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Chapter 17: Ill Take Your Life In Three Months!

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No one expected Fang Qiang to dare to attack in the Li familys audience hall.

Moreover, he used his entire ninth level Body Tempering strength the moment he attacked. He obviously wanted to kill the youth immediately!

Fang Qiang was extremely quick; he moved in front of the youth in the blink of an eye.

At the moment he slapped out his palm, the youths body trembled and reacted, instinctively stomping on the ground and flashing backwards at a high speed!

But even then, the youth was still hit by the residual force. He was sent flying into the wall and then spat out a mouthful of blood....

The youths face was ghastly pale and his body was swaying. He quickly managed to stabilize his body with great difficulty.

His fist were clenched tightly and his nails pierced into his palm, but he was not feeling any pain....

His sharp eyes were emitting bloodthirsty killing intent!

Fang Qiang stomped his feet on the ground and flew out. After missing his first attack, he actually wanted to attack a second time!

“How dare you!”

Noticing this, the Li familys Patriarch, Li Nan Feng, stood up and shouted loudly!

“Youre courting death!”

Origin Energy busted out of Sixth Elder Li Pings feet, then he moved like a bolt of lightning, flashing towards Fang Qiang.

His punch burst forth with Origin Energy, drawing upon the force of heaven and earth, developing into four ancient mammoth silhouettes....

A punch containing the strength of four ancient mammoths! If it hits Fang Qiang, even if he does not die, he will be crippled!

However, at this critical moment, the Fang familys Patriarch attacked.

He moved forward and pulled Fang Qiang away to dodge Li Pings punch.

Fang Yis speed was two times faster than Li Pings!

At this moment, eight ancient mammoth silhouettes flashed above Fang Yis head....

The strength of eight ancient mammoths!

“Are you OK” Li Ping glanced at Fang Yi coldly before coming to side of the youth and asking this.

“Im fine. Thank you, Sixth Elder.”

The youth shook his head. Even though he was injured, he did not make a single sound.

To him, that was a sign of being weak.

“Fang Yi!”

A loud shout echoed from the Li familys Patriarch; it was as if thunder exploded.

The entire audience hall started shaking from the force.

“My Li family will investigate the matter between your Fang family and Duan Ling Tian ourselves! But your Fang family member actually dared to attack and injure my Li family member inside the Li family estate! It looks like you are making light of the Li family! Regarding this, dont you think that you have to give me, and the Li family for that matter, an explanation!”

Li Nan Feng was thoroughly enraged and furious. Duan Ling Tian was the treasure of the Li family.

If Duan Ling Tian were to be killed, not to mention the fact that Ninth Elder would never let it go, but even the Li familys chance at rising up to crush the Fang and Chen families would be totally destroyed!

“Patriarch Li, please forgive him. My Fang familys Managers only son was crippled by Duan Ling Tian. His son will be bedridden the rest of his life. He had a good reason for attacking Duan Ling Tian, and he had no intention of offending the Li family.... Now, Duan Ling Tian is fine, so why dont we just leave it as it is”

No one expected that Fang Yi would have such a tranquil expression; it was as if nothing had happened.

“Fang Yi!”

Li Nan Fengs face turned grim.

But before he could continue, he was interrupted by the youth that walked a few steps forward.

“Patriarch, I would like to settle the matter myself.”

Duan Ling Tian said, not even waiting for Li Nan Feng to reply. The youths bloodshot eyes stared at the Fang familys Manager.

He was like an Asura that had just walked out of hell. His entire body was emitting a bloodthirsty killing intent, causing others to feel a chill to run down their spines....

“Its Fang Qiang, right In three months, I will visit your Fang family and Ill take your life!”

Finishing what he said, the youth turned around and walked out.

“OK! Three months from now, Ill be waiting for you. At that time, I will kill you with my own two hands and take revenge for my son!”

Because he originally believed that he wouldnt be able to take revenge for his son, when Fang Qiang heard what the youth said, his dark red eyes instantly emitted a light of agitation and excitement....

“That will depend on whether you have the capability.”

The youth didnt even turn his head around, he only laughed coldly and walked out, leaving the Li familys audience hall.

Leaving behind a proud and aloof figure.

The Ling Tian of his previous life went unhindered for half of his lifetime; he was unrestricted and unmatched!

In this lifetime, a mere Fang family Manager dared to try and take his life.

In three months he will surely visit the Fang family and splatter blood on his sword to wash away the humiliation he received today....

Only slaughter could calm down the rage in his heart!

“Patriarch Li, your Li family really has young heroes.... This Duan Ling Tian has so much ambition at such a young age; someone like that is really hard to come by! Since he has established a life and death agreement with Fang Qiang, there is no point in pursuing the matter any further. In three months , the entirety of my Fang family will be waiting for his arrival!”

Fang Yi looked towards Li Nan Feng and laughed.

Finishing what he said, Fang Yi ignored the green-faced Li Nan Feng, taking Fang Qiang along and leaving.

“Patriarch, Duan Ling Tian is too rash!”

Sixth Elder Li Ping frowned, his face full of worry.

He wasnt worried about Duan Ling Tians life or death, but was worried that if anything happened to Duan Ling Tian, his son wouldnt have any Six Treasures Body Tempering Liquid left to use.

In these past few days, he had noticed his sons improvement in cultivation. The Six Treasures Body Tempering Liquid was indeed a godly item!

Li Nan Feng had a complicated expression.

Earlier, when Duan Ling Tian emitted a bloodthirsty killing intent, even he felt a trace of being suppressed.

He could not understand how Duan Ling Tian, who supposedly had not killed anyone before, could be capable of emitting such killing intent....

In his opinion, only a veteran of a hundred battles that had killed many martial artists would be capable of developing such a terrifying killing intent.

“Since he has made a decision, we can only believe in him and hope that he produces a miracle once again.... Sixth Elder, I want to know about the matter between Duan Ling Tian and the Fang family. Go and investigate for me.”

The mysteriousness of Duan Ling Tian caused a trace of hope to rise in Li Nan Fengs heart.

“Yes, Patriarch.”

Li Ping replied and left. His face was ugly.

Although Duan Ling Tian defeating Li Jie could be considered a miracle.

Li Jie was only at the fourth level of the Body Tempering stage, while Fang Qiang was a ninth level Body Tempering martial artist. They could not be compared.

A third level Body Tempering youth intending to defeat a ninth level Body Tempering martial artist in three months, would be an unbelievable feat in his opinion.

The Body Tempering stage was divided into nine levels, each level being more difficult to achieve than the previous.

Duan Ling Tian, who was forcefully bearing the pain, walked with heavy footsteps towards his home.

His pride did not allow him to show any weakness.

When he reached the courtyard of his house, he finally coughed severely, spitting blood all over the floor.

“Young master, whats wrong”

Seeing this scene, the face of Ke Er, who was washing some vegetables in the courtyard, turned ghastly pale.

After hurriedly putting down the things in her hands, she supported Duan Ling Tian back to his room. Her clear eyes were glimmering with tears.

“Young master, dont frighten Ke Er, dont frighten Ke Er....”

The young girl started to cry.

“Silly girl, I only suffered some light injuries. Ill be fine; I just need to rest for a while.”

Duan Ling Tian slowly wiped the tears from the corners of the young girls eyes while forcefully smiling.

An hour later, Li Rou, who had just returned from the marketplace in Fresh Breeze Town, entered the courtyard.

Noticing the floor covered in blood, her face changed greatly.

“Tian, who injured you”

Li Rou rushed into Duan Ling Tians room. Her voice was ice cold.

“Mom, Im fine.... And, Ive already talked with the Patriarch about this matter; I will settle it myself. Mom, you have to trust me!”

After going through Ke Ers devoted care and consuming the grade nine Gold Injury Pill that the Patriarch brought over, Duan Ling Tian had already partially recovered, so he managed to squeeze out a smile on his face.

“Was it Fang Yi”

Li Rou asked in a low voice.

“No, it was the Fang familys Manager, Fang Qiang. Mom, he doesnt have much longer to live; three months from now is the day he will die!”

Duan Ling Tians eyes emitted a cold light as he neared the end of that sentence.

Afterwards, the medicinal effects of the grade nine Gold Injury Pill hit him and Duan Ling Tian fell soundly asleep.

“Ke Er, take good care of Tian.”

Li Rou performed a brief check on him. After making sure that her son was alright, she let out a breath of relief. She then left the courtyard to go see Patriarch Li Nan Feng.

From Li Nan Feng, she found out the whole sequence of events, and she understood what her son meant earlier.

She took a deep breath. Although her eyes shone with intense killing intent, when she thought about her sons persistence, she forced herself to put up with it.

She decided in her heart that if her son is not Fang Qiangs match in three months, even if it means enraging the entire Fang family, she will still kill Fang Qiang!

For the sake of her son, she would give up everything....

Even her life!

The tranquil Fresh Breeze Town was bustling with noise and excitement as soon as the Fang family purposefully leaked some news....

“Hey! Have you heard the news Rumor has is that a Li family disciple with another surname publically challenged the Fang familys Manager,Fang Qiang, to a life and death battle three months from now!”

“Yeah, I heard about it. That disciple with another surname is called Duan Ling Tian. He is the Li familys Ninth Elders son. A month ago, for the sake of a young girl that was selling her body to bury her mother, a conflict arose between him and the Fang familys young master, Fang Jian, and he even crippled one of Fang Jians lackeys!”

“Allegedly, the person that was crippled by Duan Ling Tian was the only son of the Fang familys Manager!”

“I remember now. A month ago, Fang Jian did suffer a loss in the hands of a youth, and I was there at the time. That youth was Duan Ling Tian Judging by his appearance, Im afraid he isnt even sixteen yet....”

“That cant be true; hes not even sixteen, yet he dares to challenge the Fang familys Manager to a life and death battle Theres nothing wrong with his head, right Everyone in Fresh Breeze Town knows that the Fang familys Manager is a ninth level Body Tempering martial artist.”

“Young and arrogant!”


Similar discussions could be heard all around Fresh Breeze Town.

Everyone thought that Duan Ling Tian was committing suicide.

Li family estate.

In the Main Hall, Patriarch Li Nan Feng and all of the Li familys elders were gathered.

Even Seventh Elder, who had been closed up in his home for the past few days, was present.

The news that spread wildly all over Fresh Breeze Town had made its way into the ears of the Li familys elders.

They were anxious.

Three months from now, if anything were to happen to Duan Ling Tian, wouldnt that mean that their children wouldnt have any more Six Treasures Body Tempering Liquid to use




Besides Grand Elder Li Huo, Seventh Elder Li Kun, and Ninth Elder Li Rou, all the elders had anxious expressions as they looked towards Li Nan Feng.

Li Nan Feng raised his hands, preventing everyone from continuing.

“Fellow elders, I know everyones wishes, but this matter has already been decided upon. Moreover, the news has been spread by the Fang family, so if we were to admit defeat, what would happened to the Li familys reputation That means we can only trust in Duan Ling Tian. I have already discussed the matter with the Grand Elder. For these three months, the Li family will spare no cost and effort to help Duan Ling Tian! Fellow Elders, do you have any objections”

At this moment, the Li familys elders could only laugh bitterly and sign. It was too late to undo the battle agreement, so they had no choice.

After all the Li family higher ups left.

And Seventh Elder Li Kun walked towards his home, the corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile.

“Little Jie, soon someone will take revenge for you.... That Duan Ling Tian actually dared to challenge a ninth level Body Tempering martial artist to a life and death battle. He is really seeking death!”


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