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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 26: Thunder Flame Inscription

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Chapter 26: Thunder Flame Inscription

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“You damn fatty, you dare threaten me”

Duan Ling Tians eyes flashed with a cold light, causing the little fatty to take a step back in fear. “B-Boss, Im in the wrong, Im in the wrong!”


Frowning, Duan Ling Tian didnt bother to continue arguing with the little fatty.

While smoothly removing the bronze ring from his finger, he looked toward the little fatty and said, “Take this ring with you, and give me the ring on your hand!”

The little fatty was struck dumb.

He glanced at the bronze ring in Duan Ling Tians hand and then looked at the gold ring on his thumb. His chubby face had a painful expression. “Boss, this is the birthday present from my grandfather last year...”

“Are you exchanging with me or not If youre not exchanging, then scram!”

Duan Ling Tian he shouted in a low voice. He then turned around like he was about leave.

The little fatty was a shrewd person, so he instantly noticed the hidden clues. He hurriedly spread open his hands and moved to block Duan Ling Tian. He slyly smiled as he said, “Boss, does the ring in your hand have some secrets”

Duan Ling Tian responded, “Hmph, if you take this ring, defeating Li Ming will just be a matter of seconds. But since youre unwilling to give up the ring your grandfather gave you, then it doesnt matter anymore!”

Duan Ling Tian was about to return to the courtyard as soon as he finished speaking.

“Boss, Im in the wrong, I admit that Im in the wrong. Isnt that enough!”

The little fatty became anxious. While quickly walking forward, he looked at Duan Ling Tian eagerly and said, “Boss, this ring in your hand, dont tell me its inscribed with an inscription.”

“You even know about inscriptions”

Duan Ling Tian was slightly surprised. He didnt expect that Li Xuan would know about inscriptions.


The little fatty laughed complacently. “When I was at my grandfathers house, I saw some records about inscriptions in an ancient book. Allegedly, inscriptions are typically inscribed on personal belongings and enable an individual to control unbelievable powers.”

“Fortune really does favor the fool.”

Duan Ling Tian shook his head as he passed the bronze ring in his hand to the little fatty. “Take it. If youre unwilling to give up the gold ring on your hand, once youve used up the inscription on the bronze ring, return it to me.”

The little fatty extended his chubby hand to receive the ring. His little eyes stared at it intensely before he exclaimed, “Boss, I was just casually making a remark. Does this ring of yours really have an inscription on it”


Duan Ling Tian made a low hmph sound.

The inscription on this ring was inscribed using the materials he had bought the other day.

He originally intended to keep it just in case he needs to use it against the Fang familys Manager.

But who could have known that Fang Qiang would break through at this critical juncture

This type of inscription was only effective against Body Tempering martial artists; it was useless against Core Formation martial artists!

Therefore, he made use of the opportunity and gave it to the little fatty.

With his current strength, he wouldnt need the power of inscriptions to defeat a Body Tempering martial artist.

“Boss, youre even acquainted with an Inscription Master”

The little fattys small eyes started to glare brightly in a manner that seemed as if he would never be satisfied until he knew everything.

“Enough. Hurry up and scram! Remember what I said: if you dare to spread the word that Fang Qiang has broken through, especially if it spreads to my mother... Ill knead you into a ball and kick you around!”

Duan Ling Tian walked into the courtyard after giving the little fatty a stare.

However, the little fatty followed him into the courtyard. “Boss, boss!”

Duan Ling Tian frowned. “What now”

The little fatty smiled embarrassedly. “Boss, how do you activate the inscription on this ring”

“Didnt you read an ancient book about inscriptions What, you need me to teach you such a simple thing”

Duan Ling Tian angrily gave the little fatty a disdainful gaze, then he taught him how to activate the inscription before kicking him out.

After the little fatty left, Duan Ling Tians expression turned grim.

Fang Qiang breaking through to the Core Formation stage was undoubtedly bad news to him.

The inscription technique may be miraculous, but it also had its limits.

The inscriptions that Duan Ling Tian was capable of inscribing at the moment were only effective against martial artist that had not developed their Origin Energy.

Inscriptions that could affect Core Formation martial artists required the combination of Origin Energy with materials in order to be engraved successfully.

He thought about asking his mother for help, but inscribing was an extensive and profound art. Someone who lacked the slightest knowledge of inscriptions would require years of bitter research into the Dao of inscription before being able to inscribe their first inscription successfully.

The only reason he was able to inscribe inscriptions so easily was thanks to the memories of Rebirth Martial Emperor that he possessed. When he inscribed an inscription, it was as if Rebirth Martial Emperor was doing it, so he didnt feel any pressure.

“Looks like if I want to kill Fang Qiang, I cant rely on any external forces; I can only rely on myself!”

Duan Ling Tians eyes flashed as he returned to the courtyard.

Maybe the Spirit Serpent Movement Technique will become a turning point for him!

He didnt allow Li Xuan to spread the news that Fang Qiang had broken through to the Core Formation stage, because he didnt want his mother to know.

He knew that the moment his mother found out about Fang Qiang breaking through, never in a million years would she allow him to pay the Fang family a visit half a month from now.

Whereas the Fang family concealed this news because they were worried that he wouldnt dare pay them a visit once he heard of it.

The Fang family was obviously trying to use this opportunity to get rid of him!

“Fang family, youre really looking down on me!”

Duan Ling Tians eyes flashed with a cold light...

At the Li family Martial Arts Practice Hall, the little fatty Li Xuan had both his hands in his pockets. He was standing there putting on airs.

His surroundings were filled with Li family disciples. Each one of them was looking at Li Xuan while pointing at him and discussing. “Is he high He actually dared to challenge Li Ming. Does he feel the pitiful state Li Ming left him in the last time wasnt enough”

“I dont know. Maybe because hes covered in thick skin and flesh, he cant feel any pain.”

“Fifth Elder is handsome and unrestrained with an imposing appearance, but besides Li Xuans eyebrows, there isnt a single part of him thats similar to Fifth Elder.”

“Even if he does have a similar appearance, its been blocked out by his fat.”


Many of the discussions were filled with ridicule. They felt like Li Xuan was overestimating himself.

“Damn fat pig, I heard that you want to challenge me”

After a short time, a youth walked in from afar and stopped in front of Li Xuan. His face had a mocking expression while looking at Li Xuan. He was looking down on him.

He was Li Ming, the son of the Li familys Second Elder.

“Li Ming, lets settle the score between us today!”

The little fatty shouted loudly, then all the fat on his entire body trembled as he flew out like a ball. His chubby fists blasted towards Li Ming.

“Youre overestimating yourself!”

Li Ming smiled in disdain. He didnt even bother to move; his fists struck out to intercept the little fatty.

As far as he was concerned, as long as his fist strikes the little fatty, then the little fatty will be blasted away rolling like a ball.

The surrounding Li family disciples had the exactly same thought.

In their opinion, Li Xuan was far from being a match for Li Ming...


Their fists collided.

But at the instant of collision, the little fattys eyes narrowed into slits. He instantly activated the inscription on the ring on his pinky...


Immediately, Li Ming felt as if he was struck by lightning. His entire body was feeling powerless.

Besides that, he felt an aching pain from being struck by thunder and flames throughout his entire body.

This feeling was extremely familiar to him; it was exactly the same thing he always felt after consuming the Thunder Flame Pill.

Before he could even begin wondering why the symptoms of Thunder Flame Pill consumption would arise at this moment, the powerless Li Ming was blasted backwards by Li Xuans punch.

Subsequently, Li Xuan followed up with another fist strike, hitting the side of Li Mings face and knocking him down!

Following that was a hurricane of attacks...

A completely one sided mauling!

“Are you kidding me”

The surrounding Li family disciples mouths gaped wide open.

Some even ruthlessly pinched their thighs, which made them emit shrill cries before realizing it wasnt a dream.

They were all dumbstruck.

When did Li Xuan become so formidable

Didnt Li Ming just break through to the sixth level of the Body Tempering stage a few days ago

“Stop, stop it!”

When the aching pain in his body finally dissipated, Li Ming wanted to retaliate, but he felt pain in his muscles whenever he tried to slightly exert strength. He was obviously severely injured by Li Xuan.

Forced by the circumstances, he hurriedly started to beg for mercy.

“Will you continue calling me damn fat pig”

Li Xuan was merciless; even when his opponent was down, he stepped on Li Mings thigh, causing Li Ming to scream in pain before putting his hand on his hips and mouthing off.

“I wont, I wont!”

Li Ming said, in a slightly hysterical tone.

“Next time you see me, call me Brother Fatty. Do you understand”

The little fatty gave him a fierce and malicious stare before threatening him.

“Yes, Brother Fatty, Brother Fatty!”

Li Ming hurriedly said, afraid that if he was too slow, the little fattys fist would once more descend upon him.

A wise man doesnt fight when the odds are against him. Since his entire body was filled with injuries and he had no chance of defeating Li Xuan, he chose to endure!

As far as he was concerned, once he recovers, he will be able to wash away the shame he endured today!

Of course, he was puzzled in his heart as to why the symptoms of Thunder Flame Pills medicinal properties taking effect spread throughout his body the moment he collided fists with Li Xuan.

Could it be a side effect from Thunder Flame Pill consumption

“I never noticed that you were such a contemptible wretch. Only obedient after taking a beating!”

After making a hmph sound, Li Xuan left Li Ming and left the Martial Arts Practice Hall under gazes of disbelief.

After teaching Li Ming a lesson, Li Xuans mood was elated. “The Thunder Flame Inscription boss gave me is really great. I bet Li Ming is still wondering why his body was suddenly affected by the symptoms of Thunder Flame Pills medicinal properties taking effect... I bet he thinks its the side effects of the Thunder Flame Pill, haha!”

In the courtyard, a slim, graceful, and beautiful young girl with a Violet Meteorite Flexible Sword in her hand was unceasingly drawing and sheathing her sword. She was cultivating the Drawing Sword Arts.

Beside her was a handsome youth with delicate features. He was patiently explaining to her the minute details of the Sword Drawing Arts and answering all her questions like a tireless teacher.

“Boss, boss!”

Suddenly, the sound of someone calling out came from outside the courtyard, causing the youth to frown. “This damn fatty is such a nuisance! Ke Er, Im going out for a second. Cultivate by yourself for a while.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The young girl obediently nodded.

The youth walked out of the courtyard with large strides. When he spotted the little fatty that was walking over, he frowned and asked, “What now”

The little fatty laughed slyly, then he took off the bronze ring from his pinky as well as the gold ring on his thumb before passing them both to the youth. “Boss, your ring...”

The youth didnt move to receive the rings but instead looked at the gold ring in the fattys hand. “What is the meaning of this”

The fatty smiled embarrassedly. “Boss, I brutally beat up Li Ming today, Im sure hell come get even with me once he has recovered, so I...I want to ask you to get that Inscription Master to inscribe a Thunder Flame Inscription for me.”


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