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Chapter 829 Money Has No Moral Opinions

829 Money Has No Moral Opinions

My friends, RDX is not the only performer we have in store for you.

Eren and Levine watched in silence as Alto continued his presentation.

We could only show you the recordings for RDX\'s real-life use for obvious reasons.

But for Ice Fairy\'s Kiss, we have prepared a live demo for you.

It would speak volumes about the effectiveness of our products.

Alto said excitedly while addressing his audience.

He gestured at two of his staff to board the levitating platform.

The two male rankers in the Novice rank suddenly appeared on the platform.

They both stood opposite each other.

One of them drew a sword in his hand and the other clenched his fists and nodded at him.


A sword slash flew at the first ranker and hit him across his torso.

A line of blood immediately appeared over the ranker\'s white clothes.

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Although the fling attack seemed casual, the ranker who had to face it had lowered his mana defense layer.

As a result, he immediately sustained a critical injury.

A few newbie rankers in the crowd gasped at the cruelty unfolding in front of their eyes.

They averted their eyes and cursed Alto and his team for such a naked display of blood and gore.

However, the veteran rankers didn\'t flinch.

They watched as the ranker who had been seriously injured summoned a vial of Ice Fairy\'s Kiss.

Several mana senses were locked onto the ranker\'s injury as it froze as soon as he drank the healing potion.

A thin layer of ice was created over the injury before dispersing into thin air.

When it did, the serious injury the ranker had sustained to his torso was no more.

Unimaginable recovery speed!

Thorough healing properties!

And no side effects!

These are the three main USPs of Ice Fairy\'s Kiss.

Alto spoke loudly as the two Novice rankers bowed in front of the audience before climbing down from the stage.

The merchant turned his neck and glanced at all the rankers before continuing.

Unlike RDX, Ice Fairy\'s Kiss doesn\'t need any clearance for purchase.

We can also sell these potions in a much larger quantity.

And they are only slightly more costly than the most trusted but inferior healing potions you are used to using these days.

My friends, believe me when I say that Ice Fairy\'s Kiss is a must-have healing potion you\'d need on you at all times if you value your life.

What use are missions and their rewards if you can\'t ensure your safety while completing them

And the higher price is worth it if you see results that are up to ten times better than the potions you have in your arsenal right now.

Even the little details matter a lot when it comes to life-and-death situations.

You don\'t need me to tell you that no amount of Extols you\'d save is worth risking your life over.

Alto started talking about the White Raven\'s revolutionary healing potion in depth.

Eren had taken exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights for RDX.

But Ice Fairy\'s Kiss was supposed to be seen as a joint venture between his guild and the House Karren.

As such, the answers Alto was giving were prepared by House Carren\'s representative.

Why are you not selling the healing potion at the same price as the regular ones Especially because your manufacturing cost for them is not even half of theirs

Levine asked Eren curiously.

He had set RDX at an attractive price.

But for a healing potion that he could sell en masse and earn a huge profit, he had chosen to set premium prices for them.

No matter how worthwhile the extols-to-healing ratio was in a potion, some rankers just didn\'t have that many Extols on them.

Plus, things like healing potions would be used a lot more than any other kind of potions during any job.

As such, every manufacturing hub tried to keep its healing potions\' prices relatively low.

So that their buyers would buy the potions in bulk, earning them substantial profits in return.

Levine was kept away from the decision-making process for the products\' prices by Eren.

Even though her involvement in the manufacturing unit was over after the arrays were built, she chose to criticize him by sounding disappointed with his move.

Eren kept smoking his Sativa Stick and smiled before answering.


That\'s because I\'ve chosen to become exclusive with my products, teacher Levine.

You\'ll find out what I\'m talking about soon.

Levine scrunched her nose in response to Eren\'s mysterious and dry answer.

But she followed his gaze nonetheless and watched as Alto started speaking to his audience.

As for the Pleasure Paradise! Cough.

Alto cleared his throat and wiped his forehead with his hand for no reason before speaking up.

I can\'t show you the live demo or recordings of the potion\'s effects for reasons you know.

But the potion\'s been getting sold in limited quantities even before its official launch.

It shows promising results even for people with some kind of difficulties in… let\'s say… getting things up and running.

There is a potion for both sexes, catering to their specific needs.

The experiences people have shared so far are already positive.

This official launch of the product will make those results known to a wider audience.

Before leaving the stage, we will distribute a bunch of sample vials for Pleasure Paradise to people who haven\'t tried it yet.

I\'m sure those who get to experience these effects will come back for more in no time.

Alto said before facing another line of questioning from both male and female rankers.

He answered the questions professionally and objectively while maintaining a straight face.

Pleasure Paradise was Eren\'s exclusive creation.

He had partnered with Levine\'s faction to manufacture it.

But upon her order, the house\'s name was kept from being mentioned in any marketing campaigns.

The butcher did not mind that his guild became famous for an aphrodisiac that was usually frowned upon by members of the rankers\' society.

That\'s because such products tend to sell like hot cross buns on the market.

\'Money has no moral opinions.

The poor can\'t afford morality and the rich are blind to its existence.

Me I\'m just a survivor who acknowledges its presence but refuses its hold over me.\'

Eren released a lungful of smoke through his mouth as he watched Alto do the job he had hired him to do.

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