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Azure Dragons Egg, Attacked Late At Night

Looking at the feedback on the interface, Wang Yu was speechless.

Damage, poison, heal, purify...

The supplementary items of the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame were a little too comprehensive!

However, this was just what he wanted.

Who would mind having too many skills

After playing with the fire lotus for a while, Wang Yu put away the mystical flames.

He didnt forget that he still had a map to fish on!

Once again, he hooked the bait, threw the rod, and entered the water. Everything was done in one go.

After all this was done, Wang Yu began to wait quietly.

The wait this time was longer than the last time.

Fortunately, Wang Yu was very patient.

Finally, Wang Yu felt the movement of the fishing rod. He suddenly lifted the fishing rod and pulled the thing out of the water.

This time, it was an oval ball the size of a basketball. There were complicated patterns on it, and they flickered with silver-white patterns. It felt soft and numb to the touch.

It was an egg.

The eggs body was not as smooth as an eggshell. Instead, it was layered, like scales.

Wang Yu touched the eggs body, and with a thought, he threw an identification spell over.

[Name: Dragon Egg]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Class: –]

[Effect: After hatching, one can obtain the legendary creature, the Azure Dragon. Time remaining for incubation: 12 hours]

Wang Yu was shocked again when he felt the intimate message from the Dragon Egg.

This was a Dragon Egg, and not an ordinary Dragon Egg, but an Azure Dragons egg!

In this world, Dragons were roughly divided into four types: Ancient Dragon, Giant Dragon, Azure Dragon, Divine Dragon.

There was no need to elaborate on the Ancient Dragons, which were the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and sea dragons mentioned in his previous life.

What was different from his previous life was that Ancient Dragons were not extinct. On the contrary, among the four major Dragon species, Ancient Dragons were the most commonly seen.

However, this did not mean that there were Ancient Dragons on the Blue Planet.

They only lived in a few secret lands and were rare in number. They also occasionally appeared in some instance dungeons.

After the Ancient Dragon, it was the Giant Dragon.

The Giant Dragon was also called a Western Dragon. It was the kind of lizard with two large wings in the movies in his previous life.

Dragons were common in the West and were very popular.

After that, it was the Azure Dragon.

The Azure Dragon had the horns of a deer, the head of a camel, the eyes of a rabbit, the neck of a snake, the abdomen of a kun, the scales of a fish, the claws of an eagle, the palms of a tiger, and the ears of a cow.

Thats right, the Azure Dragon was the totem of China in his previous life, a legendary creature that could make clouds and rain.

Therefore, the Azure Dragon was also called the Eastern Dragon.

There were fewer Azure Dragons than Giant Dragons, so naturally, they were more powerful.

On the coast of the South Sea of China, there was a guardian beast, which was a Level 150 Azure Dragon!

Level 150 was equivalent to a Rank 6 class holder. At the same time, it was one of the most powerful existences in China and even the entire Blue Planet.

It was also because of the protection of the Azure Dragon that the countless monsters in the ocean did not dare to invade the land of China!

As for the Divine Dragon, it was a mythical creature.

This was because the myths were too vague, and there was no evidence that the Divine Dragon mentioned above had existed.

Therefore, many people thought that the Divine Dragon was just an exaggeration.

Although the Dragon Egg in Wang Yus hand was not the legendary Divine Dragon egg, it still belonged to the Azure Dragon clan.

One had to know that an Azure Dragon had always been synonymous with rare and powerful, and every Dragon Egg was hard to come by.

Wang Yu believed that if this Dragon Egg were to be auctioned, it would definitely sell for a sky-high price!

Of course, he was just thinking about it. He would never sell it.

All of a sudden, Wang Yu kept the Dragon Egg with his left hand and formed an Ice Army Blade in his right palm. He then slashed it forward!

There seemed to be no one there, but Wang Yu could feel the touch of the Ice Army Blade.

The feeling of a blade cutting through clothes!

There was someone there just now!

Just now, someone had been secretly spying on him!

Thinking of this, Wang Yu broke out in a cold sweat and felt a sticky feeling from his clothes.

“Come out!” Wang Yu said calmly, but his attention was focused on his surroundings, on the positions where he could be ambushed!

Just as he finished speaking, a figure slowly appeared three meters away from Wang Yu.

It was a thin man in black with a piece of cloth covering his face.


From the skin he revealed, this person shouldnt be young.

At this moment, there was a big cut on the chest of his clothes, and blood was flowing out.

Obviously, this was Wang Yus work.

“How did you find me” The figures hoarse voice came.

Wang Yu took out the Dragon Egg and shook it. He said, “When you saw it, your heart was in a mess.”

At that time, Wang Yu heard a heavy breathing sound beside his ear, which alerted him. Otherwise, he might not have been able to discover this cunning fox.

The Assassin was indeed the most disgusting and most suitable profession for these kinds of things.

With such a strong stealth ability, what else could he be if not an Assassin

“Whats that” the Assassin said, staring at the Dragon Egg in Wang Yus hand.

“Dont you already know” Wang Yu asked. He didnt believe that the other party didnt use appraisal art.

“Hand it over!” the Assassin said, staring at the Dragon Egg in Wang Yus hand.


Wang Yu didnt answer the other sides question. Instead, he asked, “We have no grudges in the past or in the present. I didnt hold it against you for the sneak attack on me that day. I dont understand why you want to assassinate me.”

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Wang Yu had already recognized the man. He was the old assassin who had been with Cheng Zhi at the entrance of the Dark Old Forest dungeon.

At that time, he had tried to sneak attack her in order to get a spot in the dungeon, but he had been stopped by the middle-aged man who was with Weng Lianxue.

Wang Yu didnt expect that he would come to assassinate him again today.

“No grudges in the past or in recent days” Hearing this, the old Assassin chuckled. There was contempt, resentment, and ridicule in his laughter.

“My grandson died because of you, and theres not a single piece of good flesh on his body. Yet, youre telling me that you have no grudges with him” he asked.

Wang Yu thought to himself,As expected, hes here for Cheng Zhi.

“Look at what youre saying. Cheng Zhi died in the instance. What does it have to do with me”

Wang Yu shrugged. “And I even told him the dungeon guide. Who can he blame if he cant clear it”

Wang Yu thought to himself,If it wasnt for me, he would have died on the first clear of the dungeon, and the other three people would have died.

Of course, Wang Yu was only thinking about it in his heart. Even if he said it out loud, the other party would not believe him.

“If you didnt snatch his spot, how could he not pass If you can do it with a trashy lifestyle profession, why cant he” the old Assassin said angrily.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I contributed the most in this instance dungeon” Wang Yu said seriously.

“Bullsh*t!” The old Assassin decided not to pursue the matter any further and said, “Hand it over!”

“It seems like we cant come to an agreement! If you want it, come and get it!” Wang Yu sighed.

Seeing Wang Yus fearless look, the old Assassin was a little hesitant.

Was he bluffing

The Assassin did not move, but Wang Yu did.

He stomped his right foot on the ground and charged at the Assassin at an extremely fast speed.

The old Assassin didnt know what Wang Yu was up to, so he quickly retreated.

Wang Yu had been waiting for this opportunity!

With Wang Yu as the center, a fierce cold air burst out in all directions, followed by an even larger and wider range of cold air, blocking all the escape routes of the Assassin!

The Assassin didnt expect Wang Yu to suddenly attack him, nor did he expect him to have such an ability. He couldnt dodge in time and was sealed in layers of ice!

I was waiting for an opportunity. What were you waiting for



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