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Goblin Tribe

Compared to lone Aardwolves, Goblins usually moved in hordes.

However, the Goblins were more bloodthirsty and brutal. They liked to chase after weak prey and wouldnt give up easily.

Therefore, even though the Goblins level was lower than the Aardwolves, the danger level was not low at all.

For professionals who spent most of their time in the Extreme Darkness Plains, they would rather deal with Aardwolves than face the Goblin Tribe.

This was especially true for newbies.

On the other hand, those veterans with AoE skills liked to go there. There were many monsters there, and they would appear in groups, so it was easy to farm.

Wang Yu thought for a while and decided to go there to farm monsters.

Among the ten skills that the Frozen Fruit had given him, many of them had AoE abilities.

To him, it didnt matter if there was one or a group of them.

Wang Yu took advantage of the fact that it was still early to glance at the map and run straight toward the Goblin Tribe.

With the Frozen Fruit, he naturally didnt have to be as careful as he was when he came. All the Aardwolves he encountered along the way were killed by him.

The other professionals they met along the way looked as if they had seen a ghost when they saw that Wang Yu, a lifestyle profession player, dared to charge forward like this.

Very quickly, some nosy people posted this on the internet, causing everyone to ridicule it.

Half an hour later, Wang Yu arrived at the Goblin Tribe.

After entering, Wang Yu slowed down his pace.

As he walked, he suddenly felt a faint sense of spying.

Wang Yus expression did not change, but he secretly glanced in the direction of the spying.

It was a small green-skinned person, half the height of a human, looking very ferocious and ugly. It was looking at him from the grass.

It was a Goblin.

The Goblins were cunning because of this.

Compared to other reckless monsters, the Goblins could use simple tactics such as ambushing.

Wang Yu shook the Ice Army Blade in his hand and threw it at the Goblin.

Just as the Goblin thought that it had hidden itself well and was about to enjoy a feast, an ice knife flew straight at it and stabbed into its butt.

After it cried out in pain, it no longer thought about the feast and ran straight in the direction of the tribe. It didnt even bother to pull out the blade on its butt.

Before it left, it didnt forget to give Wang Yu a venomous look.

Seeing the Goblin escape, Wang Yu unhurriedly followed. The blood on the ground had already pointed him in the right direction, so he wasnt worried about losing it.

Following the Goblin, Wang Yu arrived at a small hill.

There were a few tents made of unknown animal skins scattered all over the place. There were also some bones scattered on the ground, stinky feces, and a bonfire that had been burnt out.

There were also some bloodstained clothes piled in the corner. It seemed that some humans had been killed.

Seeing this, Wang Yu sighed. Since he had chosen the path of a professional, he had to be prepared to die.

The Goblins of the Goblin Tribe were surprised and happy to see Wang Yu coming to them alone. They roared and rushed toward Wang Yu, showing a ferocious and cruel smile. They were afraid that they would not get a share of the loot if they were slow.

In their eyes, humans were just food.

Good! Wang Yu shouted in his heart. He clenched his right hand into a fist and pushed it forward.

Suddenly, a giant bird made of ice appeared from Wang Yus fist, emitting cold air. It then charged toward the Goblins at an extremely fast speed.

[Ice Berserk Beak!]

[Uses cold air to form a giant bird to attack enemies. It is extremely fast and can freeze enemies in its path!]

Seeing the giant bird, the Goblin in front wanted to hide, but it was too late.

Without waiting for them to move, the ice bird had already flown in front of them and frozen them in place. Even their panicked expressions could be clearly seen.

Then, a gentle breeze blew past, and the ice shattered inch by inch, scattering all over the ground.

The Goblin group, dead!

[Goblin killed. Exp gained x100.]

[Goblin killed. Exp gained x100.]

[Big Brother Goblin killed. Exp gained x200.]


[Congratulations on reaching Level 12. Your current experience is 73%.]

After the death of the large group of Goblins, Wang Yu gained a lot of experience points, allowing him to level up to Level 12. He was not far from Level 13.

No one would believe that a lifestyle class player could farm monsters so efficiently.


Just as Wang Yu was about to pack up his spoils of war, a roar suddenly came from the tent in the Goblin camp.

Wang Yus expression was grave as he looked over. He saw a burly, muscular green-skinned man with wounds of all sizes walking out of the tent.

The green-skinned man was holding a mace in its hand. There were dark red bloodstains on it. It seemed like many humans and beasts had died under the mace.

Wang Yu looked over. The green-skinned man was at least two meters tall. Compared to the broken Goblins on the ground, it seemed out of place.

The source of this content is n0/v//el//bin[.//]net'

Elite monster, Goblin Warrior!

[Name: Goblin Warrior]


[Level: 13]

[Ability: Elite]

[Attributes: Attack 1,000, Magic Power 0, Health Points 8,000, Defense 20% (Damage Reduction), Speed 12 (m/s)]

[Talent: Brutal]

[Skill: Bite, Sweep]

[Brutal: Goblin Warriors are the most brutal monsters in the forest. They will deal an additional 10% physical damage to creatures with less than 50% health points.]

[Bite: The Goblin Warrior bites the enemy, causing 1,000 physical damage.]

[Sweep: The Goblin Warrior uses its mace to sweep out a shock wave, attacking the enemy in front of it, causing 1,500 physical damage, and has a chance to repel the enemy.]

Looking at the Goblin Warriors panel, Wang Yus heart skipped a beat.

As expected of an elite monster, its stats were more luxurious than most professions. If it was an ordinary profession, they might not even have the strength to fight it.

However, Wang Yu was clearly not an ordinary person.



Wang Yu did not retreat. Instead, he shouted and charged at the Goblin Warrior with his newly formed Ice Army Blade.

Seeing this, the Goblin Warrior sneered and swung its mace at Wang Yu, sending a shock wave at him.

It was very confident in this move.

The 1,500 points of damage on the panel caused everyone who was hit by the shockwave to hesitate.

In a battle, this slight hesitation was a huge flaw.

It had used this method more than once to catch the enemy off guard, and then seize the opportunity to pursue and kill the enemy by mistake.

However, it had miscalculated this time. The shockwave had no effect on Wang Yus body.

It was too late for it to react. Wang Yu had already rushed to its side and slashed at it with his knife.

In a hurry, it could only block Wang Yus attacks.

However, a prolonged defense was bound to lead to a loss. Wang Yu seized the opportunity and landed a palm on the Goblin Warrior!

Under its shocked gaze, cold air gushed out from Wang Yus palm and froze it bit by bit!



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