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Second Fishing, Angry Buddha Lotus Fire

After leavingWus Trading Company, Wang Yu went straight home.

As soon as he entered, he couldnt wait to take out the two equipment.

“System” Wang Yu called out.

This was the first time he had called out to the system since he had obtained it many days ago, and he began to feel nervous for some reason.

[The Super Divine Fishing Master System is at your service!] A mechanical voice sounded.

“I want to exchange for a fishing map!” Wang Yu said directly.

[Two pieces of legendary equipment have been detected. You can exchange them for two peak-level fishing maps. Do you want to exchange them] the system asked.

“Yes!” Wang Yu did not hesitate.

[Exchange successful. Congratulations on obtaining two peak-level fishing maps. Please check.]

After the system finished speaking, Wang Yu opened the system space and saw two maps.

He took out the map and looked at it. Coincidentally, the two maps showed the same location, not far from Wang Yus house, in the downtown area of G City.

When G City was first built, there was a river that flowed through the city. It was called the Zhang River.

The fishing map showed that it was in the Zhang River.

Wang Yu stared at the map and frowned.

The location of this map had its advantages and disadvantages.

Naturally, they didnt need to leave the city. After yesterdays incident, he was being watched by many people. It would be quite dangerous for him to leave the city.

He didnt have so many concerns in the city.

The downside was that there were many people in the city, and it was quite risky to fish directly.

Give up first

The thought of giving up flashed through Wang Yus mind, but he quickly rejected it.

It was impossible to give up. It seemed that he could only wait until the evening when there were fewer people.

It was two in the morning.

Wang Yu opened his eyes, got dressed, and got out of bed. He didnt turn on the lights and went to the window in the dark.

It was late at night, and the entire neighborhood was quiet.

Although this was the city and was guarded by the City Guard Division, there were still many monsters and humans living together.

Therefore, the nightlife in this world was not rich.

It had become a common understanding for ordinary people not to go out late at night, and it was also a living habit.

Wang Yu opened the window and sneaked out of it. He then sneaked down the pipe.

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The journey was smooth and unimpeded, and he arrived at the Zhang River.

Wang Yu did not go straight to the location shown on the fishing map. Instead, he found a random location and started to build a nest, hang the bait, and throw the rod based on the information provided by his profession inheritance.

He was just like a real fisherman.

Half an hour later, Wang Yu was staring at the river in a daze.

That shouldnt be...

There was no problem with the location he had chosen, and the fishing steps were also based on the information provided by the profession inheritance. Even if he did not set up a nest in advance, it shouldnt be that he couldnt catch a single fish!

Not to mention catching a fish, there wasnt even a fish that bit the hook, but he caught two field snails.

In the afternoon, when he checked out the fishing spots and saw others fishing, there were clearly fish.

Looking at the empty catch, Wang Yu was a little unwilling. Looking left and right, he found a little guy not far away.

It was a level three Mega-Teeth Devil Rat that lived in the citys sewers all year round, feeding on human waste.

Half a minute later, Wang Yu shook the Mega-Teeth Devil Rat on the hook and nodded slightly.

So, he was safe.

Wang Yus actions were not without reason. At least he was sure that no one was following him.

Then, he packed up his things and quickly went to the location shown on the fishing map.

This time, he took out his divine-level fishing rod, threw it to the river, and began to wait quietly.

He was not worried that the divine-level fishing rod would be discovered.

Because he had set the equipment information of the divine-level fishing rod to be invisible, it was just an ordinary fishing rod in the eyes of others except him.

Time passed by.

Suddenly, there was movement from the other end of the fishing rod.

Wang Yu held his breath and tightened his hands. He pulled up the thing on the other end of the fishing rod.

It was a double-petaled lotus the size of a palm. The layers of petals were extremely gorgeous.

What was even more peculiar was that the color of each petal was different. After counting them carefully, there were actually as many as eight types!

Furthermore, these petals and even the pistil were not corporeal. They were formed from burning flames!

Magnificent, gorgeous. This was Wang Yus first impression when he saw the fire lotus.

The moment the flame lotus flower appeared, even the air became searing hot!

“This is...” Wang Yus eyes widened at the sight before him.


[Congratulations on obtaining the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!] The systems voice sounded.

It really was the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame! Wang Yus heart trembled.

He was all too familiar with the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame. In his previous life, the first novel he had followed was Heavenly Strange Fire.

As a chuunibyou, he naturally yearned for the protagonists famous technique, but he did not expect to obtain it in this world.

However, on second thought, Wang Yu realized that since the Frozen Fruit had already appeared, it seemed reasonable for him to get another mystical fire.

The only flaw was that the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame only had 8 types of mystical fires. If all 22 were to be gathered together, what kind of scene would that be

Eight types ofheavenly flames were not bad. Xiao Yan only had six types ofheavenly flames before the decisive battle in his previous life. For him to have eight types ofheavenly flames at the start was already not bad...

Wang Yu consoled himself.

[Name: Angry Buddha Lotus Flame]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Class: –]


[Effect: After use, you will gain the ability to control 8 types of mystical fires and learn the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame move.]

[Do you want to use it] the system asked.

Yes! Wang Yu muttered in his heart.

A long delay could lead to many problems, so of course, the faster he learned, the better.

With a thought from Wang Yu, the entire fire lotus collapsed, turning into eight flames that landed on his skin.

The strange thing was that the strange fire didnt hurt him. Even the hair on his hands didnt curl up.

Instead, it made him feel warm, as if he was bathing in the spring sun. It was even more comfortable than having ten health treatments.

This feeling disappeared as quickly as it came. Very soon, all the mystical fires had completely fused into his skin, leaving no trace at all.

If it wasnt for the new skill on his panel, Wang Yu would have thought that everything was just an illusion.

After all, Xiao Yan was in much more pain than him when he was merging theheavenly flames.

With a thought, a thumb-sized flame appeared at the tip of Wang Yus finger, followed by a second, a third, all the way to the eighth.

Under Wang Yus gaze, these flames combined in pairs and then separated, turning into a fire lotus and then a fire phoenix, constantly changing according to his thoughts.

In the end, the eight flames merged together and turned into a fire lotus that was exactly the same as the one that appeared at the beginning!

Wang Yu wanted to try out the power of the fire lotus, but he had to give up on the idea because they were in the city.

It would be hard to explain if the City Guard Division was attracted.

After completely mastering these mystical fires, Wang Yu also learned their information and abilities.

They were:

[Myriad Beasts Spirit Fire: Deals additional damage to monsters.]

[Netherworld Poison Fire: Inflicts poison on burning humans and beasts.]

[Geocentric Green Lotus Flame: Powerful, able to detonate volcanoes!]

[Fallen Heart Flame: Increases growth, tempers physique, calms magic power!]

[Bone Freezing Fire: Possesses the power of extreme cold.]

[Nine Dragon Lightning Flame: Forms nine silver fire dragons with lightning damage.]

[Life Flames: Rich in life energy, possesses healing abilities, and increases the quality of potions made!]

[Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame: Purification ability. Removes negative statuses and burns the enemys physical body and magic power, turning them into nothingness!]



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