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Chapter 4: Opening Porcelain Jars, Product of the 21st Century

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In the village, there was a Porcelain Jar shop.

The Porcelain Jar contained various rare equipment and a card that could increase ones level!

Moreover, the probability of obtaining this card was very high.

However, those who opened Porcelain Jars were usually here for rare equipment.

Or rather, for other items. Almost no one would open a Porcelain Jar for EXP cards.


After walking for a while, he finally arrived at the entrance of the Porcelain Jar shop.

There were already many players outside the Porcelain Jar shop.

“F*ck! A Porcelain Jar (ordinary) costs at least 10,000 gold coins! Thats robbing!”

“Thats right! It wasnt easy for me to grit my teeth and buy a Porcelain Jar (ordinary)! I got a pile of trash. Its even worse than the Newbie Gift Box (Black Iron)!”

“I envy the big shots for spending so much money! Can you give me a Porcelain Jar (ordinary)”

“Get lost! I can open it myself. I cant give it to you...”

“Hmm I cant open the purchase interface anymore Damn, I was just about to spend some money!”

“Me too! Why is it gone”

“I dont have the purchase interface either!”


Now, many players also realized that the in-game purchase interface had disappeared.

Dong Lei smiled and did not say anything else.

From his previous life, he knew that Heavenly Tyrant would turn off the in-game purchase interface.

Dong Lei strode into the Porcelain Jar shop. His gold coins were enough for him to spend until the later stages of the game.

“Sir, which Porcelain Jar would you like to choose”

In front of Dong Lei stood a man in his fifties with a cheerful expression. He had a small beard and a hat.

A Porcelain Jar interface appeared in front of Dong Lei.

1. Porcelain Jar (Ordinary)

Price: 10,000 gold coins

2. Porcelain Jar (Intermediate)

Price: 100,000 gold coins

3. Porcelain Jar (Advanced)

Price: 1,000,000 gold coins

Dong Lei didnt even think about it and directly offered 100 million for the Porcelain Jar (Advanced)!

He bought 100 Porcelain Jars (Advanced).

“Sir! Are you sure you want to buy 100 Porcelain Jars (Advanced)”

The bearded merchant bent down with all his might. His eyes narrowed in excitement.


After Dong Lei finished speaking, 100 Porcelain Jars (Advanced) appeared in his bag.

The System reminds you that you spent 100 million gold coins on Porcelain Jar (Advanced).

Porcelain Jar (Advanced)


Tier: Advanced

Effect: Randomly obtain equipment above the Silver level. There is a certain probability of obtaining equipment of a higher level.

Introduction: A product of the 21st century Yiwu from a hundred years ago. There are many precious treasures inside...

Porcelain Jar (Advanced) had at least Silver equipment.

Moreover, there was a high chance of obtaining equipment above the Gold level.

After all, a Porcelain Jar cost a million gold coins...

Dong Lei walked out of the Porcelain Jar store and went to a corner.

Without thinking, Dong Lei started to open the Porcelain Jars.

After a slight touch of the Porcelain Jar (Advanced), the product of the 21st century shattered.

A piece of glowing equipment appeared in front of Dong Lei.

“Congratulations, youve opened a Porcelain Jar (Advanced) and triggered a random 100x improvement. Youve obtained a Long-Handled Battle Axe (Master).”

In front of Dong Lei, a Master-level long-handled battle axe floated.

It gave Dong Lei goosebumps on his arms.

This worked too


Opening a Porcelain Jar could also enjoy random increase of a hundred times

In that case, his Porcelain Jars would at least be Master-level equipment.

A Master Equipment was worth millions of gold coins.

Almost all of them were priceless.

Then, no matter how many Porcelain Jars he opened, he would never lose money.

Thinking of this, Dong Lei continued to open the Porcelain Jar (Advanced).

“Congratulations, youve opened a Porcelain Jar (Advanced) and triggered a random 100x improvement. Youve obtained Vampire Staff (Master).”

“Congratulations, youve opened the Porcelain Jar (Advanced) and triggered a random 100x improvement. Youve obtained the Triple Gold Coin Strengthening Card (Legendary).”

“Congratulations, you have opened a Porcelain Jar (Advanced) and triggered a random 100x improvement. You have obtained an Experience Card (Legendary).”

The Experience Card (Legendary) still had a high chance.

After opening four Porcelain Jars, he obtained an experience card.


Dong Lei was a little excited. What he wanted was an Experience Card (Legendary).

Of course, he did not expect that he would get equipment.

They were all equipment above the Master level. Every time he got them, he would earn money.

“Experience Card (Legendary)”


Tier: Legendary

Effect: Increases 2,000,000 experience points.

Introduction: A card from the 21st century, jack of hearts...

In the current era, poker cards were no longer available. They were all online.

“2,000,000 experience points! Thats great!”

When Dong Lei saw this Experience Card (Legendary), he clicked on it excitedly.

Then, countless fragments of light entered Dong Leis body.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

“Congratulations on leveling up! Youve reached Level 2 and obtained 10 attribute points.”

“Congratulations on leveling up! Youve reached Level 3 and received 10 attribute points.”

“Congratulations on leveling up! Youve reached Level 4 and received 10 attribute points.”


In the end, it only stopped when it reached Level 9.

Moreover, he had obtained a total of 80 attribute points.

After reaching Level 9, he needed to pick his main Mage class.

Only then could he continue to level up. He had already saved the excess experience.

As long as Dong Lei changed his class, he would continue to receive extra experience points.

There were also differences between Mages.

Mages were divided into four classes: Traditional Mages, Assassin Mages, Tank Mages, and Support Mages.

Traditional Mages had high explosive power.

However, their defense was very weak. They could be instantly killed by assassins at any time.

Assassin Mage was a sudden attack class. It had a certain speed, and its explosive power was inferior to the Traditional Mage.

In the early stages of the game, it was one of the very powerful professions.

Tank Mage: Compared to the Tank Warrior, it had magic damage and tenacious defense.

Support Mage: A support-type Mage. Provide support and healing-type spells. It was similar to Priests.

Now, at the very least, he had to go to the town to find a Professional Mage to change his profession. Novice Village did not have the authority to change his profession.

At the very least, he had to go to town before he could pick his main profession.

Dong Fan did not open the Porcelain Jar (Advanced) again. Instead, he went to pick his main profession first.

It was impossible for someone from the novice village to teleport to a main city or other cities.

Only by purchasing a teleportation scroll in the surrounding towns could they be teleported.



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