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Chapter 23: Unfriendly Player Yang Guo

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Then, a large number of gamers ran to the Porcelain Jar shop and looked for the manager, asking him to be their follower.

In the end, the Porcelain Jar boss was dumbfounded. He did not know why these gamers were here.

Of course, he rejected it. He was a boss who had made a lot of money. How could he be a follower

Even if the emperor came, it would be impossible!

Later on, there was a forced sale. Some bold gamers actually went to snatch the Porcelain Jars.

In an instant, some gamers who wanted to snatch the Porcelain Jars were instantly killed by the boss!

“Hahaha... These fools dare to snatch the boss Porcelain Jars! Theyve really turned the world upside down!”

“Thats right! Under such circumstances, how could the Chaos game let you do this Were you blinded by the world announcement”

“Fortunately, I didnt go in. I originally wanted the Porcelain Jar boss to be my follower...”

“This Porcelain Jar boss is so fierce. Its not easy to subdue him...”


There were still some gamers who tried to make the Porcelain Jar boss their follower.

After all, Porcelain Jars were too popular.

At this moment, the Porcelain Jar boss walked out. He held a lightning rod and invoked lightning.

Even the gamers who were passing by and watching the show were implicated...

The Porcelain Jar shop was closed for some time.

Then, a large number of gamers ran to look for the village chief, the guard captain, the vice-captain, or other villagers.

After that, not a single gamer succeeded...

However, Dong Lei was unaware of this.

At this moment, Qiu Qianren, Qiu Qianzhang, and Qiu Qianchi also discovered what the commander of the Lightning Lion army, Daphne, did.

She actually signed a follower contract with a young man.

This made them even more shocked and puzzled.

Qiu Qianren struggled to wipe his eyes in disbelief.

“No way! The commander of the Lightning Lion Army, Daphne, signed a follower contract with a masked man who must be a gigolo Is she crazy”

Qiu Qianzhang was dumbfounded. Dong Lei even sucked on Daphnes finger to stop it from bleeding.

The commander of the Lightning Lion Army, Daphne, actually revealed a shy expression.

“Daphne, the commander of the Lightning Lion Army Shes actually flirting with a guy in broad daylight... Is this still the Daphne I knew from before”

Qiu Qianchi was blocked by his two brothers, but he could still talk.

“Brothers, doesnt Gui Tianlei, captain of the Guiyuan Army, like Daphne”

The Guiyuan Army and the Lightning Lion Army had a good relationship, causing them to often get together and have all kinds of conflicts with the Thousand Crane Army.

Most importantly, it was because Gui Tianlei of the Guiyuan Army had always liked Daphne.

Now, if they explained this situation to Gui Tianlei, Gui Tianlei would alienate the Guiyuan Army from the Lightning Lion army.

Then, he would bully the Lightning Lion Army with the Thousand Crane Army.

“Thats right! Lets quickly report this to Commander Gongsun He and ask him to tell Gui Tianlei about this!”

“Thats right! Lets hurry back and report this important matter!”

Qiu Qianren and Qiu Qianzhang quickly dragged Qiu Qianchi back to their headquarters.

Dong Lei lowered Daphnes hand and stared at her.

It made Daphne extremely shy and her face turned red.

At this moment, her heart finally belonged to Dong Lei...

Dong Lei shook his head. Even though he was still wearing a mask, he had already subdued a terrifying Sage woman.

Sigh! Hes so handsome. Hes so good...

Since Daphne was his follower, it should be easier to nurture her.

At that time, some things could be left to Daphne to do.

Dong Lei wanted to train Daphne to become a top-notch assassin.

Therefore, Dong Lei took out the Master Equipment in his bag apart from Leg and Torso.

As for the remaining Master Equipment, namely Necklace, Weapon, and Belt, he took out two pieces and handed them to her.

Daphne looked at the Master Equipment in front of her with red eyes. She was especially touched.

“Youre now my follower. Dont be shy! Dont stand on ceremony!”

“Use these first. Ill give you more advanced equipment in the future!”

Dong Lei looked at Daphne, who was about to cry. He touched her forehead and said with a smile.

As for the Leg and Torso, Dong Lei felt that Daphnes current equipment made her look quite good.

He was unwilling to let Daphne change her equipment...


It could be enjoyed but not changed...

Then, Daphne quickly chose the equipment she wanted and put it on.

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It made Dong Lei look at Daphne and feel that she was even more beautiful.

He was very impressed with the Master Equipment he had found...

At this moment, two voices appeared beside Dong Leis ears.

“World Announcement: Player Yang Guo has successfully changed his profession and become the first warrior player. Reward: 300 gold coins and 20 luck points.”

“World Announcement: Player Yang Guo has successfully become a member of Fire Sun Empire. As the third player with a faction, he is rewarded with 200 gold coins.”

After the world announcement sounded, Dong Lei frowned.

This player, Yang Guo, was often at odds with him.

Especially since there was a huge eagle beside him helping him.

Moreover, he even hooked up with the Sage of the Dragon Clan, a woman named Dragon Lady.


This was a very difficult player to deal with, and he was Dong Leis enemy.

Several internal wars in the Dragon Country were affected by him, causing Dong Lei to often fall behind in the rankings in his previous life.

Of course, even though Yang Guo had all kinds of support, he was still evenly matched with Dong Lei.

The camp Yang Guo chose was still the Fire Sun Empire, and the situation was exactly the same as in his previous life.

However, Dong Lei was about to take the initiative to cause trouble for him.

“Huge eagle Dragon Lady Die! Hahaha...”

Dong Lei sneered and roared in his heart. In this life, he would definitely step on Yang Guo.

It made Daphne a little puzzled, but she didnt dare to ask further...

In the early stages of the game, the major war zones would face internal problems.

Each war zone was divided into several empires, such as the Dragon Country war zone.

It had the Earth Overturning Empire, the Water Defensive Empire, the Wind Lightning Empire, and the Fire Sun Empire.

Finally, after the players in the game grew up, battles among the major war zones would begin.

At that time, the rewards for a war zone battle would be much richer than a civil war.

The internal wars in the battle zones were like the war between the Wind Thunder Empire and the Water Defensive Empire, where they wanted to fight for territory.

Then a war would begin.

When the time came, he, Dong Lei, would not be satisfied playing with Yang Guo...

“Daphne, go back to the army!”

“If theres anything, Ill call you! These equipment are enough for you in the early stages!”

Dong Lei planned to let Daphne train by herself first. He had nothing for her to do now.

After hesitating for a while, Daphne nodded and agreed to Dong Leis request.

After all, she had to do whatever Dong Lei asked her to do.

Although Daphne was a little reluctant and she wanted to stay by Dong Leis side...



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