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Chapter 678 Rewarding Sharog*

The river of time.

The glimpses it shows to some of its chosen travelers get blurred in their memories as mirages.

The anomalies don\'t last long.

Sooner or later, the clock resets and everything returns to normal.

Only time can tell what it has in store for its travelers.


The Oni festival was about to start in a few days.

Sharog\'s private chamber.

Durbag tribe.

6 PM.

My lord, you are back.

Sharog greeted Eren by hugging him firmly.

The latter smiles and hugs her back before proceeding to caress her cape-covered back.

How is everything

Eren pulled away from Sharog and smiled.

He looked around and found the place to be just as it was the last time he had visited it.

He walked towards Sharog\'s comfy bed and laid peacefully on his back.

The fresh air was making its rounds into the chamber, thanks to the large windows of the chamber.

The setting sun had painted the sky golden orange, making the chamber well lit yet not too warm on the eyes.

Eren could smell the meat roast that was getting cooked somewhere in the distance.

However, he was hungry for something other than food this time,

Eren found the bed to be very plushy and easy to relax into.

Sharog had paid special attention to her master\'s preferences, changing the bed to something better than the last time.

Eren positioned himself comfortably on the bed and turned to his side.

He then used his folded arm as a resting place for his arm before patting the space on the bed beside him, indicating Sharog to be there.

Sharog was happy to oblige.

She laid beside her master in the same way he had before speaking up.

My lord, since Durbag is the one who created the array I told you about, he is considered as one of the leads of the rebel faction.

He is planning to use the siphoning array to trap the king before killing him with the help of someone named Deiz.

Deiz is what humans would call a Monster Overlord.

Killing the king won\'t be easy even for someone like Deiz.

However, the rebel faction is counting on the siphoning array to do its job.

Eren nodded his head as he placed his free hand on Sharog\'s curvy waist.

His soft touch created waves of pleasure in the Orc Lord\'s seductive body.

She proceeded to tell him everything about the rebel faction\'s plan to overthrow Har Jahar.

Sharog gave detailed reports of the Oni festival that was going to be held in the Oni dungeon as Eren\'s hand started exploring her body.

She controlled her urges and did what she was asked to do, making Eren appreciate her even more.


You and the twins have worked hard.

It seems a reward is due.


Come here.

Eren said and pulled Sharog on top of him effortlessly.

The latter was already excited to be with her lord.

She quickly started destroying his tribal clothes using her sand-element spell.

She sat on his groin with her legs stretched to either side while she did that.

Eren raised his eyebrows as he witnessed Sharog\'s aggression.

However, he didn\'t prevent her from destroying the clothes.

He had a lot of orcish tribal clothes and armors he had kept in his storage, which were given to him by Baran under his orders.


Eren had entered the Oni dungeon\'s subspace not too long ago.

He immediately located the Durbag tribe without any hassle and completed his mission officially.

Eren had chosen the mission to collect the bodies of the Sun Seeker Falcon.

It was a bird-type mana beast with an affinity for fire.

Subspace and Badlands were both home to the beast.

It was a common mana beast of E-Rank with a wingspan of about one and a half meters.

Spotting the beast was a common sight.

However, the beast would only stop flying at midnight and would start flying before dawn, making it difficult to hunt.

Eren tasked his newfound tribe to hunt plenty of Sun Seeker falcons while he had his good times with his treasures.

He then used the amount of mana beast he had hunted to explain his absence.

The closer it approached judgment day, the more paranoid the entire rebel faction had become.

Eren didn\'t want the spotlight on himself by entering the tribe so late with nothing to show for it.

Durbag\'s altered identity Borul would have seen him as an anomaly otherwise.

Eren and Sharog talked intermittently with each other as they enjoyed each other\'s company.

As a result, he told Orc Lord about the plan he had come up with to take over the rebel faction\'s existing setup.

Eren just needed to activate the siphoning array before its intended activation using Sharog\'s help and that\'d be it.

Sharog was the second most knowledgeable person on the subject of arrays after Durbag.

Durbag had insisted that since he had received exquisite clarity related to arrays and more and that the array creation was going to be his responsibility, he wouldn\'t have someone else outside his team he couldn\'t count on to take control of the array.

The rest of the members of the rebel faction didn\'t have anything against Durbag\'s demands.

So they agreed to it immediately.

Durbag didn\'t want to draw Har Jahar\'s attention to him, who already knew about the presence of the rebel faction.

Therefore, giving the command over the array to Sharog was the most logical option Durbag could think of.

The controller of the array needed to stay inside the array eye all the time.

Sharog was just an Orc Lord in this subspace.

Har Jahar wouldn\'t pay attention to or be suspicious of an unassuming Orc Lord like her.

Durbag\'s plan was flawless.

His array was exquisite.

The rebel faction\'s teamwork was commendable as well.

The only mistake they made was trusting Sharog too much.


The discussion about the plan Eren had hatched was complete.

He and Sharog had both decided on finer details before stopping to talk about the Oni festival altogether.

The work hours were over for the

Eren squeezed Sharog\'s mushy buns with both his hands as she kissed him passionately on his lips.

Their clothes were nowhere to be found by now.

Eren inserted his tongue into Sharog\'s mouth which she hungrily sucked on.

She had started to grind her wet pussy on his erect member by now.

So he stopped kneading the Orc Lord\'s derriere and touched Sharog\'s wet crack from behind.


Sharog moaned softly near Eren\'s ear as she was close to his face.

She then reached for Eren\'s cock with her hand and guided it into her slippery cave just as quickly.

Sharog moaned further near his ears as she felt Eren\'s rod parting her pussy walls anew.

She knew it was going to be a night full of passion when she heard Eren\'s next words.

Sharog, ask the twins to come here while we are at it.

Let me reward them as well.

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