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Chapter 17: Gale Set

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“Gale Necklace (Legendary) Equipment Bonus: Has a 130% probability of stacking damage by 135% when attacking enemies. Duration: Permanent.”

“The 130% probability has already exceeded 100%, so it will definitely be triggered. 135% damage stacking Not bad, not bad!”

Dong Lei was laughing so hard that his eyes narrowed! He even wanted to dance...

This Gale Necklace (Legendary) was already the most abnormal equipment among his equipment...

There were also Lightning Lion Gift Box (Legendary), Fashion Gift Box (Master), and War Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master).

Therefore, Dong Lei first picked up the Lightning Lion Gift Box (Legendary).

Lightning Lion Gift Box (Legendary)


Tier: Legendary

Effect: Selects from necklace, weapon, torso, belt, or leg to get corresponding random equipment.

Introduction: This gift box is the best Legendary gift box. All rights reserved.

Now, Dong Lei already had a Legendary-level necklace, weapon, and torso equipment.

He was still short of the Legendary belt and leg equipment.

Previously, Dong Lei had only used Master Level items to deal with these three equipment slots.

Now, he had to choose Legendary equipment.

Dong Lei took a look at the function introduction. “This gift box is the best Legendary gift box.”

Therefore, Dong Lei thought about it and finally chose the belt.

Then, Dong Lei opened the Lightning Lion Gift Box (Legendary).

A selection interface appeared in front of Dong Lei.

There were five clouds floating in the air, and on the clouds were Necklace, Weapon, Body, Band, and Leg.

Dong Lei did not think too much about it and chose a belt.

Immediately, another piece of equipment appeared in front of Dong Lei.

Gale Belt (Legendary)


Tier: Legendary

Defense: 2,8

Equipment Bonuses:

1. Defense 1

2. Constitution 1

3. Has a 30% probability of stacking defense by 10% when attacking enemies. Duration: 20 seconds.

Introduction: Gale Belt (Legendary). It has a powerful defensive effect. It allows you to be calm when facing huge mutated beasts...

“Wow! So Gale is a set! Very good! Very good!”

After Dong Lei put on the Gale Belt (Legendary), his equipment information interface appeared.

After the Gale Belt (Legendary) and Gale Necklace (Legendary) appeared, the two equipment slots began to glow.

Then, the systems voice sounded.

“Congratulations on forming the Gale Set (Legendary). You have obtained 10% basic physical/magic attack power!”

“10% basic physical/magic attack power”

“Hahahaha... This is like gambling and Ive gained a huge profit! Hahaha...”

Dong Lei was overjoyed. More than that!

He cast the skill Lv1 Damage Stacking on his equipment Gael Belt (Legendary).

Dong Lei heard familiar voices again.

“Congratulations! Gale Belt (Legendary) has successfully triggered a random 100x amplification with the enhancement of your Lv1 Damage Stacking!”

“Gale Belt (Legendary) Equipment bonus: 200% chance to stack defense by 300% when attacking enemies. Duration is permanent.”

“Tsk tsk tsk... This defense... When I fight mutated beasts, my defense is getting more and more off the charts...”


“This is also an abnormal equipment!...”

“The best Legendary gift box! Thats true!”

Dong Lei shook his head when he heard the systems voice.

There were also Fashion Gift Box (Master) and War Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master)!

Dong Lei decided to start step by step!

At first, it was Luo Erlans reward, followed by the reward of the Lightning Lion Army.

Behind it was the War Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master).


The last was a Fashion Gift Box (Master).

Therefore, Dong Lei first took the War Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master) and read the introduction.

War Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master)

The source of this content is nov/el/b/in[./]net'


Tier: Master

Effect: Random Master Equipment.

Description: Master Equipment is very rare equipment. Its already very hard to be able to obtain it...

“Tsk! Rare”

“I have a bunch in my bag...”

Master-level equipment was hard to come by for him, let alone this one!

Then, Dong Lei turned around and looked at Daphne.


Daphne had been following behind Dong Lei, watching his back.

Under the highest Fondness, no matter what Dong Lei did, even his back felt so handsome!

It caused Daphne to completely fall for Dong Lei despite her coldness.

Unfortunately, Dong Lei did not understand these things...

And he was afraid that she, Daphne, would get lost...


When Dong Lei turned around, Daphne realized that he had changed a few pieces of equipment. He was different from before.

It seemed that Dong Lei had become much stronger!

“He seems to have become so handsome again after changing his equipment! I really want to hug him!”

Daphnes eyes glazed over again, as if she were possessed.

In an instant, Daphne almost wanted to take the initiative to embrace Dong Lei.

“This War Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master) is for you!”

“I have plenty of Master Equipment!”

“I gave you some previously. Your robe and equipment are also Master-level. Are they suitable Do you need to change to something else”

Dong Lei did not want this War Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master).

There was really too much Master-level equipment.

Therefore, Dong Lei planned to give Daphne this War Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master).

In any case, Daphne already had the highest Fondness of him.

She would agree to anything she was asked to do.

Of course, he would give the stuff that he didnt want to Daphne...


This Daphne would reach the Sage level in the future.

He could not afford to be negligent!

After all, although he gave her a robe and a piece of master-level equipment after kissing her, it seemed that he had given too little!

He even took off the other partys blue armor and... saw everything...

When he applied the Repair Powder (Epic), he touched her for a long time...

Although it was to save Daphne, he did a lot of things anyway.

In Dong Leis opinion, it was like taking advantage of her...

Dong Lei still planned to give her more.

When he met this kind of woman who was already the most fond of him, Dong Lei was still very generous.

Including Luo Erlan from before, he had given her a bunch of Geji Grass (Epic) to save her father.

This handful of Geji Grass (Epic) was enough for her, even though she had picked leaves as she walked and wasted a large amount of Geji Grass (Epic)!

Even so, Luo Erlan still had a few Geji Grass (Epic) that could heal her father, Luo Donggui.

Dong Lei had already considered everything...



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