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Chapter 16: Gale Necklace (Legendary)

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“This guy is too scary! He killed a Thunder Flame Tiger at the Gold tier! What level is he now”

“Damn it, Im still in the novice area, diligently farming monsters!”

“Who isnt! Im only Level 8 after farming for 24 hours! What level is Peak Destroyer at!”

“Peak Destroyer is too awesome!”

“This Peak Destroyer has been on the world announcement before. When can I be on it! I dont even need the rewards...”

“Fortunately! He hasnt killed the diamond-level mutated beast yet! Ill take the first kill! Dont snatch it from me...”


Some of the top gamers and organizations frowned.

If Dong Lei continued to develop like this, it would be extremely disadvantageous for them.

Thinking of this, a large number of top-notch gamers and some organized teams all started to level up crazily. They did not rest and continued to farm monsters...

This caused some unexpected scenes. Outside the novice village, a large number of players were waiting for the monsters to respawn...

At this moment, Dong Lei didnt care about this.

He quickly headed towards the center where the Thunder Flame Tigers corpse had fallen.

Dong Lei was most interested in the mount eggs beside the Thunder Flame Tiger.

As for the Thunder Flame Tigers corpse, there might be some tiger bones, tiger skin, and other items that could replenish HP and MP.

Dong Lei was not very interested in them.

After adding the attribute points to Intelligence, his MP bar was huge.

It was enough for him for a long time...

Dong Lei didnt have to worry about this.

After all, his normal attacks could sometimes solve everything.

Currently, Dong Leis one normal attack was equivalent to four attacks...

Dong Lei walked up to the mount eggs and put them into his bag.

“Congratulations, you have obtained 10 Thunder Flame Tiger (Gold) Mount Eggs.”

“Random 100x amplification activated. Obtained 3,026 Thunder Flame Tiger (Epic) Mount Eggs!”

“F*ck! This work too”

“3,026 Thunder Flame Tiger (Epic) Mount Eggs”

“I feel like I charged too much money... Did the system make a mistake...”

“However, if the exchange ratio in the black market is 1 to 999, Ill probably make a fortune!”

Currently, Dong Lei had yet to sell the equipment that he had obtained from the Porcelain Jar (Advanced)!

Every piece of equipment was a Master Equipment.

One was worth millions of gold coins, and there were dozens of them!

Along the way, he had killed monsters and obtained a few billion gold coins.

Now, he had also obtained 3,026 Thunder Flame Tiger (Epic) Mount Eggs.

The price of each Thunder Flame Tiger (Epic) Mount Egg was estimated to be about 10 million gold coins.

He now had more than three billion gold coins.

This was a huge profit!

As expected of an increase of 3,000 times. Coupled with the random increase of 100 times, to be able to obtain 3,026 Thunder Flame Tiger (Epic) Mount Eggs, Dong Lei was really a little dumbfounded.

At this moment, the systems voice sounded in his ears.

“System Notification: Congratulations on passing the War Smoke Valley Instance Dungeon (Abyssal Level).”

“System Notification: Congratulations on occupying this dungeon map. Every day, you can be rewarded with a fixed dungeon reward, namely one Thunder Flame Tiger (Gold) Mount Egg, 2000 gold coins!”

“System Notification: If players from other factions occupy the dungeon, you will no longer be able to obtain the fixed rewards of this dungeon map.”

“System Notification: Do you want to leave the dungeon map”


When he heard this last voice, Dong Lei looked at Daphne, who was obsessed with him.

Since there was nothing left, Dong Lei chose to leave.

In an instant, rays of light scattered down and covered Dong Lei and Daphnes bodies.

Immediately, Dong Lei and Daphne disappeared.

A moment later, Dong Lei and Daphne arrived at the Taro Canyon.


Dong Lei wanted to ask where Daphne was going.

Would she follow him, or go to the nearest Roya City

However, Daphne looked at Dong Lei and spoke with determination.


“Ill go with you...”

“Dont leave me here...”

Dong Lei was stunned.Daphne, youre the commander of the Lightning Lion army!

Dong Lei was surprised to hear such words.

Could it be that I, Dong Lei, will sell you out

Dont you know how to go back by yourself

They say women have a terrible sense of direction. Are you one of them, Daphne

A virgin boy was a virgin boy. Even though Daphne had said that, Dong Lei could not quite understand...

Indeed, a man who had lived two lives in vain...

Dong Lei thought for a moment and said to Daphne.

“Alright! Follow me! I wont look for you if you get lost!”


Then, Dong Lei took the lead and walked towards Roya City.

“Lost Hehehe...”

“So, Dong Lei thought I would get lost”

Daphne covered her mouth and acted like a little girl. After laughing, she hurriedly followed behind Dong Lei.

As Dong Lei headed to Roya City, he counted his gains from the instance dungeon.

Luo Erlans previous mission was completed.

Luo Erlans Gift Box (Legendary) had yet to be opened.

There were also Lightning Lion Gift Box (Legendary), Fashion Gift Box (Master), Beacon Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master), and so on.

Therefore, as Dong Lei walked, he opened these gift boxes to take a look.

Dong Lei first looked at the introduction of the Luo Erlans Gift Box (Legendary).

Luo Erlans Gift Box (Legendary)


Tier: Legendary

Effect: Obtain a random Legendary equipment.

Introduction: This gift box offers a random equipment. All rights reserved.

The source of this content is nov/el/b/in[./]net'

“Legendary equipment Not bad!”

“But I wonder what kind of equipment it is!”

Therefore, Dong Lei chose to open it.

Then, with a flash of light, a necklace appeared in front of him.

Gale Necklace (Legendary)


Tier: Legendary

Defense: 2,5

Equipment Bonuses:

1. Defense 1

2. Constitution 2

3. There is a 30% chance that when attacking an enemy, the damage will be stacked by 10% for 20 seconds.

Introduction: Gale Necklace (Legendary) not only has defense, but it also has terrifying attack damage characteristics...

The stacking of 10% damage was very powerful!

For example, the first attack dealt 100 damage.

The second attack, plus 10%, dealt 110 damage.

The third attack, plus 10%, dealt 121 damage...

At this moment, Dong Lei had a 400% cooldown and could attack four times at once.

How much damage would he deal in 20 seconds

Dong Lei wore the Gale Necklace (Legendary) around his neck.

Then, he cast the skill Lv1 Damage Stacking on Gale Necklace (Legendary).

Dong Lei heard the systems voice.

“Congratulations! Gale Necklace (Legendary) has successfully triggered a random 100x increase under the enhancement of your Lv1 Damage Stacking!”



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