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Chapter 857 Meera Medinah And Rehaal Renar

Shalen found it ironic that she was assigned to kill the same person who was indirectly responsible for her prosperity.

However, a job is a job.

Especially when it comes to a field like hers.

The most Shalen could do was try to give Eren a swift death as a show of gratitude.

Oslo was from Demonmirs faction.

He had been dispatched to get rid of Drins party in the Badlands a few months back.

But the members of the Escalon guild under his command messed things up.

They failed to choose the right battlefield and allowed the White Ravens team to separate from each other and save themselves.

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Oslo was called out to action by Demonmirs faction, and he agreed to it immediately.

Since it was about ambushing the head of the entire party that had slipped past him, he had to clear his name by killing Eren.

“You mean hed use Argo to get past us They say the brats demon beast is a foul-mouthed menace.

Dont worry though.

He cant use his demon beast to slip past us without anyone intercepting him in midair.

Senior Nico had come personally to assure us of that.

He can take flight using his demon beast to prevent the brat from getting away from us.”

Halen felt reassured after hearing Oslos words.

He was wearing his signature mask and armor.

Shalen had worn casual wear in the form of a floral top and sleek pants.

Her hair was perfectly styled, and she had worn minimal but sophisticated accessories that matched her vibe.

Her appearance didnt suit the job she was about to do.

She looked like she was on her way to meet someone in the city.

Shalen nodded her head and kept quiet.

She was a professional assassin.

She didnt need small talk to entertain herself while staking out targets.

However, she was a bit stressed nonetheless because she had been given the responsibility to intercept Eren.

“Dont worry, Shalen.

Make your move first.

Well follow you right afterward.

You can fall back when the actual battle starts.”

The joint force had suspected that Eren was carrying a security detail on him with the way things had happened.

They suspected that the summoner class ranker was part of that security detail as well.

To ensure the success of the ambush, the joint force had brought many rankers as a fail-safe measure.

The various factions of the joint forces were given specific tasks they needed to perform in case Erens security detail emerged.

What they didnt count on was the fact that the summoner class ranker they were considered to be with Eren was none other than Eren himself.


Meera Medinah felt bored after waiting for her targets arrival for more than a week.

She wasnt particularly interested in this mission since it wasnt related to monsters.

She liked killing monsters because they posed a greater challenge with their relatively higher body stats than humans.

Meera was also part of Edinburghs special forces.

It was she who met with Bigua and Drin in the Badlands under the lead of Kev Larson.

Meera was dispatched here under the orders of Kev Larson.

Rehaal Renar had used his royal reach and pulled some strings.

He made the kingdoms special forces help her with his private affairs.

Meera wore a bodice-like top and armor as usual.

The special forces member was wearing a pair of arm guards and shoulder guards, giving her a hardcore veteran vibe.

Meera was beautiful.

Her olive skin and brown hazel eyes made her look even more attractive under the moonlight.

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The lady had a slim waist and ample feminine proportions.

She had a sword sheathed on her back, ready to be drawn at a moments notice.

Someone appeared behind Meera as she was watching the moonlit forest in front of her with keen eyes.

It spoke very humbly.

“I know you are not particularly interested in doing this task, Miss Meera.

And I thank you for showing up on the field anyway.

It means a lot to me.

Ill certainly do all I can to ensure that your efforts are better rewarded in the future when I get chosen as the successor to the throne.”

Rehaal Renar said while trying to sound grateful.

He had actively become a part of the joint forces that had been established by Sebastien Slughorn to take care of Eren.

Rehaal was very angry at Eren for mistreating him in front of Rodrick.

It could be said that the fear Eren had planted in the royals mind was manifesting in the form of pride and anger.

Eren suggested to Rehaal that he take a different approach to get his hands on Rodrick.

Anything except targeting him while he was inside the city of White Raven.

But the royal interpreted that suggestion very differently.

Rehaal decided to deal with Eren for all time so he could get to Rodrick.

This way, his personal vendetta against the butcher would be fulfilled.

Plus, Rehaal will be kicked out of the city soon when Demonimirs faction takes over.

Thus, Rehaal immediately got to work after he received word from Sebastian Slughorn.

Almost all of his personal wealth was empty and he used his connections to hire members of the kingdoms special forces.

He wanted to employ Meeras in-charge, Kev Larson, as well.

But he couldnt afford to do so due to his finances.

Kev held a kingdom-bonafide title.

His involvement wasnt something an Adept-ranked Rehaal could afford.

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Of course, asking for the special forces involvement came with a clause that their real identities wouldnt get exposed after the mission.

The citizens of the kingdom didnt need to know that the kingdoms forces could be used for personal affairs given the right price.

Meera scrunched her nose before replying to Rehaal.

“You dont need to hype me into working for you, brat.

As I have received my resources from you, I shall do my part well.

Ill give it straight.

Theres this guy named Drin who I want to bring into my fold.

He is in the White Raven guild.

Killing Eren here might result in the disbandment of the guild.

You lack the political power or wealth to move special forces according to your whims.

But you are lucky that our interests align.”


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