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Chapter 764: True Art is an Explosion

Using Radiant Destruction for potion-making was a novel idea for Lensa.

She was amazed by how an Ability can be put to use in various fields instead of just being used on one\'s opponents for their destructive properties.

She started looking at her Ability from a fresh point of view.

The potion she was creating was supposed to have healing properties.

However, the moonlight refined by her ice-element lenses gave it a special property.

An ordinary raw ingredient was transformed into a special one.

Eren and Lensa were uncertain what kind of results it would produce.

But they were hoping that the final product would be better than the estimated result usually derived from the same recipe.

The elf prodigy controlled the ice-element lenses through her Ability and did what Eren asked him to do.

The latter paid close attention to her timing as well as the other aspects of the recipe to make the concoction a success on the first try.

Lensa had to say Eren was a genius when it came to potion-making.

He would focus more on countering the imbalanced properties of the potion than trying to concoct a balanced potion from start to end.

This approach required extra raw materials and utmost concentration once the middle part of the concoction was finished.

However, the results would arrive fast and would be a tad bit better than the original recipe entailed, depending upon the way with which the concoction had been balanced mid-process.

Not everybody could pull off practicing a potioning method like this.

Eren had only adopted this style because he had time-element spells to fix things in case things started going south.

He was able to make a lot of trial and error before making this process work for him.

Eren had created his own school of potioning by making on-the-fly modifications to the original recipe.

What Lensa has regarded as genius was Eren\'s countless hours spent experimenting.

The sleepless nights he had endured as well as his exceptional work ethic were bearing fruit for him.

Lensa dared to make such adjustments to the original recipe only because she trusted Eren who was an Adept.

She thought she knew what he was doing when in fact he was just making an educated guess.

The process continued for a while.

Lensa maintained a laser-like beam of silver moonlight that fell onto a shapeless mass of potion floating over the potioning platform.

However, just when the process for the potion was about to complete, Lensa lost a bit of control over her ability.

Therefore, the moonlight refining process by the ice-element lenses floating in the air was rendered unreliable and destructive.

Only a bit of non-neutral moonlight was enough to ruin the concoction process for good.

The jelly-like, shapeless concoction floating over the concoction platform got condensed and compressed before a shell was created over its sphere-like outer surface.

The silvery green-colored potion turned into a sphere with a diameter of about 5 inches before its hard surface started cracking.

When Eren felt the mana pulse coming from the solidified concoction, he knew what was going to happen.

He disappeared from his position and appeared right inside the array eye behind Lensa.

Blitz Sheild

Wind-fire Shards

Eren manifested a tangible purple-red fabric made of lightning-mana in front of him and Lensa.

As a consequence of his training, he was better able to control his mana circuits and spells by default.

As a result, Eren could tweak the defensive spell in such a way that it could be manifested with greater freedom.

He then solidified the red-purple lightning-element fabric with his elemental fusion spell to reduce the impact of the incoming blast.




The solidified shell cracked some more before generating a strong mana pulse.

The compressed mana inside the shell found a vent to escape, and it took that chance seriously.

With a loud bang, it detonated and unleashed its destructive effects.

The blast that was generated did not have fiery properties to it.

Instead, it was an ice blast made of ice-element mana.

It chilled the surrounding area within 5 meters of it instantly, turning it into snow land.

Since the potion-making was an array-controlled concoction process facilitated by the special potioneering platform, it filtered out Lensa\'s mana signatures.

It meant that she would have received frostbite and serious injury because of the detonation if Eren wasn\'t there to react on time.

Eren\'s natural mana defense layer was enough to deal with the blast\'s effects.

As such, he only covered Lensa with his defensive spell.

Instead, he had paid close attention to the blast\'s effects using Sedating Gaze.

When the detonation settled down and the ice-element mana in the surroundings started subsiding after tens of seconds post the blast, Eren figured out it was safe for Lensa.

He dispersed his defensive spell while looking around.

Lensa felt guilty that her Ability had ruined the concoction process.

It was already contradictory that her powers were being used to cast a healing spell.

It was even more contradictory that the healing spell had produced such devasting results under the influence of her powers.

The two contradictions nullified each other and made Lensa\'s Ability shine even more with its destructive properties.

Radiant Destruction\'s default working principle was simple.

The compressed light element mana would normally turn into fire element mana, causing the usual fire element explosion.

It was still more potent than the normal potion bombs were, but it wasn\'t out of the norm.

However, the blast that was generated at this point was different.

With its ice-element mana, the haywire concoction produced less destructive effects on the surroundings.

It meant that it would focus all its destructive effects on the living beings that would be in its range with its instantly bone-chilling ice-element properties.

Lensa\'s newly invented potion bomb could be used as a tactical weapon.

And like most inventions, this too was found by accident.


Lensa heard Eren\'s gasping voice closely as her head rested on his chest.

She thought she and her Ability would be criticized by him for producing something so out of place for a healing spell.

But she couldn\'t help having blank expressions on her face when she heard Eren\'s next set of words.

You… you are even a better bomber than I am, Lensa.

Haha! I guess it\'s true what they say.

True art is an explosion!

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