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Chapter 672 Espying: Shapeshifting into Oni Royalty

Eren had retrieved his transcendent-grade Labrys.

This was a fire-element Labrys Eren had received as his reward for winning the Titus tournament.

This was the only transcendent-grade weapon he had in his arsenal.

The one he needed to take care of Har Jahar for good.

Eren channeled his fire-element mana into the weapon and the runes etched over it lit up with crimson golden radiance.


Eren targeted Har Jahars neck once again with one side of his weapon.

The ax blade that was used on Har Jahar managed to easily penetrate through Har Jahars natural mana defense.

And almost chopped off his neck.


From Har Jahars almost chopped neck, blood gushed everywhere.

Eren also felt the monsters blood landing on him, which was akin to an acid-like bath for him.

Erens skin started burning as smoke came from where the blood had landed on his skin.

His Adept level mana defense layer couldnt do anything about it.

Way of the water.

Eren channeled the water element mana and created a levitating pool of water around himself.

He then used it to wash before dispersing it in thin air.

A trick he had learned from Agatha.


Eren used his Labrys on the Oni King once again on the same spot where he had inflicted a fatal injury on.

His body was trying its best to rapidly regenerate flesh.

At this point, the flesh around his neck was pulsating as if it was trying to mutate.

However, Erens second attack on the same spot sealed the deal and chopped off Oni Kings head clean.


Eren kicked Oni Kings body after chopping his head off so that the blood wouldnt spill again.

Har Jahar fell flat on his back with the blood spilling on the ground this time, creating a stream of purple-red blood.

Oni King Har Jahar had died at this point.

Eren was staring at him with hateful expressions as he died.

He would have cursed Eren verbally before his death.

Alas, he couldnt speak because Eren had chosen his neck as his target.

Eren climbed on Oni Kings corpse and shook his arms.

His hands wrinkled as his fingers started growing black nails.

Eren didnt wait for a moment and used his ability on the Oni King now that his body was defenseless.

His arms started turning jelly-like before they ballooned into huge volumes of slime.

Now that he was in Adept rank, he found out that he was able to use his bloodline powers more effectively than before.

He was in more control of his partial slime form than ever before.

Only a few seconds were remaining until the siphoning array wore off.

The audience had started talking about various kinds of words.

Some of them were panicking.

Others had decided that they would take care of this final worshiper that had ruined their festivals.

Whereas, the rebels were happy that their tyrant king had finally died.

However, most of them were scared of Eren.

For some reason, he looked more horrifying than the Oni king himself.

Subconsciously, he had become a god in their eyes– a god of death and carnage.

Eren didnt pay any attention to what was happening around him.

He already had what he wanted to have in his possession.

He had taken possession of that thing just before Oni Kings head flew off.


A dense mass of colorless slime was spread all over Oni Kings lifeless body and smoke started to come out of the slimy substance.

Eren frowned as he realized that even after being killed, the Oni Kings body was too potent for him to create a Blood Seed out of.

Eren wanted to have an Oni Blood Seed in his collection of course.

He had heard much about this monster royalty and wanted the option of being able to shapeshift into one of the Oni races.

Eren pursed his lips and endured the pain that was coming from his slimy form.

It was difficult to digest Oni Kings body.

However, it was not impossible.

Sedated Perception x3

Stunning Speed x3

Total Control

Eren enhanced his perception as well as accelerated his digestion speed with the time-element spells.

Since the Oni king had died, his body was like an ingredient that didnt have sentience.

So he used one more time-element spell at his disposal.

Age Expedite.

Eren only used Age Expedite around Oni Kings heart, leaving the heart away from the spells effect.

This made it easier for him to lower the bodys acid-like effect.

He was making Blood Seed out of his heart blood and he wanted it to be as pure as possible.

Amid the chaos that was slowly starting to take place all around him in slow motion, Eren was in a time bubble of his own.

He successfully extracted Blood Seed from Oni Kings body before turning his arms into normal.

He immediately absorbed the Blood Seed and used it to start shapeshifting.

“You **ing lunatic.

You are dead.

You hear…”

“Blasphemer! Only our god can forgive you for your transgressions.

Let me send you to him.”

“Although we wanted to kill Har Jahar, the fact that somebody else did it that was not part of any of us is still a matter of deep shame for all of us.

Lets kill this abomination right here and right now.

He is the enemy of both of our sides.”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

Erens skin started turning red and he began growing horns from his forehead.

His stature also started increasing just as the crowd was about to attack him as a whole.

He then took out the thing that he had taken away from the Oni King and wore it on his head.

An indication of the ruler of this subspace.

Eren assumed a complete Oni lord form and started imbuing his mana into the monster artifact he had come to collect.

He smiled before canceling all of his time element spells.

It was as if somebody had started playing a spectral movie normally after watching it in extremely slow motion.

Eren stepped forward to meet the crowd that was coming to confront him head-on before activating the artifact.

Echidnas Authority.

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