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Park Eunhee, Calculation

Hearing the young girls words, Wang Yu turned pale with fright.

This was... a catfish

Thinking of this, Wang Yu quickly took a few steps back. At the same time, his eyes kept darting around, thinking of a way out.

In his previous life, he had heard of the power of the catfish more than once.

He had a friend who had an online relationship and had a girlfriend. However, after meeting her and getting a room, he found out that the other party was a cross-dressing big boss and even threatened him to give him 3,000 yuan.

That person refused to give in and was beaten up by the cross-dressing big boss and the others.

In the end, he paid the money. Even his underpants were sent to him by Wang Yu. Wang Yu still remembered that miserable appearance.

Therefore, when Park Eunhee said that she was his girlfriend, Wang Yus first reaction was that he had encountered a catfish.

Seeing Wang Yus face as if he was facing a great enemy, the three were speechless. Park Eunhees face was even redder. Obviously, she was quite angry.

She had never suffered such humiliation in her life!

“Do you know who I am” she rebuked.

“Should I know” Wang Yu asked, stunned.

Wang Yus self-righteous attitude made Park Eunhees words stop. She couldnt help but wonder if it was her own problem.

At this moment, one of the two men behind her stepped forward to smooth things over. “This is the only daughter of the chairman of the Sacred Glory Group.”

Hearing his words, Wang Yu finally had some impression.

The Sacred Glory Group was also one of the largest companies in G City. Their business scope included equipment trading, hunting groups, leveling, catering, clothing, real estate, and so on.

They also had two professional guilds under them.

It could be said that as long as there was a place that could make money, it would be there.

The chairman of the Sacred Glory Group, Qi Yaodong, was also a strange person.

He started from scratch as an ordinary person and earned his first bucket of gold by reselling profession class equipment. In just a few decades, he had built a huge foundation.

The most famous thing he did in recent years was his marriage with the little princess of the richest family in Korea, which was the mother of Park Eunhee.

Therefore, Park Eunhee also became the most wanted woman in G City.

With the exception of Wang Yu.

That was hilarious. She was a famous sea queen with 80 to 800 boyfriends, and she liked good-looking profession class holders the most.

Wang Yu didnt want to have a green grassland above his head.

Well, if it wasnt for the system, he might have considered it...

That would be impossible.

It was said that Park Eunhees hands and feet were not clean, and she had some strange hobbies. The people she liked didnt have a good end. There werent any dead, but many were crippled.

It was not a good thing to be targeted by her... Wang Yu frowned.

“Now you know” Park Eunhee said.

Wang Yu nodded. He just didnt match her name with her story.

“How is it Be my boyfriend, and you can be like them.” Park Eunhee pointed at the two men behind her.

Wang Yu secretly used Inspect.

[Warrior, Level 40, Skill... Equipment...]

[Fishing Master, Level 38, Skill... Equipment...]

The Level 5 Inspect skill was indeed much stronger. It could even detect their skills and equipment.

He then looked at Park Eunhee.

[Ordinary person, equipment...]

It turned out that she was just an ordinary person. No wonder she liked to play with profession class holders.

“Too ugly.” Wang Yu shook his head.

The two people behind him looked at each other, not knowing if Wang Yu was talking about their clothes or themselves.

Hearing that Wang Yu had the intention to relent, Park Eunhee smiled and said, “You can buy whatever you like.”

“As long as you agree to be my boyfriend.”

“Then forget it.” Wang Yu shook his head.

“Dont you want to move to a bigger house Look at this place. Its so small and broken. As long as you agree, Ill immediately give you a big house.”

“Theres also a car. Even if you want a magical beast as a mount, its not impossible,” Park Eunhee guided patiently.

“No need,” Wang Yu shook his head. “This place is pretty good. Im used to it. Theres no need to change.”

“Even if you dont like material things, what about levels Are you willing to be a low-level professional Being discriminated against by everyone”

“You dont even have a team to form, do you”

She pointed to a person behind her and said, “Hes also a Fishing Master, but hes already Level 38.”

“As long as you submit to me, you can do the same, or even higher. Level 100, Level 150, its not impossible. By then, who would dare to look down on you”

Wang Yu nodded. It did sound quite tempting...

However, even if he was alone, he could still reach Level 200...

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Then, she asked the person beside her to take out an item and waved it in front of Wang Yu.


“As long as you agree to it, its yours.”

It was a fishing rod.

Wang Yu looked at it and felt that it was strangely familiar.

The two people behind her, especially the Fishing Master, were staring at the fishing rod with eager eyes, revealing his desire.

“This is a legendary fishing rod. I bought it at an auction last night for 10 million gold coins. Do you like it” Park Eunhee said with a smile.

She believed that no professional could resist the temptation of a legendary equipment, and it was the most suitable equipment for their profession.

Wang Yu was speechless.

The case had been solved. It was indeed the case that he had sold to the Wus Trading Company. He did not expect to see it here again.

“I like it. Are you giving it to me” Wang Yu rolled his eyes.

Heh, men~

Park Eunhee was disdainful in her heart, but she still smiled sweetly. “As long as you agree to be my boyfriend.”


Wang Yu was greatly disappointed when he heard that he could not gain something for nothing.

How good would it be if he could get it for free!

“Then forget it,” he said.

Park Eunhees smile froze on her face. She took a deep breath and returned the fishing rod to the person before her, then gave them a look.

Since he didnt want to accept the toast, he could only accept the punishment.

Very good. She liked strong ones. She hoped that this could last longer.

In fact, asking Wang Yu to be her boyfriend was just an excuse.

Her real purpose was that Wang Yu, an ordinary Fishing Master, had the ability to freeze.

This had never happened before.

Moreover, this ability appeared before the Dark Old Forest instance dungeon, so it was impossible to obtain it from the instance dungeon.

This made her, the Sacred Glory Group, and the people behind them all very interested.

If it could be replicated, or even improved to the point where ordinary people could also have it...

Thinking of this, she was so excited that she trembled.

She had had enough of those peoples strange looks!

This made her go crazy, and she wanted to tear those people apart!

The two men grabbed Wang Yu from the left and right.

“You, what are you guys doing” Wang Yu stammered.

The two men didnt speak, but Park Eunhee whispered, “Dont worry, it wont hurt.”

“Is that so” Wang Yu said softly.

Park Eunhee felt something was wrong and turned around.

The two mens hands that were pressing on Wang Yus shoulders were already frozen!

And they were staring at him in horror!

The latter flicked his hand, and the ice shattered. The two men screamed and fell to the ground, holding their broken arms.

The broken ice block streaked across the sky and brushed past her shoulder, leaving a dark red mark on her face!



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