation...


In the end, a beam of light shot over.



In an instant, the Red-Spotted Tiger Elite (Silver) fell to the ground, dead.

It even dropped a bunch of items.

“Congratulations on killing the Red-Spotted Tiger Elite (Silver). You have received 20 gold coins and 330,000 experience points.”

“A random 100x increase has been triggered. You have received 3,500 gold coins and 34,500,000 experience points.”

“As your level has not been unlocked, your experience has been stored in your experience pool. After you unlock it, it will automatically increase your level!”

“Wow! You killed the Red-Spotted Tiger Elite (Silver) in an instant”

Daphne covered her mouth. She couldnt imagine this.

Previously, when Dong Lei killed the Red-Spotted Tiger (Silver), she, who was injured, had yet to react.


Now, Daphne, who had recovered, had personally witnessed Dong Leis ordinary attack.

The Red-Spotted Tiger Elite (Silver) in front of him was killed just like that

Killing this Red-Spotted Tiger Elite (Silver) was like cutting melons and vegetables for Dong Lei!

It seemed that she was still too weak.

Even if she recovered all her strength, she probably wouldnt be able to defeat Dong Lei.

Dong Lei heard the systems voice again.

“Congratulations, youve completed the Traditional Mage Class Advancement Quest (A). Youve killed a Silver-tier elite mutated beast!”

“There are still seven silver-level elite beasts left.”

“Congratulations, you have successfully obtained all the skills of the Red-Spotted Tiger Elite (Silver) through the SSS-grade talent Passive-Mad Plunderer!”

Dong Lei opened his information interface and looked at the skills of the Red-Spotted Tiger Elite (Silver).

These skills had all been enhanced by a random 100x amplification.

Tiger Roar


Effect: Releases the roar of a tiger. Attacking the enemy will cause 300% confusion.

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Consumption: 10 MP

Proficiency: 0/1

Description: One of the skills of the Red-Spotted Tiger...

Iron Claw


Effect: A sharp claw attack that deals 270% damage to the enemy.

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Consumption: 10 MP

Proficiency: 0/1

Description: One of the skills of the Red-Spotted Tiger...

Tail Whip


Effect: A tiger whip attack will appear. Attacking the enemy will cause 230% penetrative damage.

Description: One of the skills of the Red-Spotted Tiger elite...

As expected of a Silver-tier elite mutated beast. Compared to the Reckless Rat Elites skills from before, they were much better.

Hence, Dong Lei changed the shortcuts of the skills.

The skills of the Reckless Rat Elite had been changed to the skills of the Red-Spotted Tiger Elite.

Lv 1 Rebirth and Lv 1 Rune Fixation were still on the shortcuts.

He changed Lv1 Tail Spike, Lv1 Bite, and Lv1 Fang to Lv1 Tiger Roar, Lv1 Iron Claw, and Lv1 Tail Whip.

Daphne was so infatuated that she lost her vision. When she came back to her senses, when she realized that Dong Lei had already walked far away, she hurriedly chased after him.

At this moment, Dong Lei had killed quite a number of Red-Spotted Tiger Elites (Silver).

Daphne became obsessed again...

Then, she quickly reacted and ran to Dong Leis side to remind him.

“Dong Lei, theres a gold-tier mutated beast deeper in.”

“We have to be careful! Its very powerful.”

Dong Lei nodded and did not say anything else. He continued to walk in.

After walking for a while, they arrived at the bottom of the valley.

A huge cave appeared.

The roars of various Red-Spotted Tigers came from this huge cave.

Dong Lei did not mind and strode into the cave.

Daphne gritted her teeth and panicked.

She even wanted to hold Dong Leis hand, but she still didnt dare.

Hence, she followed closely behind Dong Lei.



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