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Chapter 817: Ether Sub-Elements

Mister Eren, I don\'t think you\'d be able to hide that half-blood rat and that accomplice of yours for much longer.

Where have they both run off to

Alephee entered Eren\'s pendant as he stared at it.

He then looked at the elf before speaking up.

Trust me, love, you don\'t want to deal with her.

I am your best bet when it comes to having a relatively easy death.


let\'s just say that she is not as innocent as she looks.


Eren heard Alephee\'s objection in his head and he chuckled.

At this very moment, another shadow appeared beside her and spoke up.

Yeah I bet nobody would be as twisted as you though.

I saw the pillar you have created not too far from this place.

What kind of messed up mind would it take to create something like that

I can now see that haunting pillar in my head every time I close my eyes.

The shadow that had appeared beside the young elf spoke to Eren in suppressed anger.

The butcher could tell that the guy was genuinely affected by the artwork he had created.

The newly appeared member of the Blood Punisher Force was a male who seemed to have the same stature as Eren.

He was wearing a metal gear over his head that completely hid his facial features.


The guy was holding a staff that was as tall as him.

It didn\'t have any blade attached to either end.

This ranker was also protected by premium-grade armor and other gear from head to toe.


That piece of art is an acquired taste.

Not everybody would be able to understand the profundity of it after all.

Eren shrugged his shoulders before replying.

Both the Blood Punisher Force members looked at each other to confirm if the other had observed the profoundness Eren was talking about.

I got nothing.

The elf admitted she was not proficient at comprehending things related to elemental attunement through such displays.

She even had a hard time enhancing her attainment using the runic Steele her Force had provided for her.

If an observer was observing the conversation between the two sides, they wouldn\'t be able to guess that they were vying to kill each other completely.

It looked like a friendly debate between participants from two different schools of thought.

Even after meeting as enemies, the rankers had to treat each other with respect when they entered Adept rank and beyond.

Especially those sharing the same ranking status.

In addition to the ranker\'s code of conduct, this was the respect given to the positions and organizations the rankers belonged to.

In most cases, the Adept rankers were representatives of their organizations.

In other words, even the intimidation and trash-talking the opposing sides would engage in would not be too humiliating.

Can I ask you a question if you don\'t mind

Eren asked casually and dropped the labrys on the ground.

He was still holding the weapon by its hilt.

Both the rankers looked at each other before the elf proceeded to respond.

Sure, Adept Eren.

If that is your last wish before death.

Eren didn\'t get offended by the elf\'s subtle provocation.

He knew what the two rankers were thinking.

They relied too much on the fact that they had trapped him inside the isolation barrier.

Plus, they had their military equipment to rely on.

Eren knew that being blessed with so many advantages like these, the rankers hired by the kingdom were bound to become complacent.

Thus, he knew his question would be answered by them.


What are the elemental affinities you guys have I am kind of getting mixed signals and was curious.

The staff-wielder ranker was the one who replied to Eren\'s question.

He didn\'t mind telling something so obvious to a walking-dead man.

We have elemental affinities that are related to what\'s known as the Ether-sub element.

Every Blood Punisher Force member has a unique elemental affinity that makes them different from the rest of the rankers.

Ether-sub element is an umbrella term for anything that is not generally defined as something that doesn\'t seem to directly or indirectly relate to the other great elements.

Of course, ether-sub elements are all hybrid elements.

But unlike the usual hybrid elements, the Ether-sub elements are heavily influenced by Ether.

The ones with the Ether-sub elements as their affinities don\'t have a fixed class.

They don\'t have a fixed set of spells.

The kingdom takes care of developing the ranking resources for us.

And in exchange...

You become the kingdom\'s lapdogs.

Eren completed the staff-wielding ranker\'s explanation for him.

The latter wasn\'t too happy when the butcher called him the kingdom\'s lapdog.

However, he sighed and gripped the staff he was holding before deciding to finish the task at hand as soon as possible.

Krista, I need to tell you something before we start.

Be aware of this man.

He is not as easy as he looks.

I recognized the face on the pillar.

It belongs to Janos Remus, the retainer of scholar Rey Remus.

If Janos has been killed, then there\'s a higher chance that Rey Remus is as well.

It represents a direct challenge to the entire clan of Remus, which will soon be known throughout the kingdom.

A man who can pose such a naked threat to such an established House in the kingdom can\'t be just a simple close combat expert.

So we\'ll have to attack with all we got.

Do you understand

Janos and Krista both challenged their mana throughout their bodies.

Krista, Eren figured out, was exactly like him- an Adept ranker with a mana core in the liquid core stage.

The staff-wielding Adept, on the other hand, had a rank of the solid stage.


Adept Lambert.

Don\'t worry.

I\'ll not play with him like the rest of my prey.

After all, we\'d have to produce an intact body for someone of his social status.

We can\'t damage him too much after killing him.

Eren chuckled when he heard Lambert\'s warnings to Krista that sounded like praise to him.

He ignored Krista\'s reply and decided to respond to their threats with actions.

Aqua Steps

Aqua Blades

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