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Chapter 25: Medal of Barbaric Power

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“Are you interested in joining my alliance You can have as much annual salary as you want!”

“Or in reality, what do you like”

“Ill find a way to give it to you! As long as you can join my alliance in the game!”

The man smiled and looked at Dong Lei, who was wearing a mask.

Dong Lei raised his head and looked at the man. After checking his name on the spot, he found that his name was Yang Hui.

This name was very familiar to Dong Lei in his previous life.

Yang Hui was the same as him. He was also an almighty rich gamer.

If other gamers relied on their luck and strength, then, from the beginning, they had relied on the ability of money.

As long as Yang Hui wanted something, he would buy it with money.

In his opinion, no one was unwilling to refuse money.

However, Dong Lei really looked down on it.

After all, with just the inheritance left behind by his parents that he never had the chance to say goodbye to, even if he had spent 10 billion on this game, there were still tens of billions, which was enough for him to spend for a long time...

“Sorry! I dont need to join any alliance!”

After Dong Lei finished speaking, he bypassed Yang Hui and headed towards the military mission window.

Yang Hui was not unhappy when he heard Dong Leis words.

Instead, he caught up to Dong Lei and asked with a smile.

“Almighty, can we add each other as friends”


Dong Lei turned to look at Yang Hui, who made him stop.

At this moment, Dong Lei was deep in thought.

Dong Lei did not want to have one more enemy and one less friend.

However, after establishing factions in the game, for equipment and other resources, there would definitely be all kinds of conflicts!

Dong Lei thought that it was better to have a Godly Rich player as a friend than having him as an enemy...

Moreover, Dong Lei still wanted to recruit Yang Hui into his camp.

Therefore, a friend slot was a very simple thing.

“Alright! Add me!”

When Yang Hui heard this, he immediately clicked on the interface and sent a friend request.

Dong Lei chose to accept it, and the two of them became friends.

After adding Dong Lei as a friend, Yang Hui was very tactful and spoke to Dong Lei.

“Almighty, Ill leave you to your work. I wont disturb you anymore!”

“Goodbye! Contact me if you need anything!”

With that, Yang Hui left in a flash.

Dong Lei did not think too much about it and continued to head towards the military mission window.

When he arrived at the military mission window, he saw a rather good-looking female officer.

This female officer stood behind the military mission window. Her eyelashes were long, her skin was fair, and her figure was slender.

“Give me the catalog first!”

The female officer nodded, took out an exchange catalog, and handed it to Dong Lei.

Dong Lei opened it and an interface appeared.

Exchange catalog:

The source of this content is no/vel//bi/n[./]net'

1. Military Rank

2. Equipment Level

3. Knowledge and Ability

4. Material Development

5. Lottery Wheel

Dong Lei first chose the Military Rank exchange. At this moment, a page appeared on the interface.

Moreover, a system voice sounded in Dong Leis ear.

“System Notification: Your current Military Merit is 10,000,000, and the highest you can exchange for is One-Diamond Legion General. Are you willing to exchange for it”

The official ranks of the army were: Soldier, Legion General, War General, and Top War General.

Each level was divided into one to nine diamonds. The lowest level was one diamond, and the highest level was nine diamonds.

Dong Lei felt that using 10,000,000 Military Merit points to exchange for a One-Diamond Legion General was worth it.

Therefore, Dong Lei chose to exchange without hesitation.

In an instant, a world announcement was made.


“World Announcement: Player Peak Destroyer has become a One-Diamond Legion General, the first player to become a One-Diamond Legion General. Reward: Medal of Barbaric Power (Epic).”

“Congratulations, you have triggered a random 100x amplification. You have received the Medal of Barbaric Power (Legendary).”

“System Notification: The legion panel has been activated for you!”

This world announcement caused many gamers to discuss.

“F*ck! Peak Destroyer is too strong!”

“One-Diamond Legion General, what is this Why dont I have it”

“Thats right! With my ability, Im at least a 99-Diamond Legion General...”

“Whats the Barbaric Power that he got”

“The Almighty is always ahead of us. Ive never even seen his shadow...”


At this moment, Dong Lei saw his friends avatar flashing on the interface.


Hence, Dong Lei opened the message. It was from Yang Hui, who had just added him as a friend.

“Almighty, youre the one who got it, right Youre really amazing! Too powerful!”

“Im so happy to be your friend! Hahahaha...”

Dong Lei smiled. After replying, he closed the message interface.

Then, Dong Lei looked at the Medal of Barbaric Power (Legendary) he had just obtained.

Medal of Barbaric Power (Legendary)


Tier: Legendary

Effect Bonuses:

1. All subordinate NPCs/players will have an additional 150% magic/physical attack power.

2. All subordinate NPCs/players will have an additional 350% movement speed.

Introduction: Use all means possible to solve all problems...

The Medal of Barbaric Power had two effects. The first was to increase the magic/physical attack power of his faction members by 150%.

The other effect was to increase the movement speed of his faction members by 350%.

These two effects were very useful.

Especially in some key war zone battles, it was useless for him to be strong alone.

The strength of a group was the most important.

In an instant, his factions magic/physical attack power increased by 150%.

This was very terrifying for the members of his faction.

The 350% increase in movement speed was even more heaven-defying.

He could command his faction members to move quickly.

Find the enemys flaw and deliver a fatal blow.

In countless war zone battles, speed could be said to be extremely important.

They took over a city at an extremely fast speed and quickly went to another place, leaving their opponents completely helpless.

It could be said that these two effects were very good for Dong Lei.

After Dong Lei finished looking at the Medal of Barbaric Power, he opened the legion panel.


Official Rank: One-Diamond Legion General

Special Privileges:

1. Obtain the One-Diamond Legion General mission.

2. Have the right to participate in the planning during war.

3. Have an army of up to 800 people.

4. Killing NPCs/players who are deemed to have committed a heinous crime will not result in a penalty. (Maximum of 300 points. If you exceed this limit, you can offset the penalty value with gold coins.)


After seeing the special privileges, Dong Lei smiled.

The most important thing about a One-Diamond Legion General was that he could participate in drawing up the battle plan.



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