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Chapter 869 Eren Vs Goro P1

What kind of ranker can pull off something like this

Goro asked as he cast his domain spell once again.

Immediately, the summoned undead that he had used earlier was dispersed.

And new ones emerged from the ground to replace them.

One could see that the newly emerged undead were significantly better than the ones Goro had summoned earlier.

It was clear that he was not planning to hold anything back against Eren.

The summoned undead also included Tia and the rest of the rankers that had died with her at Alephee\'s hands.

The undeads were especially angry at the opponents in front of them.

As if the hate they carried in their hearts while they were alive was passed onto them.

\'One more summoner! And a necromancer at that.

Just what I ordered.

I see House Remus is providing expedited delivery services.\'

Eren licked his lips as he thought to himself.

He was excited to claim Goro\'s achievements for himself.

And his excitement was getting reflected in the aura that was manifesting around him.

Eren smirked before answering Goro\'s question.

I am responding to your aggression in the way I see fit.

You can\'t blame me if my way turns out to be like this.

I never claim to commit to a particular role.

Consider all of this as my free-hand drawing.

A way for me to express my freedom.

Eren looked around himself as he said.

In his eyes were images of two explosions, mangled bodies, chopped-off limbs, spilled-out internal body parts, and Goro\'s undead creatures that had the same form as the rankers who had died because of him.

Goro had goosebumps on his skin when he felt Eren\'s presence.

He felt like the brutality Eren had caused at the scene was just a trailer for what he had done in the past or what he would do in the future.

Goro smiled when he felt the stress of fighting a stronger opponent.

With Nico and Rehaal on their way to back him up, he had nothing to fear.

He could truly enjoy his fight against someone of Eren\'s caliber without worrying about the feasibility of the mission.

Oh Do you have a backup

Eren raised his eyebrows as he read what Goro had on his mind.

The latter was shocked to the core by the fact that Eren read him like an open book.

As he considered the possibility, his eyes widened.


soul sense!

Goro quickly took out a potion and drank the contents.

He found it unbelievable that an Adept ranker had an awakened soul sense.

But that didn\'t stop him from taking preventive measures against it.

Only now did Goro realize why he was being intimidated by Eren.

It could also explain the ease with which he had killed the ambush team members simply by overwhelming their consciousness for a brief period.

You are more than you let on.

Goro took a long breath and spoke.

The potion strengthened his slumbering soul.

It would not be affected by anyone\'s soul sense for hours on end.

He smiled wickedly at Eren before commenting.

That\'s right, Eren Idril.

We have an Expert ranker on Rehaal\'s team.

And a C-Rank demon beast tamer from Demonmir\'s faction is also coming this way.

Plus, you have me.

I don\'t want to brag but I am a C-ranker.

I can take you and that necromancer on at the same time using my summons. >

Goro narrowed his eyes at Eren and Alephee.

He kept summoning more undead creatures in the meantime, making it seemingly harder for Eren to stand any chance against him.

Alephee had displeasure written on her face.

Eren looked at her and chuckled before responding to Goro.

First of all, she is not a necromancer.

She says Anfang\'s class-based ranking status doesn\'t apply to her.

Second, your reinforcements don\'t matter.

Eren then looked at Alephee before saying.

Alephee, intercept that bastard Rehaal for me.

I had told him to find another way to get to Rodrick.

The numbnuts took that face down ass-backwards.

Don\'t kill them though.

I have some plans regarding them.

Alephee looked at Eren before nodding.

She disappeared from her position and started approaching Rehaal\'s team which was approaching from the northwest.

Meanwhile, Argo appeared in front of Eren in his regular hybrid form.

The demon beast was summoned for a reason.

You burn some fat and hold off that bird and his tamer from coming here.

I\'ll cut your allowance if you can\'t finish them before me.

And reward you with some premium Har Jahar meat if you do.

Eren said casually to Argo.

The latter flapped his wings and released a domineering eagle cry before responding.

Bitches gon get stitches! Argo out.

The hybrid demon beast started approaching Nico Chains who was coming from the northeast.

It was sufficient to say that the half-animal half-bird liked red meat in his diet.

With Argo\'s departure, the butcher ensured that he would have an uninterrupted time with Goro.

Goro\'s face was stressed as he saw how Eren tried to keep his reinforcements out of the game.

He wasn\'t sure about Alephee\'s and Argo\'s powers.

But the fact that Eren could kill most of the ambush so easily made him believe that they would at least be able to hold Rehaal\'s team and Nico Chains out.

I don\'t understand where you got the confidence to offend so many people all at once.

Even if you survive this ordeal, more opponents will follow.

They will be better than us.

Now that it has come to this, those in the big leagues will get to you sooner or later.

Why not give up and surrender to your fate Less troubling that way.

Eren chuckled when he heard Goro\'s way of testing his resolve.

He looked at him amusingly before responding.

Why would I create a city from nothing if I wanted to avoid trouble

Meh! Never mind.

I would have talked more.

But it\'s a waste of time for both of us.

So let\'s just get this over with.

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