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Hell Difficulty, Li Mings Heavy Losses

“F*ck! What the h*ll is this” Seeing the bridal procession, the little fatty went numb on the spot.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Wang Yu felt that it was somewhat familiar.

Why did this look so much like a movie from his previous life, the red and white clash of emotions inNew Mr. Zombie

One had to know that it was known as the nightmare of many peoples childhood!

He couldnt have remembered wrongly.

According to folklore, the red-white collision was also a way for ghosts to find scapegoats.

The so-called red ghost was the female ghost in the wedding dress, transformed from the bride who died on the wedding night, while the white ghost was a water ghost.

The scariest thing about the red-white collision fiend was that it would come straight for you, the kind that you couldnt escape from. If you were locked in the palanquin, you would be burned alive by the joyous chariot. If it was in a coffin, it would be drowning.

Both were rather painful ways of dying.

Of course, these were all legends. He didnt know how they would be different in this instance.

Wang Yu used his inspect skill, and information appeared in front of him.

[Name: Wedding Escort]

[Level: 15]

[Ability: Elite]

[Attributes: Attack 100, Magic Power 2,250, Health Points 20,000, Defense 20% (Damage Reduction), Speed 12 (m/s)]

[Talent: Ghost Body]

[Skill: Suona For Bride]

[Ghost Body: The little ghost is immune to 50% of physical damage.]

The source of this content is n0v/el/b/in[./]net'

[Suona For Bride]: The Wedding Escort plays the suona and deals 2,250 damage to surrounding enemies (cannot be stacked). It also deals 0.2% of the maximum health points as damage every second for the duration of the skill (can be stacked).]


[Name: Funeral Imp]

[Level: 15]

[Ability: Elite]

[Attributes: Attack 2250, Magic Power-, Health Points 20,000, Defense 20% (Damage Reduction), Speed 12 (m/s)]

[Talent: Ghost Body]

[Skill: Joss Paper]

[Joss Paper: The little ghost will throw out joss paper and cause 2,000 damage to the enemy it touches.]


[Name: Palanquin Fierce Ghost]

[Level: 15]

[Ability: Battle General]

[Attributes: Attack 3000, Magic Power-, Health Points 30,000, Defense 20% (Damage Reduction), Speed 12 (m/s)]

[Talent: Ghost Body]

[Skill: Greeting the Bride]

[Greeting the Bride: When the palanquin is not broken, the Palanquin Fierce Ghost will be in the state of Greeting the Bride. Immune to all damage and crowd control, but cannot attack. After leaving the state of Greeting the Bride, the Palanquin Fierce Ghost will enter a state of madness, and its attack speed will be greatly increased.]


[Name: Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghost]

[Level: 15]

[Ability: Battle General]

[Attributes: Attack 3,000, Magic Power-, Health Points 30,000, Defense 20% (Damage Reduction), Speed 12 (m/s)]

[Talent: Ghost Body]

[Skill: Funeral]

[Funeral Dagger: When the coffin is not broken, the Coffin-Carrying Ghost will be in the state of Funeral. Immune to all damage and crowd control, but cannot attack. After leaving the state of Funeral, the Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghost will enter a state of madness, and its attack speed will be greatly increased.]

Wang Yu gasped when he saw the attributes of the monsters.

The Wedding Escort and Funeral Imps were only small monsters, but their attributes had already surpassed everyones by a large margin!

Not to mention the Palanquin Fierce Ghost and the Coffin-Carrying Fierce Ghost!

And now, there were a total of 20 little ghosts and 8 fierce ghosts!

Was this the difficulty of hell mode It was indeed hell... Wang Yu sighed in his heart.


Not long after Wang Yu and the other three went in, more and more people arrived, including the students from No. 1 High School who had come to the Extreme Darkness Plains with Su Bai.

“What is this What a huge pillar of light!”

“This pillar of light must be five to six meters thick, right Its spectacular!”

“Could it be a treasure Why else would there be so many monsters gathering”

“Even if theres no treasure, there are so many monsters here. Its a good place to level up. It saves us the trouble of looking for them!”


“Thats right, thats right. After killing these monsters, its definitely enough for us to reach Level 20 and take the college entrance exam!”


Seeing the gathered monsters, some of them were eager to try and immediately took out their weapons.

“Dont drag us down with you if you want to die!” Some smart people immediately stopped those who were ready to court death.

“There are so many monsters. If we alarm them, even if we have the teachers protection, none of us can escape!”

Looking at the dense monsters, those people quickly stopped their movements.

“This pillar of light... Its a sign of a new instance dungeon!” Finally, someone who knew told them the truth.

Seeing that a new dungeon had appeared, many people were eager to try it out. They even started to discuss forming parties on the spot.

A new dungeon! That meant a lot of resources. Who wouldnt be tempted

Cheng Zhi, the young Assassin who was rejected by Wang Yu and the others, used his level advantage of 15 to successfully form a new team.

Just as they were about to step into the dungeon, four figures flew out of the pillar of light and fell heavily to the ground.


“The dungeon has been cleared” Cheng Zhis face was gloomy as he thought.

Was he still a step too late If the dungeon was cleared by someone else, there would be no point in them going!

It was all Wang Yus fault! Cheng Zhi cursed in his heart.

However, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

If the dungeon had been cleared, the light pillar should have disappeared.

The dungeon had not been cleared yet!

Then, these people...

He quickly looked at the four people.

Their faces were twisted and their eyeballs were protruding, as if they had been greatly frightened. But strangely, there were no wounds on their bodies.

The other one was the complete opposite. There was not a single piece of flesh on his body that was in good condition. His clothes and equipment were all torn and tattered. His eyes were also protruding out, and his face was distorted.

The three of them were dead!

The other person was still alive, but his eyes were also empty as he muttered, “All dead! Theyre all dead!”

The strange thing was that he also had no wounds on his body!

“Whats going on What happened to you guys” Cheng Zhi shouted at that person, hoping to get some information about the dungeon.

Unfortunately, all of this was in vain. That person seemed to have become stupid and only knew how to repeat the words “Theyre all dead.”

“This is... Li Ming!” Some of the people present recognized the man.

“Make way!” At this time, the leading teacher of No. 1 High School also arrived at the scene. It was Wang Yus class teacher, Ma Dongmei.

Seeing Li Mings situation, she frowned.

It didnt look optimistic...

Li Ming didnt participate in the training organized by No. 1 High School this time. Instead, he formed his own team. She didnt expect to see him in the Extreme Darkness Plains in this way.

After Li Ming changed his profession to Shadow Assassin, he was treated like a treasure by their head teacher and the schools leaders. They were hoping to get good results in the college entrance examination. Now that this happened, it would be a big problem.

Furthermore... Looking at the clothes of the three people next to him, they should be students from other high schools, probably geniuses. Now that they were dead, it was another piece of trouble.

Fortunately, all of this had nothing to do with her.

She quickly called the accompanying school doctor, a Rank 2 healing profession, Light Priest.

“This is a huge shock.” The Light Priest saw the crux of Li Mings problem at a glance and began to treat him.

After a fewComfort skills, Li Ming finally calmed down, and his empty eyes gradually regained consciousness.

When Li Mings mood stabilized, Ma Dongmei asked tentatively, “Li Ming, what happened to you guys in the instance dungeon”



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