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Profession Change Ceremony

China, Jiang Nan Province, G City.

In Year 3 Class 9 of G City No. 1 High School.

At this moment, a group of people had gathered in the classroom and were discussing something loudly. The noise resounded through the corridor.

If it was any other time, their form teacher would definitely say that they were the noisiest in the entire building.

But surprisingly, such a thing did not happen.

This was because today was the day that all the third-year students would undergo the profession change ceremony.

“Were going to change our profession soon. Im so nervous. I wonder what profession I can change to”

“Whats the use of being nervous Its not like we can control what profession we can change to! Lets leave it to fate!”

“That being said, dont you want to change to a better profession If I can change to a super rare hidden profession, Im afraid well be directly accepted by those first-class universities. From then on, my career will soar, and it wont be a dream to marry a young model!”

“Wash up and go to sleep. Theres everything in your dreams!”

“Lets be more realistic. Itll be good enough if we can change to a combat profession. If we change to a lifestyle profession, itll be terrible.”

“Actually, its not bad to change to a lifestyle profession. You dont have to fight to the death with monsters, and you can make a lot of money. If you change to a popular profession like enchanter, youll still be regarded as a guest of honor by those advanced combat professionals!”

“Whether its a combat profession or a lifestyle profession, its good enough if you can change your profession. If you cant change your profession and can only be an ordinary person, thatll be tragic!”


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Wang Yu watched all of this quietly and did not participate in it.

He wasnt from this world, but had transmigrated from Earth.

After more than two years, he had already understood the situation of this world clearly.

This world was called the Blue Planet. Three hundred years ago, the game came into reality and became one with the world.

Countless monsters rushed out of the secret realm and slaughtered humans.

All of a sudden, human civilization was in danger.

At this time, people found that they could gain a lot of experience and level up by clearing dungeons, killing monsters, and conquering secret realms.

Moreover, they could also obtain all sorts of powerful equipment, skills, items, pets, and so on to increase their strength.

Since then, countless sages of the human race worked hard to fight against all kinds of monsters and carved out a bloody path for the human race. Only then did the fire of civilization continue.

During this process, some people discovered that some people could change their profession to a special profession and obtain more powerful abilities.

300 years had passed, and the world had already thoroughly researched the job-changing profession.

In China, every third-year high school student had a chance to change their profession.

Everyone had the potential to become a powerful professional. Of course, there was a higher possibility of failing the job transition and living an ordinary life.

Among all the professions, the most popular one was the combat profession.

This was understandable. Although the humans had repelled the monsters and established a safe zone, there were still many monsters lurking outside the safety zone. From time to time, there would be attacks on the city.

As a result, combat professionals were naturally in high demand.

The second was the auxiliary profession.

An excellent support could provide strong endurance for the team, allowing the teams overall strength to reach a higher level.

Sometimes, the support was the most important person in the team.

Finally, there were lifestyle professions.

Lifestyle players could not learn combat skills, so their combat abilities were almost non-existent. In an environment where everyone valued martial arts, they were naturally not welcomed.

Even so, it was not something that ordinary people could compare to.

Moreover, if one changed their profession to an enchanter, scroll maker, or other relatively rare lifestyle professions, they would also be treated as distinguished guests by various financial groups and guilds. They would not be inferior to the combat professions at all!

Other than the combat, support, and lifestyle professions, there was also a hidden class. This profession was rare and mysterious, but it was even more powerful.

If someone was able to change to a hidden class, they would definitely be specially recruited by the various high schools and rise to the top in a single step.

However, whether it was a combat profession, a supporting profession, a lifestyle profession, or a hidden class, they were all completely random and could not be controlled by a person.

It was possible that some people were the last in their grade and changed their profession to a hidden class. They were specially recruited by the countrys top vocational college, and since then, they soared and entered the ranks of the strong.

It was also possible that someone who was usually the top in the grade failed to awaken and could only be an ordinary person, never to rise again.

No one could say for sure when it came to changing professions.

If only I could change to a hidden profession. Even a combat profession would do, Wang Yu couldnt help but think.

Wang Yu felt that there were no weak professions, only weak professionals.

The same class, in the hands of some people, was a bunch of trash, but others could play it well.

However, it was just like... why did one have to work hard if one could live off a woman

Changing to a powerful hidden class was naturally much better than a bitter lifestyle profession.

Unfortunately, this depended on luck. Even if he was as impressive as the other transmigrators and had eyes like bright stars, it still depended on luck.

Wang Yus mind was wandering when a woman in her thirties with an oval face and a pretty face walked in. She was dressed in a professional suit.

This person was their form teacher, Ma Dongmei.

After she entered, she swept her gaze across the crowd and immediately fell silent. She nodded in satisfaction and then said to everyone, “The class change ceremony has been prepared. Now, follow me.”

Everyone followed Ma Dongmei to the sports field.

The field had long been cleared out, and a huge array stood in the middle of the field.


Beside the formation, an old man in a mages robe and holding a staff stood, smiling at the crowd.

“This is Elder Jiang. He will be the one to host the class change ceremony,” Ma Dongmei explained.

“When you change your profession later, stand in the center of the array and dont move. Just sense it carefully.”

“Elder Jiang is a Rank 4 Spirit Awakener. He has hosted many class change ceremonies and has never made a mistake. You dont have to worry.”

“Rank 4 Spirit Awakener” Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

Rank 1 of a professional was at Level 10, which was the one that Wang Yu and the others were about to undergo.

Rank 2 would be at Level 30, and after that, they could change classes every Level 30.

Rank 4 meant that they were experts above Level 90, and they were already considered to be extraordinary big shots.

It must be known that the strongest person in a base city was only Rank 5.

A Rank 4 expert was hosting the ceremony for them. How could they not be shocked

Before Wang Yus class, there were two other classes in line. Ma Dongmei led them to the field and left.


Seeing that the Great Demon King wasnt here, everyone became more casual.

At this time, a 1.9-meter-tall man with thick eyebrows and big eyes walked to Wang Yus side and put his arm around his neck.

This man was none other than Su Bai, the best friend of the original owner and one of Wang Yus few good friends.

“Dont worry, Old Wang,” Su Bai said. “Youll definitely succeed in your job change.”

Wang Yu glanced at his slightly trembling legs and snorted, but he did not expose him.

At that moment, Wang Yu saw a short and wretched-looking person in the class in front of them turn around and look at them.

“Its Li Ming, that kid,” Su Bai said in a low voice.



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