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Chapter 725 Putting a Face to the Voice P1

A beautiful girl was seen lying naked inside an extremely complicated runic array.

The array eye was like a small pond that contained a mysterious red liquid of unknown origin.

The girl\'s body was also half submerged in the liquid while lying on her back.

She had her eyes closed the whole time the process was taking place.

The runic inscriptions that were part of the array were getting illuminated and faded at a certain rate.

As if the entire array was breathing.

It was clear that the process was still incomplete.

Damn! Even more

Eren couldn\'t help being amazed by the blood the array was demanding from him.

In the next moment, he retracted his mana defense layer willingly and cut his wrist using his Labrys.

Eren\'s blood started dripping inside the segment of the giant array.

He was standing inside one such segment while Ror and Durbag were acting as the regulators of the array inside their own segments.

These segments were connected to the circular array using the runic chains that would glow with bright golden red colors whenever the segments were made active.

As soon as Eren\'s blood dropped inside the segment, it evaporated before turning into formless red energy.

It would then get absorbed by the runic chains before ultimately getting absorbed by the body of the beautiful girl lying inside the array with her eyes closed.

This girl had black hair and supple skin.

There was a faint sheen over her skin.

Plus, she had a cute nose and even cuter lips.

All these details came together to make her pretty.

The girl\'s jet-black, waist-length hair had a distinct luster.

It cascaded her pretty face perfectly, adding even more charm to her looks.

This adorable girl looked to be in her late teen years.

She had adequate feminine proportions.

Eren kept on bleeding through his wrist as he watched the process.

His body was Adept ranked.

It could handle blood loss for hours on end under a controlled environment just fine.

His Adept ranked body was generating his blood over time, replenishing it in a matter of minutes, using his own mana as fuel.

Hence, Eren didn\'t need to worry about blood loss.

However, he was tired after he kept the array working for two days straight while bleeding a huge amount of blood every day.

This was when Eren had a monster like Ror to control and maintain the array to lessen the burden on him.

And he was also being guided and aided by Durbag who was an expert in arrays.

Durbag was fascinated by the array as soon as Eren had presented it to him and asked him to make it.

After a lot of failed attempts, he had managed to cast a working array.

The array\'s complexities could be understood when even Durbag who had trapped Har Jahar in his array found it difficult to cast it.

A huge amount of resources were spent in making this array.

Other monsters were standing nearby as well, who were tasked by Durbag to fix any anomaly in the array that would pop up from time to time.

Kirin wasn\'t given any task because she didn\'t understand anything about arrays.

Nor did she have the resources to control one\'s own mana while being part of the array\'s mechanism.

Kirin worried about her husband all the same.

Against Durbag\'s polite warnings, she could approach Eren every so often and ask him about his well-being.

She would also ask him if he needed anything to eat or drink.

The butcher didn\'t have to do much since Ror and others were here.

He had basically relegated all the tasks related to the functioning of the array to his subordinates.

And they were working like clockwork.

Eren would therefore drink the monster ale fetched by Kirin.

He would rarely smoke while talking with Kirin.

She would be surprised by even the most mundane things that existed outside the Oni dungeon.

The butcher found it entertaining so he kept on adding more information to her database.

Eren would often talk with Kirin using the human tongue to give her practice speaking and understanding Edinburgh\'s official language.

He was reminded of Reen more than once when she made mistakes.

It could be said that Eren was always very patient with his students.

Or at least a few of them.

He would correct Kirin using the right words and forms, making her understand her mistakes and allowing her to rectify them in real time.

Therefore, the two days spent inside the array segment weren\'t boring to him.

It allowed him to connect with kirin and other monsters who were in the vicinity even more.

However, Eren\'s patience started wearing thin after another seven or so hours.

That\'s because the young girl was not showing any signs of awakening even after he had done everything right.

By Layla\'s calculations, the young girl should have woken up at this point.

Of course, Alephee suggested a few changes in the array diagram that Eren had implemented.

Eren could only conclude that the delay was due to the changes made by Alephee.

Just when Eren thought that something had gone wrong during the creation of the array, he felt an earthquake-like tremor slowly spreading all across the sacred hall.

This was the same sacred hall in which Har Jahar had been killed.

The sacred hall\'s runic enhancements had made Eren believe that the sacred hall was as stable as the entire subspace.

But the tremors had clearly proved him wrong.


A formless sound that could only belong to the void spread across the surroundings as a distinct mana pulse was released from the center of the array.

The runes inside the arrays glowed brighter than ever before dimming for good.

The limestone on which the array was cast started cracking under some tremendous pressure of unknown origin.

Eren wasn\'t sure if the array had worked or not because of the destruction it had caused.

But he soon got his answer when he focused his gaze on the face of the beautiful girl lying inside the array-eye.

A pair of ruby red eyes were opened for the first time.

Or to be precise, these ruby red eyes were opened for the first time in a long long time.

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