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Chapter 868 Making A Habit Out Of Using Human Dolls As Suicide Bombers

Eren was very impressed with the effects of RDX.

He had faced fewer troubles dealing with Goro\'s team because of the detonation.

All it needed was for him to finish the job.

And that\'s what he did after appearing at the scene.

What Eren detonated was not a commercially available product but something he had hidden from market exposure.

It packed twice the destructive power at the cost of making manufacturing more difficult.

Alephee took care of the last ranker in the vicinity before appearing beside Eren.

She pointed toward where Goro was fighting Oslo and commented.


Everyone\'s done for here except one.

That Adept managed to run off.

Eren raised his eyebrows at Alephee\'s comment and got confused.

That\'s because he saw nobody in the vicinity.

He then used his soul sense to realize that a ranker in his early 40s was employing a unique artifact to make himself invisible to the naked eyes and mana sense.

He used the artifact on himself as soon as the RDX detonation took place and stayed away from the conflict.

Eren had to say that most of the rankers from the ambush teams had come equipped with a lot of unique and useful resources.

Having a strong backer behind them really served them well.

Initially, the invisible man planned to sneak attack Eren with his artifact.

But he changed his mind as soon as he saw what Eren had done to Tia.

He immediately ran at full speed towards Goro, trying to seek shelter in the necromancer\'s presence.

Sir Goro… wiped out.

Our entire team is wiped out.

The invisible man made himself visible after seeing Goro in his vision.

Since Goro was keeping tabs on the whole scene, he didn\'t need the man\'s report anyway.

But the man didn\'t get a cue from Goro\'s deadpan expressions.

It could be said that the man was really intimidated by Eren\'s presence.

Oslo was badly beaten after fighting Goro\'s summons.

The human doll was about to be destroyed when it spotted an invisible man coming toward Goro after abandoning his invisibility.

In the next moment, Oslo disappeared from his place only to appear behind the man with an invisibility-granting artifact.

The human doll used whatever remained of its arms and legs to lock onto the panicked man.

It then used the same strategy as Shalen and blew itself up.


Once Eren discovered what Alephee\'s spell could do, he thought of using human dolls as a way to target opponents.

This way, attacks would be precise and rarely fail.

And since the human dolls didn\'t have normal consciousness and only worked on tactical logic, they were loyal to his bombing cause.

The terrorist had found a convenient way to deliver his patented brand of detonation right at his enemy\'s doorsteps.

An eye-catching cloud of flames was birthed into existence once again as Oslo activated the RDX stored inside his body.

It packed the same amount of punch as Shalen\'s detonation, sending waves of heat and brilliance into the surroundings.

e to his location.

The necromancer liked fighting stronger people.

But he liked to have a cushion to fall back on in case things start to take turn for the worse.>

Goro immediately understood the threat Eren posed to him.

He kept Nico in the loop of the events so that the condor-owning beast tamer would be on his way here.

Meanwhile, Nico could try to bring Eren down all by himself.

In case Eren becomes too much for him to handle alone, he could rely on Nico by sticking to prolonging the fight.

Eren appeared at a distance from Goro by the time the latter was done explaining things to Nico.

The necromancer also expected Nico to contact Rehaal\'s team which was still chasing after the caravan.

This is why Goro was not too worried about Eren\'s appearance even after realizing his potential as a ranker.

Eren and Goro entered a staring contest as soon as their eyes met.

The butcher could tell that Goro had stopped moving randomly to counter his Blink.

He was surrounded by loads of summoned creatures just waiting to get erupted from the ground.

As such, Eren didn\'t try to use the same trick on the necromancer as he was doing in his earlier fights.

Goro looked at Eren and Alehee intently before commenting.

A lightning and fire element Adept who uses Blink like a proficient space-element ranker.

And there are no records of him using Blink in any of his previous fights.

That means he learned the spell recently.

A close combat expert who became a dreadful assassin overnight just with the use of a single spell.

Then he uses a necromancer and blows things up like he is getting paid for it.

What kind of ranker can pull off something like this


AN: Eren starts using Blink in chapter 826.

Also, a throwback tidbit.

Eren was first referred to as a terrorist in chapter 124.


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