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Chapter 21: Its a Little Tired After Running For So Long

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“Get on this Thunder Flame Tiger mount. We can reach Roya City faster!”

“Ah...Me...Mm! Okay!”

Daphne was a little surprised. These two Thunder Flame Tigers were actually Dong Leis mounts.

Furthermore, thanks to devouring under Dong Leis guidance, they had even become Nine-Star Thunder Flame Tigers (Legendary).

After responding, she walked to the other Thunder Flame Tiger and carefully climbed onto its back.

“Sit tight, lets go!”

Dong Lei said to Daphne after seeing her get on the back of the Thunder Flame Tiger.

Then, the Thunder Flame Tiger carrying Dong Lei rushed towards Roya City.

And so did Daphnes mount, following them.

Daphne hurriedly grabbed the fur on the Thunder Flame Tigers neck and bent down to stabilize her body.

Soon, the two Thunder Flame Tigers brought Dong Lei and Daphne and ran towards Roya City.

The two Thunder Flame Tigers ran side by side, their four limbs galloping at high speed.

Waves of wind blew from Dong Lei and Daphne, caressing her hair and face.

In addition, she was wearing black silk stockings and a beautiful robe.

It made Daphne look exceptionally beautiful and alluring.

Dong Lei glanced sideways at Daphne, and his throat started to swallow.

In the end, Dong Lei made the two Thunder Flame Tigers stop and put one back to the Mount 2 column.

He summoned a Thunder Flame Tiger that was Mount 1 and said to Daphne with a “serious” expression.

“Daphne, your Thunder Flame Tiger mount is a little tired from running for so long!”

“My Thunder Flame Tiger is more durable. Lets just use mine!”

How could Daphne not know what Dong Lei meant

How could one nine-star Thunder Flame Tiger get tired from running while the other was fine...

With a flushed face, beating heart, and affectionate eyes, she answered in a low voice.

She took the initiative to climb onto the back of the other Thunder Flame Tiger and lowered her head.

Then, Daphne was held by Dong Lei, and the Thunder Flame Tiger continued to rush towards Roya City.

The shaking along the way and the frequent bumps between their bodies made Dong Lei quite excited...

Due to the extreme speed of the Thunder Flame Tiger, both of them had to bend over...

Dong Lei smelled the fragrant hair and looked at her fair thighs. She was wearing the Elegant Black Silk Stockings (Master).

This made Dong Lei swallow his saliva frequently. He still felt a little thirsty and did not know why...

On the other hand, Daphne was even more embarrassed. She grabbed the Thunder Flame Tigers fur tightly and lowered her head.

Although it was awkward, she seemed to like it.

After all, her Fondness had reached its peak.

She would agree to whatever Dong Lei wanted to do.

This was the dignified commander of the Lightning Lion Army, but at this moment, she was like a little girl.

Dong Lei seemed to have gradually understood what to do.

Instead of foolishly letting a girl pluck grasses.

Just as Dong Lei was on his way, a voice came from beside his ear.

“World Announcement: Congratulations player Orma for successfully obtaining his main profession. As the second player to obtain a main profession, special reward: Luck 1, 30 thousand gold.”

Only then did a player come to the second class advancement.

Meanwhile, Dong Lei was already heading towards the third advancement.

However, when Dong Lei heard this voice, he still frowned.

Dong Lei was extremely familiar with this Orma from his previous life.

The guy was from the former Lighthouse Region. He was a high-level professional player.

If he, Dong Lei, didnt exist at this moment, the person who was incomparably glorious would be this Orma.

Moreover, the first guild founded by gamers was founded by Orma.

At that time, he was a top-notch player that most gamers looked up to.

Moreover, at that time, Orma was supported by various war zone organizations and financial groups.

Orma led the alliance into their Dragon Country War Zone.

The members of the Alliance Army attacked and slaughtered the players of the Dragon Country.

As a result, a large number of gamers from the Dragon Country were attacked and slaughtered until they could barely raise their heads.

They dropped their own equipment that was snatched away.

Many cities in the Dragon Country War Zone were also occupied.


After the players resurrected themselves in the town, they were killed on the spot by the invading Orma Army.

They kept dropping their equipment and were robbed by the allied army.

At that time, the gamers in the Dragon Zone were crying.

The equipment that they had painstakingly obtained had all been snatched away. Other than their levels, they had almost become “newbies.”

Later on, when Dong Lei and the other extremely powerful players intervened and resisted, the alliance army was completely defeated and fled back to their war zone.

“War zone battle!...”

Dong Leis eyes sharpened as he spoke slowly.

Although the overall strength of the Dragon Country in his previous life was not very weak, it still slowed down the growth of the gamers in the Dragon Countrys war zone.

These countries in other war zones expanded and grew crazily through the battle.

For the gamers in the various regions, in every war zone battle, killing an enemy war zone could obtain a large number of war zone points.

War zone points could also be exchanged for some rare equipment and supplies.


In the war zone battle, gamers with the top ten points would also receive a certain amount of generous rewards.

Moreover, the NPCs in the various war zones would also issue various high reward missions.

It allowed the gamers to grow quickly.

This was also why the other war zones frequently attacked the Dragon Country.

If a guild was formed by gamers, they could also obtain some large-scale war zone missions.

Once the missions were completed, there would be a large number of gold coins, experience points, Military Merits, and so on.

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Including some very rare high-level knowledge, high-level skills, Emperor-level equipment, Quasi-Sage Artifact, and even the blueprints of Sacred Artifact equipment.

Therefore, starting a war zone battle would affect the benefits and development of the entire war zone.

Thinking of this, Dong Lei seemed to want to do that.

However, he still needed to establish his own guild and faction.

Only then could he start a war in the war zone.

After all, with a guild and faction, he could obtain more war zone missions.

In this way, the players and NPCs in his guild and faction could improve by leaps and bounds.

After a period of time, while the Thunder Flame Tiger galloped, Daphne lay in Dong Leis arms.

She no longer bent down to grab the fur on the Thunder Flame Tigers neck. She was already tired.

Or perhaps, under such circumstances, Daphne had started to take the initiative.

Lying in the arms of the person she liked made Daphne feel extremely comfortable.

However, Daphne still lowered her head and bit her lips, afraid that Dong Lei would reject her.

At this moment, they finally arrived at Roya City.



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