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Chapter 692 Defeating Kaalmaahen

Fire Snakes!

Five large boa snakes appeared on the ground.

They were larger than Eren\'s previous summons.

They were also more lively and seemed to have much larger fangs.

These five snakes hissed as they watched their prey approach them at critical velocity.

The summoned creatures leaped from their positions and targeted each of Kaal\'s limbs respectively.

The last boa snake targeted his neck.


By the time Kaal realized Eren had set a trap for him on the ground, it was already too late.

He ignored the wind-fire feathers crashing on him and turned toward the ground.

He used his broadsword to chop the boa snake\'s head which was trying to attack his neck.

But he couldn\'t do anything about the others.

The wind-fire feathers crashed onto his back and exploded.

The boa snakes tightened around his limbs and bit wherever they could.

Then they stretched all his limbs until he was unable to land safely.


Kaal crashed to the ground with his transformed body, creating a mini crater.

The snakes also felt pain when they crashed with him.

However, they recovered from their pains quickly and cast fireballs each, adding to Kaal\'s misery.

All this while, Eren rained down his wind-fire feathers on him continuously.

The butcher didn\'t stop there.

He soon manifested two Solid Spells in his hands before throwing them down right on Kaal\'s already exposed back.


A cloud of lightning mana bloomed amid the chaos created by fire and wind element mana.

The red lightning canceled Kaal\'s weak mana defense and allowed other spells to do more damage to him.


Kaal yelled in pain as he was bombarded with multiple spells at once.

Before he could muster the courage and energy to change his position, he felt two feet landing on his open body.

Red Blitz Bolt.

Eren executed his attack spell from his feet and pierced Kaal\'s back.

Since his feet had landed on the upper side of Kaal\'s exposed back, one of the Blitz bolts struck the area near his heart.

The other pierced his right shoulder.

Kaal tried to get up from his position after feeling immense pain.

However, he was prevented from doing so by Eren\'s continuous use of various spells on him at the right time, on the right limb.

The audience watched in absolute silence as the events started unfolding in front of their eyes.

They could have never imagined that Ror\'s son would get owned so badly in the final match.

My son...

Ror was just about to approach the battle ring when he felt Har Jahar\'s presence locked on him.

He looked at his king pleadingly, knowing full well what he would say.

And that\'s what he got to hear.

Don\'t interfere in the ritual, Ror.

You know what happens when someone interferes in the ritual, right You don\'t want your original tribe to get wiped out, do you

Ror watched with maddening emotions as his son was bombarded with a variety of spells by Varhan.

In the end, he couldn\'t watch it anymore and dropped his head– his eyes getting moist in the process.

For he knew and could predict the result after this.

Kaal\'s transformation came undone after sustaining so many spells.

The transformation itself was taxing on the body.

So it came as no surprise when he felt incapacitated when he was kicked out of the state of Echi.

Kaal had been crying in pain and agony all this time.

But when Eren thought that Kaal couldn\'t retaliate anymore, he stopped his attacks.

He was exhausted too.

And almost out of mana.

The butcher wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his right hand while trying to catch a breath.

Varhan stepped away from Kaal and allowed him to turn and sleep on his back.

He then looked at him to see his sorry face and almost moist eyes.

As he struggled to get up, he looked at Varhan.

However, he couldn\'t.

His limbs didn\'t support his movements after all.

Varhan looked at Kaal and nodded his head in denial.

He then took a long breath before pointing one of his swords at his neck.

He swung his other sword and sent a mini Purple Reaver attack that created a line on the ground near his neck.

A warning attack.

Varhan then looked at Har Jahar meaningfully.

The latter waited for a while before addressing Kaal.

Kaal, if you don\'t get up before I count to three, I\'ll consider this duel to have been won by Varhan.

Har Jahar said and looked in the audience\'s direction before speaking out loud.


Kaal gulped and closed his eyes, causing teardrops to run down his face.

He knew he wouldn\'t be able to get up from his current position in such a short time.

So he admitted his defeat in a shaky voice while looking at his father.


I accept defeat.

There was a deathly silence in the surrounding area as Kaal spoke.

Har Jahar stopped counting immediately and looked at both the worshippers with interest.

He didn\'t say anything for a while and just focused on observing Ror\'s reaction at the time.

Kaal\'s acceptance had sealed the fate for himself.

It also marked the end of the duel.

The audience didn\'t speak for a whole minute before starting to clap for both the worshippers.

There were also agitated speeches for Kaal and congratulatory speeches for Varhan.

However, at this point, neither of the worshippers was paying attention to any of them.

Har Jahar got up from his seat after some time.

His aura spread throughout the surrounding area, creating a heavy atmosphere.

When the boisterous atmosphere quieted down, he spoke up in an emotionless tone to declare the match results.

Varhan of the Durbag tribe wins the duel.

Kaalmaahen will be given the responsibility of serving as the final sacrifice.

With this, the festival has entered the final phase.

Bountiful rewards await us all.

We all have something to look forward to.

Har Jahar smiled at his people before disappearing from his position.

It was the time for final sacrifice.

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