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The City Guard Division Arrives, Dungeon Earnings Distribution

Wang Yu and Ma Dongmei were exchanging pleasantries when a middle-aged man in military uniform came over.

“You guys were the first to clear the Dark Old Forest dungeon” The middle-aged man went straight to the point.

The middle-aged man was not angry, but he was very intimidating. Su Bai and the others were a little scared, but Wang Yu was calm.

In any case, it was definitely not a bad thing for the middle-aged man to look for them.

“Yes, we are. And you are” Wang Yu nodded.

“Let me introduce myself. Im Li Qianyue, the captain of the Third Team of the City Guard Division.” The middle-aged man saluted.

“Thank you for clearing the Dark Old Forest.”

Li Qianyue explained to Wang Yu and the others when he saw their confused faces.

It turned out that the upper limit set by the college entrance examination for professional students was Level 20, but not all students could reach the upper limit of Level 20 in such a short time.

Due to the appearance of the Dark Old Forest, especially after Wang Yu and the others had cleared it, it was completely open.

The students of G City would have an extra place to level up. The average level this year would be higher than in previous years, and the ranking of the college entrance examination in G City would naturally be better.

Not only this year, but it would be the same in the future.

It could be said that the merits of the present era were the benefits of the future.

“So...” Wang Yu looked at Li Qianyue. He didnt look for him just to express his gratitude, did he

Sure enough, things were just as Wang Yu had expected.

“Thats why I need you to write down the dungeon strategy now,” Li Qianyue said. “So that we can arrange for the students to go in and level up as soon as possible.”

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“Of course, we wont mistreat you.”

Wang Yus eyes lit up when he heard that he had money. “As a citizen of G City, Im obliged to help you with such a small matter!”

“So, whats the reward” he asked.

Li Qianyue was speechless.

Looking at Wang Yu, who had been so righteous a second ago, and then became so philistine the next second, Li Qianyue paused for a moment before he said, “It depends on what you choose.”

“Id like to hear more!” Wang Yu said seriously.

After all, he was in need of money.

“The first option is to give you a one-time reward,” Li Qianyue said. “Each of you will get 1 million yuan or 10,000 gold coins.”

“The second option is to cooperate in the development of this instance dungeon. You will get 20% of the profits for the next 20 years as your annual share.”

Even though Wang Yu had already made his choice when he first heard this, he still asked.

“Which one has higher returns” he asked.

“Naturally, its the second. 100,000 new students take the college entrance examination in G City every year,” Li Qianyue explained. “About 10,000 of them are combat professionals.”

“We expect to charge an entrance fee of 25 yuan for every professional who enters the instance. If every professional enters the instance ten times, the income for 20 years is about 10 million yuan.”

“On average, each of you will get about 2.5 million yuan, which is about 120,000 yuan a year.”

“The actual situation will only be more than this.”

Li Qianyue smiled.

2.5 million!

Hearing this, the students around them gasped.

You said youd be ordinary people together, but youve become a millionaire in the blink of an eye

At the same time, they were even more jealous of Wang Yu.

After all, from the bottom of their hearts, they believed that Wang Yu did not play much of a role in this instance dungeons first clear. He was just lucky to get the first clear.

As for the entrance fee, they had no objections.

Compared to the income from clearing the dungeon, 25 yuan was simply a drop in the bucket.

Cheng Zhi, who was eavesdropping on the side, was even more furious.

He should have had a share of the 2.5 million! It was all Wang Yus fault for taking his position!

Li Qianyue added more firewood to the fire.

“No matter which method you choose, the city officials will reward you with a set of gold equipment for your class,” he continued.

“Level 20!”

Level 20 gold set equipment!

Hearing this, the students could no longer remain calm.

Many of them did not even have a single piece of gold equipment, much less a set.

Moreover, they were Level 20 equipment. With the buffs of this equipment, as long as they performed as usual in the college entrance examination, their results would definitely not be bad.

Compared to the 2.5 million in cash, it was undoubtedly more important to get into a good university!

If only it was me... everyone thought sourly.

Wang Yu thought for a while and said, “I choose 10,000 gold coins!”

Of course, the profit-sharing was undoubtedly higher, and it could even make him not have to worry about food and drink for the rest of his life.

But to him, the initial development was undoubtedly more important.

With the system, he believed that he would not stop here.


At that time, 120,000 yuan per year was not a lot to him.

Therefore, it would be better to choose 10,000 gold coins to make his initial path a little smoother, and perhaps he could improve faster.

Su Bai had the same thought.

As for little fatty and Weng Lianxue, they simply didnt lack money, so they chose a simple method.

This time, they did not decline.

So, under the envious and jealous eyes of the crowd, the four of them signed the contract with Li Qianyue on the spot and was then handed a heavy bag of gold coins.

Wang Yu did a quick count. It was exactly 10,000 gold coins.

Li Qianyue was speechless. Even if he didnt trust him, he still didnt trust the country

He coughed dryly. “As for the reward equipment, it might take a few days before it arrives. You guys dont have any objections, right”

Wang Yu and the others shook their heads.

A few days later, so be it. They were not at the level yet anyway, so they would not need it.


“Then the dungeon guide...” Li Qianyue asked the four of them.

Since he had received the money, Wang Yu naturally had to do his job. Hence, he briefly explained the situation in the dungeon.

Of course, the whole process was slightlymodified.

For example, they had first hit the small ghosts and then froze the river water before they had the time to break the coffin. Wang Yu had changed the plan to freeze the river water before killing the little ghosts.

Another example was that he had used Ice Aeon to freeze the Water Ghost and Old Corpses of the Deserted Graves, which was why they could deal with the two Ghost Kings without any pressure. He had intentionally or unintentionally ignored it and only mentioned the Water Ghosts and Old Corpses of the Deserted Graves.

He even guessed that it would be better to get rid of the Water Ghosts at the bottom of the river and the Old Corpses of the Deserted Graves in the graves first before breaking the coffin palanquin.

The White Ghost King at the bottom of the river and the Red Ghost King in the old locust tree forest could also be weakened by this method.

These were all his analysis after the event.

Otherwise, even if it was the hell difficulty, this Dark Old Forest was too difficult. There must be some kind of mechanism to reduce the difficulty.

The truth was just as Wang Yu had expected.

After hearing this, everyone came to a realization.

This instance dungeon had so many tricks. It didnt seem too difficult, right

They could do it

As for Li Qianyue and Ma Dongmei, they saw a deeper level.

For Wang Yu to be able to analyze so much information in such a short time in a dangerous environment like the hell mode dungeon...

It was terrifying!

After he finished talking about the guide, there was nothing else for Wang Yu to do. Li Qianyue immediately arranged for someone to test it.

It just so happened that Wang Yu had been out for three days, and today he had a high-intensity battle in the dungeon. His body was a little tired, so he planned to go back and rest.

Moreover, there were so many people gathered in the Extreme Darkness Plains that it was no longer suitable for leveling.

Li Qianyue arranged for someone to send them back.

Wang Yu wanted to refuse, but he changed his mind when he saw the malicious gazes of the high-level professionals around him.

Money moved peoples hearts. It seemed that he should be more careful when going out in the future.

However, in G City, there was the City Guard Division to maintain order, so it shouldnt be a big problem.




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