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System Loading, Divine-Level Reward

“Go down!” Ma Dongmei said with a sigh.

“Thank you, Elder Jiang. And thank you, Teacher Ma.” Wang Yu bowed.

No matter what, he still had to be polite.

Upon seeing this, Ma Dongmei sighed again.

What a good child...

Elder Jiang was very surprised.

He had been hosting ceremonies for many years, and he had seen all kinds of manners of profession holders, whether they succeeded or failed. What hysterical, crying, acting cool, confessing, running naked on the spot...

It was rare to see someone as calm as Wang Yu.

Wang Yus polite thanks, in the eyes of the others, became a show-off.

Someone couldnt help but sneer. “Top Scorer Wang is indeed the number one in our class. Hes calm in the face of changes and has a graceful demeanor. Its indeed worth learning from.”

“Indeed, if I were to change my profession to the most useless lifestyle profession, and the most useless Fishing Master at that, I definitely wouldnt be as calm as Student Wang.”

“Actually, being a Fishing Master is not bad. If you catch some rare fish or treasures, you can sell them for a lot of money!”

“Its not that simple. The places where rare fish can be caught are all in the wild, where there are many magical beasts. If this Fishing Master who has no combat power accidentally encounters them, Im afraid they will die without a burial place!”


The enigmatic words continued, and anyone with eyes knew what they meant.

Ma Dongmei was about to stop them, but someone beat her to it.

Elder Jiang waved his staff, and a shockwave flew toward the people who had spoken. The few of them immediately fell to the ground, their hands covering their heads as they screamed in pain.

“If you dare to make any more noise and disturb the order of the venue, I have the right to cancel your qualifications for the class change!” Elder Jiang said coldly.

Upon hearing this, the few of them immediately kept quiet out of fear and only dared to look at Wang Yu with venomous eyes.

“Thank you, Elder Jiang!” Wang Yu expressed his thanks.

“Its fine.” Elder Jiang waved his hand.

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At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in his sea.

[The Super Divine Fishing Master System has been loaded. Please check!]

After completing the class change, Wang Yu did not stay in the field to watch the others change their classes. Instead, he quickly left, wanting to see what was going on with the system that had suddenly appeared.

In other peoples eyes, this was like running away. However, they didnt dare to speak rudely and only looked at Wang Yu with mocking eyes.

Su Bai was about to catch up when he heard Ma Dongmei call out his name. He had to give up.

What Wang Yu didnt know was that there was a beautiful figure in the crowd that was following his back.

When they reached a remote place, Wang Yu saw that there was no one around and called out in a low voice, “System”

[The Super Divine Fishing Master System is at your service!] The mechanical voice sounded again.

Hearing this, Wang Yu showed an ecstatic look.

He had seen this scene too many times in novels in his previous life.

This was a golden finger that belonged to him alone!

Wang Yu suppressed his excitement. After fiddling with it for a while, he roughly understood the function of the system.

Simply put, the system would reward him with a fishing map from time to time. Fishing at a designated location would bring him unexpected benefits!

This included, but was not limited to, powerful equipment, items, powerful skills, divine pet eggs, and so on!

If that were the case, there would still be a lot of uncertainties. After all, the system might only reward him once in a long time.

However, in addition to the rewards from the system, Wang Yu could also use the equipment and items he obtained in real life to exchange for a fishing map!

This gave him a lot of room to maneuver!

Wang Yus intuition told him that the system was not simple.

[The newbie gift package has been released. Do you want to open it] The systems voice sounded again.

Wang Yu didnt say anything else, but he muttered in his heart,Open!

At the same time, he was also very curious about what the systems newbie gift pack reward was.

[Activation successful. Congratulations to the host for obtaining: peak-tier fishing map, divine-tier fishing rod!]

A peak-level fishing map!

A divine-level fishing rod!

Hearing the systems reward, even Wang Yu was stunned for a while.

The systems fishing maps were divided into four levels: Beginner, intermediate, advanced, peak, and divine.

Although a peak-level fishing map was only a Rank 3 one, if Wang Yu were to exchange for it himself, he would need at least legendary-grade equipment and tools to exchange for one!

Legendary equipment was priceless. Once it appeared, it would definitely be fought over by all the major powers. It was definitely not something that ordinary people could afford.

In fact, most people had never even seen it before.

How could Wang Yu not be shocked

Not to mention a divine fishing rod!

Wang Yu took out his fishing rod.

The fishing rod was gray and unremarkable.


He used an identification skill on the fishing rod, and the information of the fishing rod appeared in front of Wang Yu.

[Name: Nameless Farmers Fishing Rod (Bound)]

[Rank: Divine]

[Profession: Fishing Master]

[Effect: Fishing with this fishing rod will bring you unexpected gains. There is no need to use bait. At the same time, the quality of the item will be greatly improved, and it will not escape the hook.]

It was really a divine-level fishing rod!

Wang Yus eyes widened as he read the information on the fishing rod.

The system might lie to him, but the appraisal skill wouldnt. This concerned the nature of the world.

Therefore, this was the divine fishing rod that all Fishing Masters dreamed of!

Then, he immediately put the fishing rod back into the system space.

He dared to bet that if he told others that he had a divine-level fishing rod, Fishing Masters from all over the world would swarm to him.


They would even want to kill him so that they could take the fishing rod for themselves.

After all, this was a divine-level tool. Even if it couldnt be used, it was good to keep it.

After putting away the fishing rod, Wang Yu took out the map and looked at it carefully.

The more he read, the tighter his brows furrowed.

The fishing map showed that the location was not far away. On the contrary, it was very close. It was on the Extreme Darkness Plains, about 30 kilometers away from G City.

The Extreme Darkness Plains was one of the best leveling areas for novices in G City. There were all sorts of monsters ranging from Level 10 to level 20 scattered around, and it could satisfy the needs of most novices.

The reason why Wang Yu was frowning was because that place was not easy to go to.

The location marked on the fishing map was in the center of the Extreme Darkness Plains, surrounded by three tribes of monsters.

To the north was the Iron Skin Boar Tribe. The Iron Skin Boar was a Level 18 wild monster with rough skin and thick flesh, which was very difficult to deal with. Therefore, there was no need to consider this route.

To the south were the Goblin Tribe and the Aardwolf Tribe. The Goblins were generally Level 10, while the Aardwolves were Level 13.

It seemed like the Goblin route was the simplest, but it was not.

Goblins were creatures that lived in groups, so provoking one often meant provoking a group of Goblins. They bullied the weak and feared the strong, and they were one of the wild monsters that novices didnt want to see.

Aardwolves, on the other hand, often moved alone, and their speed wasnt fast. They lacked long-range means.

It was much less risky to travel through the Aardwolf Tribe.

Moreover, Wang Yu was only passing through them, not leveling up, so there was no need to fight them to the death.

It wasnt that Wang Yu didnt think of going with others, like Su Bai, which was a good choice.

However, just thinking about it, the peak-level fishing map that could only be exchanged with legendary equipment would definitely not yield such simple items.

It was hard to guarantee that the people who went with him would not have disloyal thoughts.

After all, the human heart was the most unreliable thing.

Therefore, Wang Yu could only rely on himself.



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