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Chapter 766: Branding Lensa P2*

So this one\'s taken care of.

What else are we supposed to do now

Eren said, placing the vial on Lensa\'s palm.

However, the latter wasn\'t interested in some silly potion anymore.

She looked Eren in the eyes before responding.

There\'s indeed one more task pending, Eren.

and I\'m glad I don\'t have to say it out loud.

The elf smiled meaningfully while looking at Eren with her pretty eyes.

Eren smiled back and shook his head.

He didn\'t need to be told twice as he could sense what Lensa was thinking.

He embraced her once again.

This time, they were both facing each other.

The butcher lowered his face and lifted Lensa\'s with his hand at the same time before planting a direct kiss.

Lensa was a bit hesitant at first.

But once their lips met, her hesitation melted away almost in the same manner her ice-element lenses melt away when she cancels her Ability.

Eren and Lensa both hugged each other tightly and let their hands roam and explore each other\'s bodies as they kept on kissing.

The former inserted his tongue into her mouth while the elf tried to fend it off with her own.

Eren was once again reminded of how passionate Lensa was once she got into the mood.

Just like last time, her body reacted to his touch with enthusiasm.

It was as if it had been missing the same touch for so long.


Lensa hummed a suppressed hymn as she let her desire almost take over her.

But her closed eyes opened wide when she was reminded of something.

She pushed Eren away a bit while still staying in his embrace and freed her lips.

Her eyes indicated how intoxicated she was with feelings of lust and passion at the time.

But there was something else she needed to do.

Eren, just a moment.

Let me take care of something.

Lensa whispered at Eren before breaking away from his embrace.

She straightened up her hair and clothes before speaking to seemingly nobody in particular.

Um… Aunt Dineria, as you can see...… we are busy making potions! Can you leave us alone I… I\'m safe and would like for you to check out what Uncle Devon has been up to.

Lensa said while trying to maintain a straight face.

Eren had previously felt a presence at a distance keeping an eye on them.

He didn\'t care that he was being watched.

After all, it was expected that House Carren would take measures to secure their prodigy after her incident with Sienna.

She was alone at the time when that happened, which was later deemed a mistake.

It seemed that Lensa wasn\'t too comfortable with being watched over by Dineria while she shared her intimate moments with Eren.

Dineria didn\'t show herself.

But her voice was heard loud and clear by the duo.


Yeah… I know a thing or two about making such potions too, child.

Dineria chuckled from a distance before adding further.

I\'ll go.

Boy, you better not hurt her.

Or else…

Eren felt an Expert-rank pressure overwhelm him for a brief moment before dispersing into thin air.

He could sense that Eren and Lensa had been left alone in the greenhouse when Dineria\'s presence disappeared.

Eren pulled Lensa onto him before she could say anything.

The two resumed their liplock while he grabbed her buttcheeks with his hands.

The elf prodigy responded by smooching him fiercely.

Fire snake!

Eren manifested a pair of small fire snakes that started coiling on either of Lensa\'s legs.

They started burning her pants with their touch and breaths as they climbed up.

After breaking the liplock, Eren began kissing Lensa on the cheeks.

He nibbled on her earlobe before licking his way towards the collarbone.

Lensa latched onto his hair from the back with her right hand and guided him on her neck.

Meanwhile, she cast her spell to get rid of Eren\'s clothes.

Eren\'s clothes froze in an instant before crumbling down like a thin layer of ice that had been shattered.

The elf prodigy took care of all his clothes instantly.

Lensa looked at Eren\'s naked body with unquenched thirst in her eyes.

She placed her free hand on his abs and traced their details with the tip of her fingers before telling them to go south.

Eren\'s little guy who had worked hard not too long ago had been called on the job for a night shift.

And he seemed all the more happy reporting for duty.

Lensa\'s subconscious mind latched onto the idea that this was not her first time with Eren as soon as she held Eren\'s dick with her free hand.

But the feelings of familiarity were overwhelmed by feelings of passion and lust, taking over all of Lensa\'s senses one breath at a time.

Eren had kept Lensa\'s innerwear intact after taking care of the rest of her clothes.

Instead of just standing inside the array eye, he felt he needed to find a suitable spot.

While kissing and biting Lensa\'s neck, the butcher spread his mana sense and found what he was looking for.

Lensa\'s vision changed all of a sudden when Eren embraced her firmly before executing his movement spell.

The next thing she knew, she was standing knee-deep in the artificial pool, which was serving as a water-element array for the greenhouse.

This pool wasn\'t that spacious.

It was 50 meters long and 20 meters wide, with a maximum depth of about 8 feet.

It meant that the depth of the water would increase if Lensa ventured further into the pool than in her current position.

Eren hadn\'t stopped groping Lensa\'s bottom since he started.

But after being in the pool for about a minute or two, he decided he should not leave the elf\'s boobies all alone.

Lensa was wearing white innerwear.

Although she was wearing a flimsy camisole, her nipples were still visible through the fabric.

The erect brown buds seemed ripe for some sucking and pinching.

Lensa\'s neck was no longer kissed by Eren, but he didn\'t immediately straighten himself.

Instead, he took a whiff of her womanly scent.

It seemed like he too had gotten his high from the act.


She really smells nice.\'

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