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Chapter 639: Leadership Qualities

You did what now

Eren was shocked when he heard that Kilaba had successfully managed to merge his old and existing tribe.

Previously, Eren had only about 700 members to command.

Of which 26 were Orc Leaders.

Now after the takeover, he had around 1600 Orcs to lead.

Of which 64 were Orc Leaders.

Eren\'s tribe had 64 monsters who could stand toe to toe with Ace rankers.

This was more group strength than what he had officially gathered under his guild\'s banner yet.

Eren couldn\'t believe that letting Baran live and making him one of his subordinates would grant him this much manpower.

The old monster had returned to visit his old tribe that was busy infighting after Kilaba\'s absence.

Kilaba\'s tribe needed an Orc Lord to lead them now that Kilaba\'s death had been confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt.

As there were no orcs at that stage, the choice fell to choosing from Orc Leaders.

And that\'s when all hell broke loose.

Just as Eren had predicted, the tribe was facing an insurmountable conflict.

Baran didn\'t want his previous tribe to split into various small tribes led by various Orc Leaders.

So he decided to take things into his own hands.

Baran wanted to inform the butcher.

But since the guy had just upped and left as he had said he would, Baran took this decision as the chief in charge of the tribe and acted.

Baran took a substantial portion of his warrior Orcs and hunter Orcs under his command and visited his previous tribe.

Of course, most Orc Leaders were hostile towards him.

Even the monsters that had supported him felt disappointed in him.

It was obvious that the one who had killed Kilaba belonged to Baran\'s side.

It sullied the Orc Lord\'s reputation in front of his old tribe because he didn\'t officially beat Kilaba.

Baran knew what was about to happen.

So he asked the shamas to perform a special spell on him with the help of arrays that belonged to the monster continent.

It would temporarily devolve the Orc Lord into Orc Leader.

Baran then challenged all the Orc Leaders in his previous tribe to fight him in groups.

The Orc Leaders couldn\'t believe that an Orc Lord would willingly step down from his evolutionary pedestal just to prove his worth.

And prove his worth Baran did.

All the Orc Leaders who were opposing him in his former tribe were defeated by him.

He did it while getting heavily injured in the process.

Baran didn\'t deny that the entity who killed Kilaba had nothing to do with him.

He used monster rules to take back what once belonged to him.

\'Use the rules of the game to your advantage.

Don\'t get shackled by them.\' His new chieftain had said to him.

And that\'s what he did.

Kekekeke! I just did what I wanted to do for a long time.

I had gathered those men under my banner and worked with them for years.

It was my diligent work that had brought that tribe together.

How could I let it go to waste just like that I wanted to give you a fair warning.

But you cut all your communications with us during this time.

And my window of opportunity to act on this matter was closing.

Baran said and observed Eren\'s reactions, which gave him no clue.

So he kneeled in front of the butcher before adding on.

So I made this decision on my own.

If any of my actions have caused you any sort of trouble, I\'m up for any punishment that you give me.

Eren was impressed.

He thought that the clarity Baran had received after being an Orc Lord was beyond normal standards at this point because of the monster\'s old age.

He had refined his clarity more than other intelligent Orcs who were just aware of how things worked.

Baran was now starting to see why things worked the way they worked.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Eren clapped his hand in appreciation for the old Orc Lord before commenting.

Old man, you did a great job.

I remember specifically telling you that I didn\'t want Kilaba\'s tribe because it would make me have more responsibilities than I could afford to have.

Baran gulped subtly when he heard the butcher\'s response.

He had taken this action after assuming that Eren wouldn\'t mind his old tribe getting assimilated with the new one if he was released from such responsibilities.

He was about to find out if that assumption was right or wrong.

Eren chuckled after realizing what Baran was thinking and spoke up.

Old man, I meant it when I said that you did a great job.

That wasn\'t a sarcastic comment.

You figured out what I meant by my previous decision and worked to keep that decision intact while moving forward in achieving your goals.

You understood the assignment.

Sometimes, the one who is at the top is not always right.

I\'m no exception to this rule either.

But you\'d have to forgive me for coming up with that decision because I underestimated your ability.

The butcher said and took a bite out of the lightning apple he was carrying in his right hand while pacing around in the chieftain house\'s main hall.

He chewed the fruits some more before continuing.

I think in more ways than one, you are a better leader than me, old man.

A better chieftain.

I\'ll not shy away from admitting that.

Sometimes being the most powerful is not enough to lead a group.

Being the smartest isn\'t a hard and fast rule either.

Eren paused after he said that.

He stepped into the garden and observed its scenery once again.

He looked at the ground that had enabled him to unlock his soul sense by lying on it and chuckled.

This was daytime.

The morning sun was just beginning to spread its brilliance all over the land.

Eren walked a bit and lay on his back, on the same spot he had last time before taking a lungful of fresh air.

Eren\'s incomplete point left Baran unanswered.

So he followed his chieftain and sat near him before asking.

My liege, what is enough to lead one\'s tribe

Eren had a smile on his face as he replied while closing his eyes.

It\'s the ability to connect with your subordinates on a deeper level.

You can do a better job than me when it comes to that.

Being a leader also means choosing the right person for the right job.

In that way, I\'m also a capable leader because I chose you to lead the tribe in my absence.

Baran cackled when he heard Eren tooting his own horns while praising him.

Praises coming from Eren felt weird to him.

This was something he felt Eren would say instead.

Eren chuckled as well before continuing.

I remember the very first time you decided to show up to save an Orc Leader from being killed by me.

I took your actions into account when I decided to make you my commander.

But I could have never imagined that you\'d be able to do this with so many Orc Leaders– connecting with them on a personal level the way you could.

This is something only you can do.

Old man, it\'s admirable that you are sharpening your leadership qualities like this.

Because I\'ll soon make you lead a monster army that would be much more than you thought you could lead.


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