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Chapter 27: SSS-Grade Legion General Mission

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Dong Lei stared at Guo Jin. Since he was the commander-in-chief this time, he was someone that the Wind Thunder Empire had heavily nurtured.

At that time, Guo Jin would lead a few commanders to the west to eliminate the undead.

In the end, he would have fallen into a trap.

When Dong Lei thought of this, he frowned. Could it be that this group of undead had appeared to deal with Guo Jin

As a result, Guo Jin became one of the undead!

Dong Leis memories were becoming clearer and clearer. In the end, the empire sent out a powerful army to attack.

Only then did they clear the undead in the west. They seemed to have killed Guo Jin as well.

In his previous life, Dong Lei had not participated in this battle. He had just entered the town and was desperately leveling up...

Later on, Dong Lei even took over the task of investigating Guo Jin and how he betrayed.

Therefore, when Dong Lei first saw Guo Jins name, he found it especially familiar.

At this moment, a Legion General raised his hand and said to Guo Jin, “So, who should we send for this operation Will you draft the personnel Or...”

Guo Jins gaze was sharp as he raised his hand to stop the Legion General from speaking.

“This time, after the higher-ups of the empire discussed, they asked me to personally lead the army there. This mission is an SSS-rank Legion General mission.”

“Of course, the rewards for the SSS-level Legion General mission are very generous! Anyone who is willing to go can apply! In the end, Ill decide on the candidates!”

At this moment, a voice sounded in Dong Leis ear.

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“System Notification: As you are a One-Diamond Legion General, you can accept the SSS-Grade Legion General mission. You may apply!”


One could imagine how difficult this SSS-level Legion General mission was.

At the very least, one had to be at the position of a One-Diamond Legion General to be able to accept such a mission.

Additionally, the rewards for the SSS-level Legion General mission were extremely generous!

At that time, he would definitely be able to obtain a large number of Military Merits and some rare equipment, knowledge, and so on.

To Dong Lei, he definitely had to accept this mission.

At this moment, the commanders were all thinking.

For commanders like them, not many of them wanted to join this mission.

Even though the rewards of this SSS-level Legion General mission were very, very generous.

The entire conference room was eerily silent.

Dong Lei stood up and was the first to speak to Guo Jin.

“Commander Guo Jin! I want to join this mission!”


Guo Jin was stunned. He did not expect the first person to stand up to be the newly promoted Legion General Peak Destroyer.

“Are you sure you want to join this SSS-level Legion General mission”

In Guo Jins opinion, it was not easy for a newly promoted Legion General to complete an SSS-level mission.

“Yes! Im sure!”

Dong Lei nodded calmly and confirmed again.

“Good! Youre now a member of the SSS Legion General mission in the west!”

Guo Jin did not expect Dong Lei to be so fearless and brave, which made him happy.

He took out a secret mission order from his pocket and handed it to Dong Lei.

“This is the SSS-level Legion General mission. You can take a look first!”

Dong Lei quickly reached out and took it. A voice immediately sounded in his ear.

“Congratulations on obtaining the SSS-level Legion General mission Secret Order.”

After receiving it, Dong Lei opened the mission secret order.

Legion General Mission (SSS)

Level: SSS

Introduction: Accompany Commander Guo Jin to the west of the Empire to eliminate the undead and tear apart the evil factions plot.


1. Kill the Dark Mage Huang Yaosi

2. Eliminate the Undead Army

Reward: Based on your actual performance, points and rewards will be offered.

Description: As the evil faction continues to rise and expand, this trip will not be easy.

When Dong Lei saw the words “not easy”, he knew how dangerous the trip would be.

After all, even the dazzling star Guo Jin and the other powerful commanders had become the undead faction.

Also, this Dark Mage Huang Yaosi was one of the most powerful Bosses in the evil faction.


In this version of the game, the Dark Mage Huang Yaosi was not the strongest Boss.

However, he was at least one of the eight greatest Dark Mages under Wang Congyang during the invasion of the undead army.

One could imagine how powerful Huang Yaosi was.

This time, the situation that made Guo Jin become an undead might have been affected by this Huang Yaosi.

To Dong Lei, as long as he could think of a way to deal with this Huang Yaosi, he would be able to obtain the mission points and reward.

They must be very rich!

It might also be very helpful for his Military Merits. If he triggered a random 100 times increase...

Then, he would advance to a higher level.

At that time, he could take the initiative to command the war zone.

At this moment, Guo Jin let out a surprised voice.

“Commander Daphne, are you going too”


Dong Lei was stunned for a moment. He immediately turned around and looked at Daphne.

Commander Daphne nodded and said firmly.

“Commander Guo Jin, Im sure I want to go!”

After saying that, she looked at Dong Lei with determination in her eyes.

In Daphnes opinion, she had to follow her master! She had signed a contract.

Since Dong Lei would go, how could she stay out of it!

Guo Jin knew very well about Daphnes previous situation.

That was, Daphne led the Lightning Lion army to War Smoke Valley and was completely wiped out.

In Guo Jins opinion, Legion General Daphne, who had barely escaped death, should stay in Roya City.

Now, looking at the affirmative look in Legion General Daphnes eyes, Guo Jin felt that it was not a bad idea to bring her along.

Hence, Guo Jin said to the Legion General not far away.

“Commander Zhou Botong, allocate a thousand of your soldiers to Commander Daphne!”


Zhou Botong did not refute and said without hesitation.

After that, a few more commanders chose to participate. After Guo Jin arranged some things, he spoke.

“Alright! You can all leave now!”

“Those who accepted this SSS-level Legion General mission can lead the army to the Nightless City in the west first!”

With that, Guo Jin left the conference room first and strode out of the Military Station.

Watching Guo Jin leave, Dong Lei also wanted to leave the Military Station immediately.

Suddenly, Dong Lei seemed to have forgotten something. He quickly turned his head and looked at Daphne, who spoke first.

“Dong Lei, youre already a Legion General!”

When Daphne saw Dong Lei, she was pleasantly surprised.

Unexpectedly, Dong Lei was already a Legion General.

On the other hand, she, Daphne, had relied on the strength of the powerful family behind her to become a Legion General.

In the army, if one wanted to become a Legion General, they needed a lot of training.



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