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Chapter 637: Killing Kilaba Off

At the peak of a small, flat mountain top.

The midnight moon was spreading its pleasant, mellow light over the dense vegetation around the steep mountain.

This mountaintop wasn\'t anything special.

Nevertheless, it provided Eren with a safe place to carry out his next activities.


An eagle cry resounded in the surroundings as a man and a demon beast landed on the flat mountaintop away from Kilaba\'s tribe location.

This time, he knew he wouldn\'t be disturbed.

Eren was at its wit\'s end trying to maintain his domain of wrath around him and Argo as they were flying.

This was all while he controlled the creature of wrath that would have become berserk if he dispersed the domain.

Eren didn\'t underestimate Kilaba even when the monster was about to die.

His evolution as an Orc Lord wasn\'t to be scoffed at.

If it wasn\'t for the last vial of illusion potion he had in his vial, he wouldn\'t have thought of messing with someone like Kilaba.

\'All good things come to those who wait.

AND act at the right time.\'

Eren chuckled as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Being Eren\'s demon beast and having a blood connection with him, Argo was immune to the domain of wrath\'s negative effects.

Yet, he was still angry for being interrupted from having his free meal.

Here, you fat bird.

Have this.

You are a growing boy after all.

Eat your fill.

Taking the bodies of five Ace-ranked mana beasts that he had earlier hunted, the butcher spoke.

There were various kinds of beasts for Argo to pick from.


This time, this was a happy eagle cry.

Argo flapped his wings and generated a gust of wind around him to show his satisfaction before turning into his lion form once again.

This form was ideal for savoring the delicacies around him.

Argo started eating right away with the first mana beast that was closer to him.

Meanwhile, his master was busy observing the creature of wrath he had created and incubated for so long.

Kilaba looked drastically different from his previous appearance.

Instead of having light green skin, he now had ruptured dark green skin with scutes on it like that of a crocodile.

He also had a festering azure hue on his skin that seemed to have a distinct mana signature of his own.

The tattoo on his back was not recognizable anymore.

He looked like the creature or wrath that had been poisoned before being injected with something sinister.

Kilaba was so angry even while on the verge of death that he had ripped the skin around his chest.

He had also torn his stomach, making his guts leak out from that tear.


Kilaba yelled in agony, frustration, pain, and other emotions Eren wasn\'t sure he could process anymore.

But then, Kilaba shocked him with his next action.


Whooooo Areeeeee Youuuuu

Eren was surprised that creatures of wrath could talk.

Kilaba\'s voice was weird.

As if there were many people inside that inflated giant body of his that no longer belonged to an Orc.

The moonlight falling over his 10 feet tall, pure muscle body that was on the verge of imploding looked intimidating.

Eren didn\'t reply to the Orc directly.

He was finding it difficult to control his ability anymore because of the sheer pressure with which the Orc Lord was fighting against his control.

Why do you care, Kilaba You are just a guy on his deathbed.

If you care about me, you must also be concerned about your treasures, right Guess what would happen with them


That\'s right.

I\'ll claim them.

Or maybe I\'ll offer them to my subordinates for a job well done.

Your treasures would become the properties of my entire tribe.

Eren said in his Orc form and laughed out loud.

His goal was to make the guy lose his sanity.

So that the Orc Lord would give in to the emotions of anger completely, which were bubbling inside his heart and brain.

Therefore, he began painting a grim picture of all his possessions with his vicious tongue.


The azure hue on his body started spreading further at a rapid pace when Kilaba lost control of himself.

He had completely lost any shred of his ego as Kilaba the chieftain at this point.

\'Eren, kill him.


Alephee spoke in Eren\'s mind when the azure hue started spreading further than Kilaba\'s chest.

It had already covered the monster\'s limbs and torso.

A distinct mana pulse that he had never felt before was released into the surroundings.

The butcher had a thought that if he didn\'t have an awakened soul sense, that mana pulse would have affected him mentally.

It would have incapacitated him long enough for the no-more-Kilaba creature to wrest away the control from him.

Eren didn\'t ask for the what, why, and how when he heard Alephee\'s voice.

He had recognized that it was laced with urgency.

The what and why of her urgency could be addressed later.




A wind-blade tornado was summoned by Eren before heading in the monster\'s direction.

Suddenly, Kilaba\'s truly monstrous body was missing its head over its torso.


The head was carried in the air by sitting on the wind blade, thanks to the Wind Blade Tornado spell.

It dropped a few meters away from the body behind it when Eren dispersed the blade.

The blue hue that was spreading over the monster\'s body stopped spreading when the head was cut off.

The butcher raised his hands and swiped them in the direction of the body.


The monster\'s body was imploded.

Blood, bones, and meat were all over the floor.

This time the butcher did not have the concentration required to maintain a mana shield.

As a result, the dark red blood and chunks of meat were spread all over him as he was standing not too far away from the implosion.


It surprised the butcher to see what was left behind after Kilaba had been detonated into nothingness by him.

Instead of the usual, there were two flames of wrath floating over the space where Kilaba was.

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