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Since you know my name, can I know yours

Tumko asked while staring at the rest of the members of Eren\'s team.

Just as Teer had told him, his senses were warning him against Kirin and Alephee.

But for some reason, Tumko felt that Eren was the most dangerous of them all.

Because he didn\'t sense any hostility or negative emotions from him.

He even felt that Eren was trying to do him a favor by offering him a deal.

Tumko hadn\'t based this on gut feeling alone.

His class as a mentalist was special.

As a result, he was very sensitive to psychic waves, which would be released by any living being whether they were rankers, mana beasts, monsters, or demon beasts.

This was how he could detect the presence of Eren\'s team from miles away.

Tumko believed that the ability to deal with opponents without any malice or negative emotions was the most dangerous trait.

Treating the act of killing as just another chore.

Anyone can deal with their opponents with the emotions of hate, resentment, pride, or a range of other emotions driving them to fight.

But someone who could fight with their opponents without any particular emotions attached to them was not normal as far as Tumko was concerned.

What amazed Tumko, even more, was the fact that he was also sensing other emotions from Eren.

These emotions weren\'t particularly related to the tense atmosphere both sides were involved in at this point.

Eren was feeling emotions of irritation, and hunger.

And coquetry that was directed towards Kirin.

The guy didn\'t give two cents about the outcome of the tense situation.

\'This guy...

he has been involved in a lot of bloodshed.\'

Tumko concluded as he waited for Eren\'s answer.

The latter nodded at him before responding.

Name\'s Eren Elijah Idril.

Apart from being part of Edinburgh\'s army and a student of LA, I also run a guild.

These are my guild members.

Eren said everything.

He was really hungry at this point.

He had decided that he would stop traversing through the forbidden zone and settle down for the night.

He would then light a campfire before enjoying a hearty meal.

Eren had used a teleportation array to come here.

But it would use a lot of Extols for each use.

And the number of Extols would be larger since he had more people with him.

So he decided to traverse the region on foot.

He didn\'t use Argo because he didn\'t want to catch attention by flying over the region.

Plus, Argo would find it difficult to carry the weight of four people on him.

Eren Idril! I have heard that name.

Before Tumko could respond, a different voice spoke up not too far away from the masked man.

Bhaa Laah had decided to show herself against her captain\'s orders not to.

You are the founder of White Raven city and White Raven guild Are you not lying Because I heard that he was an Ace ranker.

Bhaa Laah raised her doubt with a voice coated in suspicion and accusation.

Eren smiled at her before responding.

Heh! It seems my city is doing well in my absence.

I don\'t have to prove my identity to you, young miss.

The question is what are we planning to do about this stalemate

Contrary to how I may sound or act, for the time being, I\'m a very busy man.

I\'m sure you\'d understand if I decide to rush our first meeting.

Eren said casually while still looking at Tumko.

He didn\'t pay attention to what the newly appeared night elf had to say about him.

Bhaa Laah flared her nose when she didn\'t get a glance from Eren.

She decided to add fuel to the fire and get Tumko on board with her conflict-seeking plan.

She looked at Eren with grim expressions before speaking up.

Alright, hot shot.

You have earned a name for yourself these days.

But it won\'t last long.

The loudest duck gets shot first after all.

But let\'s not dwell on petty details.

What I want to know is what you were doing here.

Did you come across something that allowed you to take such a big leap Raising a city like White Raven with no background is no joke.

I bet you found something here that gave you your confidence.

Bhaa Laah said and smirked at Eren.

She then looked at her captain and saw the changes in his gaze.

She knew Tumko was the most serious among them all regarding the exploration of the secret subspace.

He wouldn\'t let his opportunity get used by somebody else.

She looked at Eren once again before adding up.


We don\'t want much.

Just share some of your loot with us and we\'ll be on our merry way.

Also, you need to tell us what you found inside you-know-where.

Sign a binding contract with us promising that you won\'t tell anyone about what you found.

Do all that and we\'ll let you all go.

After all, our captain has found that place years before you.

All the riches inside that place belong to us.

Bhaa Laah said and folded her hands under her almost-flat bosom.

She knew she had sealed the deal for a conflict with her statements.

Elves had always been true adventurers at heart.

Plus, night elves tended to cause conflicts and mayhem wherever they roamed.

Of course, not everyone was like that.

Her brother was completely different from her.

Bhaa Laah, on the other hand, looked like she had borrowed the drive to cause trouble from her brother, before adding it to what she already had.

Eren listened to Bhaa Laah\'s words and knew exactly what she was talking about.

The mention of \'that\' place she was referring to was of course the Oni dungeon.

He started laughing when he heard the night elf\'s naked threat.

,m Hehehe! Listen here, lass.

If what they say about the loudest duck getting shot first is true, you should worry most about your safety.

Because you\'re not just being loud here.

You are dancing in front of the very blue canvas where the crossbow is pointed at.

Eren looked at Tumko Darata\'s stance on his statement.

His eyes were telling that he was still conflicted about starting a fight with Eren.

but he was not backing away from his current position either.

So Eren made that choice for him.

If it\'s violence you want.

It\'s violence you shall get. WT

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