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Certain Death Special Instance Dungeon Mechanics

Hearing this, Li Ming shivered. He recalled what happened in the instance and stuttered out.

“The monsters in the dungeon are too strong. Even the small monsters in the first round have attributes that are much higher than our strongest player.”

“Not to mention the two Ghost King bosses behind!”

“You guys saw the boss” Cheng Zhi asked.

“No, we didnt,” Li Ming shook his head and said with a sobbing tone, “We failed in the first stage, and the three of them died.”

“How did they die” Cheng Zhi asked again.

Everyone focused their attention. They also wanted to know.

Ming Li paused for a moment and continued, “A monster in the first level has a name-calling mechanism. It directly picked two of us, including Zhang Hai, who has the strongest output.”

“You must save them within the stipulated time. Otherwise, theyll kill them directly!”

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“The remaining one and I dont have enough damage!”

“Hiss–” Hearing this, everyone sucked in a cold breath.

No wonder those two people died without a single wound. They were directly obliterated!

This dungeon was really strange!

“And then” The middle-aged man accompanying Weng Lianxue was getting anxious.

Their Young Miss was still inside. If anything happened to her, their Old Master would definitely not let him off!

“After Zhang Hai and the others were killed, the remaining monsters went crazy and attacked us like crazy...”

“There are too many monsters, 28 of them! We really couldnt hold on!”

“Zheng Ming was surrounded by those monsters and was eaten alive!”

“I wanted to save him, but I couldnt beat them. After Zheng Ming died, I took advantage of my invisibility and they couldnt find me, so I retreated...”

Li Ming trembled as he spoke. It seemed that he was quite frightened.

“Im finished...” The middle-aged mans eyes went black.

The roll-call mechanism, the addition of 30 small monsters with higher attributes than them, and the two boss Ghost Kings...

No matter how he looked at it, this dungeons difficulty wasnt just high!

It could even be one of the top Level 15 dungeons!

He estimated that only the elite geniuses of the Imperial Capital had a chance of breaking through!

And Wang Yus team was just a random team!

A healer, a meat shield, and a lifestyle profession...

If Weng Lianxue was called out, he could not think of how the other three could save her!

He only hoped that Weng Lianxue could come back alive like Li Ming. As for the first clear of the dungeon, it was no longer important...

Cheng Zhi also had complicated feelings. He was both scared and secretly happy.

He was afraid. He had almost entered the dungeon just now. If he had been in his place, there was a high chance that he would not have survived.

He was happy that Wang Yu and the others were the ones who were suffering all this, and he should be excluded from this.

As for the other students, after hearing about how terrifying the instance dungeon was, they had long since given up on fighting for the first clear.


In the dungeon, Wang Yu had no idea that they had been sentenced to death.

Under the four peoples shocked gazes, the two teams of ghosts got closer and closer.

“Be prepared, dont save your potions!” Wang Yu shouted.

“En!” Everyone nodded, realizing the seriousness of the situation.

The little fatty was even more regretful. He wouldnt have come in if he had known.

He quickly took out a few potions and gave them to the three of them.

Wang Yu took a look.

[Middle-Grade Strength Potion] x

[[Middle-Grade Mental Strength Potion] x

[Middle-Grade Health Potion] x

[Middle-Grade Mana Potion] x

Wang Yu raised an eyebrow when he saw the information.

Middle-grade potions were made by middle-grade pharmacologists and only used by Rank 2 professions, so they were very valuable.

Health and mana potions could instantly restore their lost health and mana!

It was simply extravagant to use it on Rank 1 professionals like them!

It seemed that the little fatty was quite wealthy.

Wang Yu took the potions, opened the lid of the strength and mental potions, and drank it all.

The two teams of ghosts moved toward each other, getting closer and closer to the four of them, while they were completely stuck in place, unable to move.

The four of them could already clearly see their mocking gazes.

Finally, the two teams of ghosts bumped into them!


When Wang Yu finally realized that he could move, the two teams of ghosts had merged into one.

The palanquin and coffin they were carrying were in a strange position, with the palanquin on top and the coffin on the bottom. They were quickly moving in the direction of the Funeral Imp.

This was... Wang Yu was puzzled. Why did the ghost run away

Then, he realized that there were two people missing from the team!

They were Su Bai and Weng Lianxue!

“Why are there two people missing” the little fatty asked in a sobbing tone.

Wang Yu ignored him and quickly looked at the team panel.

Seeing that the two of them were still there, he heaved a sigh of relief and quickly answered the voice call. “Su Bai, Weng Lianxue, where are you”

“I dont know!” Su Bai was confused. “Its dark, and I cant see anything! Its just a little bumpy!”

“Im trapped in a narrow space in a red light!” Weng Lianxue said.

Hearing this, Wang Yu guessed their location through his memories from his previous life.


“If Im not wrong, you should be in the coffin and palanquin!” he said.


“F*ck!” Two cries of alarm rang out.

At that moment, Wang Yu noticed that they had an additional dungeon quest.

[Support Mission: Break the coffin and palanquin and rescue your teammates before the ghost team reaches the river.]

[Failure: Possessed by the Ghost King and killed teammates!]


“Old Wang, save me! My little life is in your hands!” Su Bai immediately howled. Apparently, he had seen the task.

“Shut up!” Wang Yu stopped Su Bais wailing, kicked the little fatty, and said, “Hurry up!”

“Try and see if you can break it from the inside!” he commanded as he ran.

“No, Ive tried. This thing is immune to attacks!” Weng Lianxues voice sounded.

Fortunately, the ghost team didnt run very fast, and the two caught up very quickly.

Seeing the two of them, the little ghosts laughter became even louder. He played the suona, and paper money flew all over the sky!

In an instant, the two of them felt as if they had been struck by lightning. The 10 little Wedding Escort ghosts played together and instantly caused their health bars to drop by a large amount, and it continued to drop at a rapid rate!

“Fatty!” Wang Yu shouted.

Without waiting for him to say anything, the little fatty took out a staff and waved it, instantly filling up the health bars that they had dropped.

Ice Berserk Beak!

Wang Yu raised his fist and threw it forward. A big bird made of ice flew out of his fist and chased after the ghost team.

The ice bird instantly froze the entire team, and even the copper coins on the road were detonated!

“Hiss~ So fierce!” The little fatty couldnt help but sigh in admiration.

“Its not that simple!” Wang Yu said.

Before he finished speaking, an unforeseen event occurred.

The bodies of the eight fierce ghosts carrying the coffin palanquin trembled, and the ice on their bodies fell off. They continued to walk toward the river.

Even the ice on the bodies of the ten suona-playing ghosts was gradually melting, and they soon recovered their ability to move.

On the other hand, the ice on the bodies of the ten little ghosts who scattered paper money was stable and showed no signs of breaking.

“Why would it do that” Seeing this scene, little fatty cried out involuntarily.

“Its normal!” Wang Yu explained, then formed an Ice Army Blade and charged at the ghost team.

His target was none other than the suona ghost!



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