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Chapter 22: Why Are We Backing Up Against the Wall

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Roya City also belonged to the Wind Lightning Empire. As soon as Dong Lei arrived at Roya City, he rushed to the Military Station.

At this moment, Dong Lei was stopped by Daphne. She took the initiative to hold Dong Leis hand bravely.

Dong Lei was quite surprised. What was wrong with this woman

He only smelled the fragrance of her hair a few more times and openly looked at her thighs and stockings.

Moreover, he had given her two master-level equipment.

If it was just compensation... Dong Lei had done more than enough.

Now, what did she, Daphne, want

Could it be that she still wanted more master-level equipment

If that was the case, he was still willing to give it to her.

After all, this woman could do whatever he wanted.

Dong Leis heart was so pure. Of course, he hoped that this woman who would become a Sage in the future would be of help to him in the game.

What else could he want from her

“What happened to Daphne”

Daphne was holding Dong Leis hand with her head lowered, looking a little embarrassed.

At this moment, a few people from the other armies passed by and noticed Daphne.

Then, the three of them pressed their backs against the wall, their faces filled with shock and confusion.

The three of them were from the Thousand Crane Army, which had always been at odds with the Lightning Lion Army.

Now, the three of them had actually bumped into the commander of the Lightning Lion Army, Daphne!

She was holding hands with a man This was simply an unimaginable scene.

This was because the commander of the Lightning Lion Army, Daphne, had always been cold and aloof.

The valiant and heroic leader had actually appeared like this.

She was even wearing a robe and stockings...

Damn, it was unimaginable...

How could she act like a little girl

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Hence, for some reason, the three of them were backing up against the wall.

Then, the three people from the Thousand Crane Army began to talk to each other.

Qiu Qianren rubbed his eyes with his hands.

“Am I hallucinating Why do I feel like Im seeing something impossible!”

Qiu Qianzhang tried his best to calm down. He found it even harder to accept.

“Thats right! Isnt this the commander of the Lightning Lion Army, Daphne Is the world crazy Or are we all hallucinating”

Qiu Qianchi, on the other hand, asked his two brothers with a dull look in his eyes.

“Damn it, why are we leaning against the wall Do we have to do this when we realize something big”


“Can I be your follower”

Daphne took a deep breath, looked up at Dong Lei, and said seriously.


Dong Lei was a little surprised. This was Daphne! She was at least the commander of the Lightning Lion army now!

Moreover, on the Chaotic Continent, only absolute experts could have followers.

Because every follower had to sign a contract.

Once there was a contract, it meant that the other party would forever be his follower.

Dong Lei did not expect that Daphne would be willing to become his follower.

Although Daphne had the highest Fondness, Dong Lei would not force Daphne to become his follower because of this.

Even though Dong Lei knew that Daphne would possess terrifying strength, he didnt do so.

Even Luo Erlan, whom he had given a handful of Geji Grass and asked to go back to treat her fathers illness, was not asked of this.

At this moment, Daphne saw Dong Leis silence and contemplation. She gritted her teeth and continued.

“Am I not worthy of being your follower”

Dong Lei quickly waved his hand in denial.

“Of course not! How is that possible! Hehehe...”

“Or do you think Im not strong enough to be your follower”

Daphne stared at Dong Lei and immediately asked.

“Hey... dont say that!”

Dong Lei shook his head and sighed.


Why did this Daphne like to be his follower so much

At that time, before he, Dong Lei, became very strong, if Daphnes strength soared, it would put him in an awkward situation.

Dong Lei could not accept being protected by his follower!

After all, Dong Lei did not like the topic of him becoming a gigolo...

“Since youre unwilling to agree, theres no one I care about in this life! If I cant become your follower anymore, let me die... Boohoo...”

Daphne actually lowered her head and cried, looking very sad.

“Alright, alright, alright... Ill make you my follower! Is that enough”

Dong Lei was at a loss. He was most afraid of women crying.

Therefore, Dong Lei quickly agreed to Daphnes request.

In an instant, Daphne raised her head with a very happy expression. There was not a single tear on her face.

At this moment, Dong Lei realized that Daphne had deceived him.


This little girl was a liar. If they were still riding the Thunder Flame Tiger, he would definitely spank her from behind...

“Come on! Lets sign the follower contract!”

Soon, as Daphne nodded, she bit her finger and squeezed out blood. She began to draw the follower contract.

Dong Lei bit his finger and tapped on the contract that Daphne had drawn, completing the follower contract.

“Congratulations, you have successfully signed a follower contract with NPC Lv19 Daphne (Quasi-King)!”

“World Announcement: Player Peak Destroyer has signed a follower contract with an NPC (Quasi-King Rank). Reward: 200 thousand gold, 50 luck.”

“Congratulations, you have triggered a random 100x amplification. You have received 35,000,000 gold coins and 1,201 Luck Points.”

After hearing the announcement, Dong Lei did not care about his finger.

Instead, he pounced on Daphne and used his mouth to heal the wound on her finger...

The blood of this finger was worth 35,000,000 gold coins and 1,201 luck points. He should treat it for her...

In an instant, the players who heard the World Announcement were cursing loudly, as if a stone had been thrown into a calm lake...

The entire chat channel was flooded with s.

“Damn, Im so f*cking speechless. Im still waiting for the monsters to respawn in the novice village. This Peak Destroyer guy has already hooked up with a Quasi-King NPC”

“Thats awesome! NPCs can be followers. Ill go to the chief of the novice village and ask him if hes willing!”

“Only a fool would ask the village chief. Wouldnt it be better to ask the manager who sells the Porcelain Jars Wouldnt it be more satisfying to have an endless supply of Porcelain Jars”

“Why dont we go to town and find a professional NPC so that he can transform us into all classes”

“Even the chief of the novice village is an old fart. At most, hes at the Iron. Whats the use of making him a follower!”


Dong Leis world announcement made the entire chat channel heated again.

For a moment, gamers spread the news everywhere and stopped farming monsters.

Instead, they began to woo the various NPCs in the entire game.



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