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Leveling Up In the Wilderness, Auction Gossip

[Player: Wang Yu]

[Class: Fishing Master Rank 1]

[Level: 16]

[Basic Attributes: Strength 9, Spirit 10, Constitution 119, Agility 59, Luck 10, Charm 10]

[Combat Attributes: Attack Power 9, Magic Power 10 ( 500), Health Points 11,900 ( 2,000), Mana 700, Defense 60% (Damage Reduction), Movement Speed 13.5 (m/s), Attack Speed 1 (att/s)]

[Equipment: Goblins Ring, Sunset Ember, Steel Belt, Giants Bracer]

[General Skills: Inspect Lvl 1, Identify Lvl 1]

[Class Skills: Fishing Lvl 1, Ice Body Lvl Max, Ice Army Blade Lvl Max, Frozen Moment Lvl Max, Ice Two-Pronged Spear Lvl Max, Ice Berserk Beak Lvl Max, Ice Path Lvl Max, Frozen Time Capsule Lvl Max, Ice Ball Lvl Max, Frozen Space Lvl Max, Ice Aeon Lvl Max, Fire Control Lvl Max, Angry Buddha Lotus Flame Lvl Max, Dragon Scale Lvl Max, Dragon Scale Lvl Max, Lightning Blessing Lvl Max, Lightning Spear Lvl 1, Lightning Decree Lvl 1, Lightning Explosion Lvl 1, Lightning Gods Descent Lvl 1]

[Familiar: Azure Dragon ]

[Omni Points: 0]

[Skill Points: 26]


Looking at the new skills, it was impossible for Wang Yu not to be surprised.

Even a Beast Master couldnt share the skills of their subdued beasts. Otherwise, the strongest profession would be the Beast Master.

Among the Beast Master professions, only a handful of hidden classes had such an ability. Moreover, they could only share one.

The first familiar that he had contracted was directly shared with him, and Rou Rou was a divine beast, a powerful and rare Azure Dragon!

Was it because Rou Rou was a divine beast

However, he had never heard of any divine beast having such an ability.

After thinking about it, Wang Yu could only conclude that Rou Rou wasnt an ordinary familiar, but something he had caught using the fishing map.

Besides, no matter what, this was a good thing.

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If there were a few more...

Of course, Wang Yu was only thinking about it.

Under normal circumstances, non-Beast Master professions could only contract one subdued beast. Even for the Beast Master profession, they could only contract one more after each class-change.

Moreover, once a contract was formed, it could not be changed, unless the familiar died.

However, the penalty for familiars deaths was even more severe. If one of them died, they would lose 30 levels and their attributes would be reduced until their levels were reset to zero.

It should be known that in the later stages, the experience required for each level was ocean-like, and not many people could withstand such a torment.

Wang Yu suspected that his Rou Rou was not ordinary.

However, there was no point in thinking about this now, so Wang Yu did not take it to heart.

Lets just leave it to fate.


In the Extreme Darkness Plains, Wang Yu and Su Bai appeared in the territory of the Iron Skin Boars, followed by the little Azure Dragon.

Li Qianyue had repeatedly told him not to leave the city to avoid the One-Eyed Dragons revenge.

However, the matter of giving the little Azure Dragon Rou Rou to level up was urgent, and the college entrance examination was not far away. In G City, there was no better place to level up.

Fortunately, Wang Yu was not a reckless person. Since he could not leave the city alone, he could only form a team.

At this time, the leading teacher of No. 3 High School was just a hundred meters behind him. This was Wang Yus true support.

All of a sudden, an Iron Skin Boar leader appeared in their sight.

Without waiting for Wang Yu to speak, the little Azure Dragon rushed out with awhoosh~, followed by a few loudboom~ sounds.

By the time the commotion stopped, Rou Rou had already flown back, holding a weapon that glowed with golden light.

“Well done!” Wang Yu rubbed the little Azure Dragons head and threw it a piece of dried meat, which the latter caught quickly.

As its name suggested, Rou Rou loved meat. In a few days, it had grown from the size of a palm to the size of a basin, and its dragon horns had also grown a lot.

Wang Yu was not worried that its appearance would attract others.

That day, after the little Azure Dragon had woken up from its sleep, it had awakened a special ability hidden in his bloodline – disguise.

At this moment, in the eyes of others, it was just a silver-blue, very beautiful little snake.

Even when they used their detection skill on it, they still couldnt find anything strange.

They would only exclaim at how powerful thislittle snakes skill was. They never thought that under its chubby and handsome appearance was the rare divine beast, the Azure Dragon!

What Wang Yu felt was a pity was that the ability to disguise and fly was an instinct inherited from its bloodline and not a skill, so he could not share it.

This made him depressed for quite a while. After all, he had been coveting the ability to fly for a long time.

“Your familiar is too abnormal!”

It was not the first time Su Bai sighed. Every time, he would be surprised by Rou Rous exaggerated performance.

He was seriously considering whether he should also get a familiar contract.

How could Wang Yu not know what he was thinking He said directly, “Youd better think it through. After Earth Shield Bearer, its Earth Knight, and finally Earth Dragon Knight,”

“If you contract a familiar now, there wont be any mount space behind you.”

“I can choose a familiar contract that can be used as a mount.” Su Bai sneered: “Besides, Im just thinking. Just thinking.”

Wang Yu shook his head and couldnt help but sigh. Hidden classes were so good. Their names were even more fancy, unlike his Fishing Master, who couldnt change his profession at all.


“Oh,” Su Bai changed the topic, “Speaking of which, its such a pity that you didnt go to the auction yesterday.”

“Whats wrong” Wang Yu looked at him.

The auction Su Bai was talking about was an auction organized by the Wus Trading Company. It was mainly for the students who were preparing for the college entrance exam.

The little fatty had also sent him an invitation. Wang Yu was worried that there would be a mix of good and bad people there, so he did not go.

“Do you know what appeared there” Su Bai asked casually and then continued: “Legendary equipment!”

Wang Yu felt a little strange and asked, “What kind of equipment is it”

“The equipment most suitable for you! A legendary fishing rod!” Su Bai said.

Wang Yu was speechless.

He coughed and said, “Isnt there a possibility that I sold the legendary fishing rod”

Su Bai was speechless.

“You sold it” Su Bai was stunned for a moment and then realized: “No, where did you get the legendary fishing rod”


“Its from clearing the instance,” Wang Yu replied without thinking, “Didnt you each get a legendary weapon Why You dont have any”

Su Bai said after a long while, “Ours were all epic...”

“Ah, this!” This time, it was Wang Yus turn to be embarrassed.

Luckily, Su Bai didnt take it to heart. Wang Yu had contributed the most in the instance dungeon, so it was normal for him to get a good reward.

“Speaking of which, your fishing rod is not the main item. Can you guess what the real finale is”

“Im not guessing!” Wang Yu said unhappily.

“Its a Dragon Egg! A Giant Dragons egg! 1 billion!” Su Bai said, “And its in gold!”

“We also know the person who won it, Weng Lianxue!”

Wang Yu gasped.

These rich people were really overbearing!

At this moment, the little Azure Dragon found another prey. After killing it successfully, the aura on its body trembled.

It had leveled up again.

In three days, the little Azure Dragon had reached Level 15!

After hunting for a while more, they received a call from Ma Dongmei and returned to the camp.

At the same time, they also knew the reason why they were gathered.

Several high schools in G City were going to have a joint mock exam!



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