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Chapter 813 Mass Trading of Weapons

813 Mass Trading of Weapons

Eren was very tempted by the prospect of establishing business ties with the Last-Blood Bastion.

He pondered a bit before speaking up.

We mass produce various things including potion bombs and healing potions.

Also, we will be launching a completely revised line of products shortly.

There\'s one more thing that should particularly interest Last-Blood Bastion.

Eren smiled and met Fiona\'s gaze.

Her interest was piqued as well.

What is it


Eren said and got up from his seat.

He summoned a bunch of ranked artifacts and kept them levitating over the dining table.

He gestured to Fiona to try them on.

Since Fiona had just broken into Adept rank, the butcher had summoned all Adept ranked arsenal for her.

The half-blood was very impressed by the quality of the weapons.

Fiona got up from her seat and tried operating on the weapons Eren presented to her.

Her eyes widened in shock when she realized they were all five-star weapons.

Eren started describing the weapons\' specialties before Fiona could ask them.

He also started listing out the prices.

Hehe! You sure jest, Adept Eren.

I\'d rather believe you are allowing Miss Agatha to go with me than believe in the prices you have just mentioned.

Fiona chuckled when she heard Eren\'s prices.

She had never heard of a weapon-producing body that charged almost half what five-star weapons usually cost anywhere else in Anfang.

The pricing structure for five-star weapons was vague anyway.

However, they would often cost more than what their performance entailed.

That\'s because there was a high cost to pay for manufacturing these weapons.

Often there would be a waste of raw materials and operational time.

The weapons smithy always discarded more weapons than it forged.

Even the House Lancelot, which was famous for crafting premium-grade weapons, was no different.

Thus, they always charged a high price for their weapons.

The prices would become absurd with the increase in rank and grade of the weapons detonated by the stars.

Plus, the higher the rank rose, the rarer the weapon manufacturing for that rank would be.

For example, House Lancelot produced thousands of Ace-ranked weapons ranging from three stars to five stars every year.

But it would only produce Adept-level weapons in the hundreds.

The Expert-ranked weapons would be in double digits.

And Master-tier weapons would be in single digits.

Agatha had excused herself from the dining room.

She used the teleportation array to reach her workspace.

Fiona started examining the weapons one by one and observed that they were all premium-grade weapons that could allow a ranker to realize their true potential.

She couldn\'t help becoming more eager to learn about the actual prices of the product.

Adept Eren, why don\'t you tell me the real prices of these babies

Eren looked at Alephee and the latter just shrugged her shoulders.

Instead of sticking to the price he had quoted, the butcher decided to play along with Fiona\'s assumption and added a 25 percent increase in the initial prices.

Eren would be stupid to say no to higher profits just because he had made Alephee produce the weapons at dirt-cheap prices.

He was indeed looking to get more support from the Last-Blood Bastiaon to facilitate selling his products all over Anfang.

But that doesn\'t mean he won\'t charge them extra for it.

Are you sure about these prices, Adept Eren They are still...

I mean.

It\'s your call.

I wouldn\'t say no to the help we are getting from you.

Fiona hesitated to mention that the prices were still far from their usual markup.

She wanted the deal to be more lucrative for the Last-Blood Bastion.

Honesty is damned to hell.

Eren nodded at Fiona seriously before responding.

I worry about my half-blood brethren.

If these weapons can ensure that they stay safe and fight for themselves against the tyranny of Anfang\'s establishments, then a small loss in the business is no big deal for me.

Although I can\'t engage in the conflict between Last-Blood Bastion and the Anfangs\' forces, the weapons provided to me will always be with you.

They will be my representatives to show my support for the cause.

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴ(ᴏᴠᴇ)ʟ.ᴄ(ᴏ)ᴍ

Alephee prevented herself from laughing at Eren\'s way of handling things.

Of course, she knew that Fiona was in no position to establish business ties with the White Raven guild\'s manufacturing unit.

However, Alephee knew that first impressions were critical.

The way Fiona saw Eren\'s deal was extremely valuable.

Because that\'s what she was going to report to her seniors.

As expected, Fiona was touched by Eren\'s commitment to Last-blood Bastion.

She had previously criticized him in her mind for only pitching for the business relationship.

But only now did she understand how crucial even this aspect of the deal was to her side.

Take these weapons with you when you meet with your seniors.

Consider them as samples offered to you guys for free.

And tell your seniors to meet me or Agatha here in the city of White Raven to discuss further cooperation.

I believe you would not only use these products for yourself but also assist my guild in selling them in various corners of the world.

We can discuss your cut if you can assure us of a reliable supply and distribution chain.

Fiona was again taken aback by Eren\'s words.

She looked at Eren with suspicion before asking.

What is the number of weapons you currently have in your possession, Adept Eren

Eren smirked before giving her a rough estimate.

He did not have any Novice-tier weapons or anything that was below five stars.

Alephee didn\'t do shoddy work.

But he had an abundance of Ace-ranked weapons at this point.

And his Adept-ranked weapons were equally massive in size even if the number was half of what he had in the Ace rank.

After producing the weapons continuously for the last few days, Alephee had fulfilled her promise to Eren.

Even if she doesn\'t produce any more weapons from now on, the storage was enough for Eren to make crazy amounts of profits.

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