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C5— The Runaway Bride IIII

Posted on August 21, 2021by UntamedS

This was undoubtedly a powerful temptation.

Kou Dong’s situation today was close to isolated, he was alone, he wanted to escape from the two NPCs surveillance, escaping the ancient castle before the wedding was indeed not an easy task.

It was about as difficult as hell.

If he had the help of a housekeeper who was familiar with the situation in the castle, it would undoubtedly be much easier to move.

With someone to help cover, the probability of success would also become much greater.

The butler’s hand squeezed the pocket watch tighter, and a deeper smile appeared on his gentle face.

His voice was so soft, so gentle, it was like whispering in a lover’s ear: “Well”

He looked faintly sure, as he gently pinched the edge of the pocket watch, his hand gradually rose from the gold pocket watch to explore a thin, sharp silver needle.

The needle glowed with a bit of unusual coldness, and the butler, with his hands behind his back, looked straight at the man in front of him, waiting for the answer to come from his mouth.

He only needed a word.

Just a light “yes” could keep this person here forever –

Kou Dong also looked at him, and after a long time, he abruptly smiled, “No.”

The butler’s smile froze.

His handsome face seemed to show some gloom, as if he couldn’t hide the disappointment within his heart.

“Why do you say so” He said, “I am loyal to you and expect you to trust in me …… Why don’t you believe me”

Instead of answering the question, Kou Dong threw a question at him, “What is that you are holding in your hand”

The butler was stunned and subconsciously hid his hand behind his back again.

Just after this action, he immediately sensed that something was wrong and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Kou Dong was standing across from him, so it was impossible to see what he was holding behind his back.

But this sentence, actually swindled him.

The teenager across from him was still standing, his pupils were dark and bright, no matter how he looked at people, he looked innocent.

It was just that the words that came out of his mouth didn’t quite match this face.

“Loyalty” He laughed softly, “Hmm”


The butler clicked his gold pocket watch shut.

Instead of showing the haste of being revealed, he smiled deeper and said softly, “You fit in here even better than I thought.”

Kou Dong’s brow furrowed.

The words didn’t make people comfortable, but rather seemed to be saying that he should just stay here.

Kou Dong was silent for a while and suddenly asked the system, “Can I try a new way to play”

A new way to play

What new way

The game system didn’t quite understand his words, and only after half a day did it respond: [Players can explore on their own.]

Kou Dong let go, then blinked hard and suddenly choked out a sob.

Game system: [……]

Housekeeper: “……”

They were all dumbfounded, looking at the person who was just normal just now suddenly leapt up, running as fast as a rabbit, rushing downstairs and opened the door to the study.

The NPC uncle was sitting behind the desk with a calm face.

Kou Dong rushed to him.

He choked up and whispered, “My Lord ……”

The uncle frowned.

The teenager sat with his knees on the carpet, leaned his head over and softly leaned against his knees.

His demeanor was so soft and natural, but it seemed to have been done for many years.

Through a layer of clothing, the NPC still felt the pain on his skin from the few tears that burned.

He frowned a little more tightly, said in a deep voice: “Call me godfather.”

Kou Dong was stunned, this body and the uncle NPC had such a relationship, hell, he was actually his godson!

Wasn’t this too much excitement

He had wild desires for his godson, so it was no wonder that he had to marry him with the little puppy, otherwise he wouldn’t …

He didn’t show it on his face, but called out smoothly, his eyes were flushed with sweet red, as if gems were going to fall in the next second.

The godfather’s hand lifted his face up, and his fingers wiped under his eyes.

The hand was wearing a ring set with blue diamonds, the large diamonds reflected a ghostly light, making the tear marks more and more obvious, but also like it was glowing.


This was a much softer question than before.

Kou Dong said in a low voice: “Just got scared ……”

He was really like a bride who was pampered by the groom.

The godfather asked, “Frightened by what”

Kou Dong was waiting for this.

His face appeared hesitant and hesitant, as if he was a bit ashamed, and his eyes looked at the housekeeper who followed him in with confusion.

Then he bit his lip, as if he had made up his mind.

“Godfather,” he whispered, “the butler he ……”

Both men looked at him.

Kou Dong finally spat out the second half of his sentence.

”The butler, he, seems to have mischievous intentions towards me …… he just encouraged me to run away from the marriage!”

Game system: [……]

Butler: “……”

Godfather: “……”

The three NPCs froze and got stuck collectively at his sentence.

The hell with bad intentions – although the butler did have this intention, but Kou Dong finding an NPC to sue another NPC was too testy, right

Wasn’t he afraid that all these NPCs were in an agreement And he actually really wanted to f*cking run away from the marriage ah!

The pit dug by the housekeeper, Kou Dong had not jumped into it, this was good, but he also threw in the housekeeper digging the pit ……

The game system was in a complicated mood.

It was not until then that it remembered that Kou Dong was originally a love game live anchor.

The reason why he could cheat four NPCs in one breath, was because he relied on this innocent, bewildered small white flower, acting skills ……

Once the acting skills returned, he basically started playing each NPC.

The godfather also didn’t anticipate his stone-cold sentence, after a long moment of silence, he faintly smiled.

“What do you want”

Kou Dong slumped back down toward his knees.

“Godfather,” he said softly, his voice seemed to be sweet, honey dripping out from between the lines, “how could I run away from the marriage I want to stay by your side, but there are always people with a mind to say these gossip ……”

Even NPCs had to be coaxed by his words.

Not to mention the godfather who raised him for many years.

The godfather rubbed the side of his ear and said unhurriedly, “Smart boy.”

Kou Dong’s heart trembled, vaguely feeling like he was seen through by the other party.

He was transparent in front of this person, his small mind was understood clearly.

”I will let him go,” the godfather’s lips still slightly hooked up, so he slowly and methodically said, “Tonight, he will go.”

Tonight ……

Kou Dong took a soft breath, but his eyes grew brighter and brighter.

“Yes,” he whispered, “Thank you, Godfather.”

The game system saw the bright light in his eyes and finally understood Kou Dong’s calculations.

[Is the player trying to take the opportunity to escape]

“What escape,” Kou Dong retorted, “Don’t talk nonsense ……”

He smiled faintly.

“I just want to, just go out to see the butler off.”

“After all, he helped me pave the way so well.”

This night was certainly a good opportunity.

Kou Dong had already turned this ancient castle around, but never had the opportunity to visit the fir forest.

The doors at the front and back of the castle were all locked, with large brass locks weighing heavily, trapping the soon-to-be-married bride and groom together in this tall, cold castle.

If the butler wanted to go out, these doors would naturally open – and with a little luck, Kou Dong could still find his way through the fir forest unharmed.

After all, the little puppy had warned him that there would be man-eating beasts out there.

Kou Dong didn’t feel that it was a real beast, nor did he feel that this eating was eating in the ordinary sense of the word.

He wanted to avoid it, so he had to take each step well and step on it.

Otherwise, one wrong step.

He would really have to fall into the arms of the NPC.


Kou Dong didn’t light a lamp this night.

He used the blanket to pile up the rough human form, then silently pulled open the door and carefully went up the side stairs.

On the side of the tower above was the butler’s room, which he had quietly visited during the day, and the servants’ rooms were unlocked.

As he approached, there was indeed a dim light on.

Kou Dong shrunk to the corner and did not look at random, just waiting for the butler to come out.

At this time, the ancient castle was very quiet.

Kou Dong’s legs became a bit numb from squatting, then he slightly stood up to change the posture.

It was this moment, he suddenly heard an odd sound.



The sound, as if the knife had passed through the flesh with a barrier force, penetrating the tight muscle tissue, followed by stagnation there.

Kou Dong started sweating because of this sound, he was silent for a long time, then slowly moved closer, a few steps closer towards that doorway.

The sound was clearer, as if a butcher was in the house, the knife wasn’t slow to cut the skin of the meat.

Kou Dong’s palms were thinly sweating.

He hesitated for a moment, then finally reached the door, gently peeked over and looked into the room.

The door wasn’t closed tightly.

Servants weren’t treated as people, and their rooms were open to facilitate getting up at any time to serve their masters.

The candlelight was dim, and right there on the bed sat the butler he had seen during the day.

The butler’s long legs were draped over the side of the bed, and he was cutting something with a pair of delicate silver scissors in his hand.

A deep smile appeared on his face.

”I’ll change into it,” he whispered, “I’ll change into it ……”

Kou Dong suddenly felt a wave of nausea.

He saw what the butler was holding in his hand, and it turned out to be a human head.

He took a violent step backward.

The butler didn’t notice anything.

He wore a smile and threaded the needle again, patiently sewing that one human head.

He connected the human head to the rest of the torso, then slowly removed a layer of skin from his own body.

Kou Dong saw white flowers, scattered all over the ground.


In this moment, Kou Dong was suddenly stunned, under his skin wasn’t a skeleton.

It was all filled with feathers!

This wasn’t a person, this was a human puppet!

He heard a small rattling sound as the mannequin put on a new skin, then wore the butler’s clothes.

Satisfied, it reoriented its hands, opened its mouth tentatively, and said, “My lord, my lord–“

With that, it bent down fiercely and bowed deeply just towards the door over there, where Kou Dong was.

”My lord,” it said sweetly, “I told you-“

”I will always be faithful to you.”



QAQ, how creepy.


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