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Chapter 628: Discovery of New Worlds

Yes, my liege.

Is there any effective order you have in mind

The butcher scratched his chin as he thought of the dilemma he had.

He wanted to hunt an Orc Lord and refine his Blood Seed.

But since he had spared Baran, he was lacking a target.

Is there any nearby Orc Lord you know of I need to kill them for my use.

Eren talked about killing an Orc Lord as effortlessly as someone asks for dessert after dinner.

Baran had stress lines on his forehead at first.

But then an electric jolt ran through his spine as he thought of a name.

He chuckled heartily before responding to his chieftain.

My liege, there\'s indeed an Orc Lord not too far away from here.

He is currently residing on the very first tribal ground I had.

His name is Kilaba.

Eren understood that speaking Kilaba\'s name was also a way to settle a personal grudge he had against the Ord Lord.

he had heard the guy talk about Kilaba in his ramblings after all.

The butcher didn\'t care that he was helping Baran by targeting Kilaba.

He only asked the following.

How strong is he compared to you I mean the previous you, before any of your injuries.

Not the current you.

Baran bowed his head and sighed in sadness when he heard the question.

He spoke the truth soon after.

Very, my liege.

He was able to take care of me when I was at my peak.

And he did it quite effortlessly.

He did not kill me immediately because he did not want other Orc Leaders to rebel against him.

But that was back then.

He also seems to have pretty effective leadership qualities.

By now, he must have turned every Orc Leader to his side.

What I meant to say is that he works well in groups.

And his individual powers aren\'t to be underestimated either.

Baran spoke and looked at Eren again.

He was comparing his new master to the man who had kicked him off of a high pedestal first.

The butcher recognized the gaze so he asked him.

If I and Kilaba fight, who would come out as the winner

Baran didn\'t take long to answer.

Kilaba, my liege.

You are strong.

But Kilaba is stronger.

Plus he has been blessed.

You won\'t be able to deal with something like that using normal means.

Not unless you use your otherworldly powers.

And even then, he might come out as the winner.

Eren heard a very interesting term from Baran so he couldn\'t help asking.

What do you mean by blessed

Baran glanced at Eren curiously at first.

Then he realized that being an orc was only a part of his powers.

He was formerly a human from this world.

So he might not have known some things because of his lower rank.

Baran took some time gathering his thoughts before slowly telling Eren.

My liege, blessing works like that weird power you have.

It has foreign origins that don\'t belong to this continent.

Its powers depend upon what kind of blessing it is.

The one Kilaba has can boost his physical prowess twofold, making him exert greater power than he is normally capable of for a short time.

I think this would be the simplest blessing that there is.

Yet, its powers aren\'t to be underestimated.

By combining his enhanced physical prowess with his spells, Kilaba was able to win over me even when he was weaker than me.

Eren found that the world of monsters that he had previously seen in his previous life was just the tip of the iceberg.

He didn\'t know about these things before.

But the more he learned, the more questions arose in his head.

Baran, first of all, tell me what is clarity What happens when monsters receive their clarity

Eren started pacing around the empty hall with his hands locked behind his back.

He also started thinking about various things in his head.

There was a chance that the Oni dungeon shared these peculiarities called blessing and clarity.

By now, Baran had come to accept that Eren wasn\'t aware of the most closely kept secret of monsters.

The monsters who hadn\'t received their clarity weren\'t capable of talking about it.

And the monsters who did prefer to keep their mouths shut even when they were interrogated by most humans.

The establishments of various regions also maintained silence on these things.

That was if they knew about these things at all.

As if talking about these things might lead to questions they didn\'t want to answer.

Baran thought that it was appropriate to stand up on his feet since Eren had walked towards the garden that was at the further end of the open hall.

The Orc Lord also followed his new master\'s lead and walked towards him with the rest of the Orcinas and Raadoo in tow.

He stopped a few meters away from the butcher and resumed his talk.

My liege, which humans call a monster, is said to gain clarity when the inherited memories in their blood come to them again.

These memories are related to a different continent.

Having these memories allows the monsters to not act like savages.

They start to behave like the original inhabitants of the monster continent they once belonged to when they receive their clarity.

Some monsters acquire the ability to manufacture weapons.

Some gain the clarity of array making.

The knowledge that comes with these memories is based on the monster continent.

So they would come across as something different than what the humans living on this continent have developed.

This time, it was Eren\'s turn to have a mini explosion in his head.

He suddenly started to see why the monsters in the Oni dungeon were so advanced and why they had such a well-structured society.

Blood memories.

Monster continent.

A continent that was different from Anfang.

A brand new world with different possibilities.

The butcher flashed a cunning smile when he processed what Baran had to say.

He couldn\'t help getting excited after he realized there was indeed a vast world out there just as Alephee had suggested.


AN: Anfang means the beginning in German.


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