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Overpowered Attributes and Skill Sharing

The newly-hatched Azure Dragon was about the size of a palm, and the scales on its body had a silver-blue luster, like some unknown metal.

Around it, there were occasional flashes of lightning and crackling sounds.

Its golden eyes were full of life, and it was staring at Wang Yu.

On its head, there were two mini deer horns, which made it look very cute.


All of a sudden, the little Azure Dragon let out a long roar. However, there was no dignity in its voice that a divine beast should have. Instead, it was rather soft and cute.

Wang Yu was overjoyed. He stretched out his fingers and touched the little guys head, making the little guy snore happily.

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“Little guy, are you willing to sign a contract with me and become my familiar” Wang Yu asked seriously.

A creature like the Azure Dragon was born with high intelligence, so Wang Yu was not worried that it would not understand.

Of course, he was only asking casually. He was willing to sign the contract today.

He said it.

Even Jesus couldnt stop him.

Hearing this, the little guy tilted its head and thought for a while, then nodded heavily.

Wang Yus mouth twitched as he smiled happily.

He quickly took out a Book of Contracts from the system space, which he had specially prepared this morning.

Wang Yu opened the Book of Contracts and pressed his handprint on it. Then, the little Azure Dragon followed suit and pressed its handprint on the Book of Contracts.

Suddenly, the Book of Contracts turned into two imprints, which were imprinted on the two of them.

In an instant, there was an indescribable connection between Wang Yu and the little Azure Dragon. He could even clearly feel the little ones emotions and thoughts.

For example, its current mood was happy, and its thoughts were that it was hungry and wanted to eat meat.

[Congratulations to Player Wang Yu for contracting a familiar!] The games voice sounded.

“Little guy, well be a family from now on,” Wang Yu said to the little Azure Dragon with a smile, his fingers stroking its head.

“Ang, ang~” The little guy seemed to be very happy.

“Are you hungry Lets go, Ill make you something delicious. Theres meat!” Wang Yu said dotingly.

The little guy was even happier when it heard that there was meat to eat. It jumped onto Wang Yus shoulder and found a comfortable position to lie down.

This guy was quite good at finding seats... Wang Yu was speechless.

He went to the kitchen, took out the meat of the Iron Skin Boar he had hunted in the Extreme Darkness Plains a few days ago, and began to cook.

Because the system and the game interfaces space had a frozen time flow, the meat was very fresh.

Wang Yus cooking skills were not bad. In just a short while, the fragrance of the meat filled the air.

The little Azure Dragon was staring at the meat in the pot. Although it didnt say anything, the anticipation in its eyes still revealed the desire in its heart.

Seeing this, Wang Yu picked up a piece of cooked meat from the pot and threw it to it. With a whoosh, an afterimage quickly caught the piece of meat.

By the time he came back to his senses, the piece of meat had disappeared, and the culprit was already sitting firmly on Wang Yus shoulder.

It was as if everything was just an illusion.

Just like that, Wang Yu and the little Azure Dragon started playing the game. When the meat was out of the pot, half of it was gone.

“Since you like to eat meat so much, why dont I call you Rou Rou!” Wang Yu said half-jokingly.

After eating and drinking to his hearts content, the little Azure Dragon was also feeling a little tired. It laid on Wang Yus shoulder and nodded its head, looking like a student fishing in a classroom.

Naturally, it did not have any objections to this name.

After a quick meal, Wang Yu checked the little guys attributes.

[Name: Azure Dragon (Rou Rou)]

[Level: 1]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Basic Attributes: Strength 100, Spirit 100, Constitution 100, Agility 100]

[Combat Attributes: Attack 1,000, Magic Power 1,000, Health 100,000, Mana 3,000, Defense 50% (Damage Reduction), Movement Speed 20 (m/s), Attack Speed 1 (att/s)]

[Skills: Dragon Scale Lvl Max, Lightning Blessing Lvl Max, Lightning Spear Lvl 1, Lightning Decree Lvl 1, Lightning Explosion Lvl 1, Lightning Gods Descent Lvl 1]

[Dragon Scale: Lvl Max. The scales of the Azure Dragon gives it unparalleled defense. It is immune to 50% of the damage it receives and is immune to curses, dizziness, charm, silence, and other mental control effects.]

[Lightning Blessing: Lvl Max. The Azure Dragon is protected by lightning, reducing the damage it receives by 50%. All attacks have a chance to paralyze the enemy. It can also command natural lightning and increase the damage by 50% in a lightning environment.]

[Lightning Spear: Level 1. The Azure Dragon gathers lightning spears to attack the opponent. Each lightning spear deals 1,000 ( 100% magic power) damage. The number of lightning spears depends on the charging time. The damage can be stacked. [Cooldown time: 10 seconds]]

[Lightning Decree: Lvl 1. The Azure Dragon commands lightning to strike at a designated location, causing 1,000 ( 150% magic power) damage. [Cooldown time: 5 seconds]]

[Lightning Explosion: Lvll 1. The Azure Dragon gathers a ring of lightning and spreads it to the surroundings, causing a lightning explosion to the enemies it touches, dealing 1,500 ( 80% magic power) damage. [Cooldown time: 30 seconds.]]

[Lightning Gods Descent: Lvl 1. The Azure Dragon transforms into the master of lightning, turning the surrounding 5,000 meters into a lightning field. It summons lightning to attack the enemy, and all attacks will have an additional Lightning Decree. [Duration: 3 minutes. Cooldown time: 12 hours.]]


Wang Yu could not believe his eyes when he saw the data on the panel.

The basic attributes of a Level 1 Rou Rou, which was an Azure Dragon, were even more ridiculous than Wang Yus at Level 17!

Not to mention those ridiculously powerful skills!

The moment it used Lightning Gods Descent, it immediately transformed into the killing god of the battlefield!


Even the so-called meat grinders of the battlefield, the Disaster Mages, were no match for Rou Rou at this stage!

Was this a divine beast

I love him!

Wang Yu was naturally happy that the little Azure Dragon was powerful.

At the same time, he couldnt help but think to himself,If Rou Rou is already so overpowered at Level 1, what would it be like when it reaches Level 17, Level 20, Level 120 Rank 5, Level 180 Rank 7, and Level 200

Wang Yu believed that Rou Rou would definitely shock the world!

After sighing for a while, Wang Yu put the sleeping Rou Rou into the familiar space.

The familiar space was a strange space that would appear after every professional formed a contract with a magical beast.

In the familiar space, the familiar could get better rest and recover its injuries and physical strength faster.

However, it was also quite empty and lonely inside, with only nothingness. Most familiars didnt like to stay for long.

After doing all this, Wang Yu opened his attribute panel.


When he saw the skill bar, he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. There were a few more skills on it. He checked it carefully and was sure that he was not mistaken.

He then summoned Rou Rou from the familiar space, and it was still the same.

He had inherited, or rather, shared, all of Rou Rous skills!

It was the same for Dragon Scale, Lightning Blessing, and the Lightning Gods Descent!

Even the skill level was the same!

The Dragon Scale and Lightning Blessing skills were directly maxed out!

This meant that he, like Rou Rou, could reduce the damage he took by 50% even without equipment and was immune to many negative skills!

He even gained the ability to control lightning!

How could Wang Yu not be shocked



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