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An Unexpected Fortune

“If you dont, then... What” Hearing Wang Yus answer, the middle-aged soldier was a little surprised. He did not expect to be rejected.

In front of Wang Yu, an ant-like low-level lifestyle professional, he had been rebuffed time and time again. He had long been angry.

Seeing that the middle-aged Warrior was about to attack, Luo Hongyang was secretly happy. Even if Wu Qi didnt care about staying here, he was being stepped on by the Big Brother Goblin. He was overjoyed.

They could almost see Wang Yu kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy.

The middle-aged man ignored Wang Yus refusal and sat down by the bonfire with the Shield Specialist. He reached out to grab the Aardwolf meat in Wang Yus hand.

Just as his hand was about to touch the Aardwolf meat, an icy aura swept past. Under the four peoples astonished gazes, it slowly froze them!

“Why did you have to do that” Wang Yu sighed. Then, he smiled.

This feeling of acting cool...

It felt pretty good!

No wonder the protagonists of those novels loved to show off in front of others.

The four of them struggled with all their might, but they found that the ice was unusually strong. It was not something they could destroy with their strength.

And they didnt have any skills that could dispel the crowd control!

In other words, they had no way to deal with this ice!

The middle-aged Warrior was filled with regret. He should have known that to be able to build such a large camp, it definitely wasnt as simple as a lifestyle profession!

Which profession player would dare to spend the night in a place where monsters gathered alone

The two middle-aged men looked at each other and smiled cautiously. “Little... Little brother, please be magnanimous and spare our lives!”

They were really afraid that Wang Yu would kill them without a word. At that time, there would be no one to collect their bodies, and they would only become food for the monsters.

It was all these two peoples fault! The middle-aged man and the Shield Specialist glanced at Wu Qi and Luo Hongyang. If they hadnt lied about the military situation, they wouldnt have fallen into such a big trap!

Ill teach them a lesson when I get back! The two of them thought to themselves.

“Im an easy person to talk to.” Wang Yu picked up the Aardwolf meat and took a bite. Although it couldnt be compared to the food at home, it was already quite good to have a hot meal to eat in this place.

Looking at Wang Yu gobbling down the food, the four of them couldnt help but swallow their saliva. In the end, they didnt dare to ask him for a bite of food.

“I wonder what it takes for you to let us go” The middle-aged Shield Specialist spoke.

“Its simple.” Wang Yu rubbed his fingers, his meaning clear.

Three minutes later, the four of them, who were only left with their underpants, looked up at the sky and sighed.

At the same time, they could not help but sigh...

How ruthless!

“Dont be so smug! Youre just a poor lucky brat!” Wu Qi, who was lying on the ground, shouted.

“Li Ming has a rare profession! Lets see what youll get then!”

He still thought that Wang Yu was just lucky and had obtained some special item that allowed him to freeze them with a sneak attack.

Tools like this were all one-time use items, and he didnt believe that Wang Yu could use them a second time.

At that time, if he was prepared, he, Wang Yu, would not be Li Mings opponent at all. At that time, he would be the one to be humiliated!

Hearing this, the other three all had the thought of killing Wu Qi.

It wasnt easy to get Wang Yu to let the three of them go, and now Wu Qi did this. Was he really not afraid of death

“Thanks for the reminder!” Wang Yu was unmoved, and sealed Wu Qis mouth tightly.

“Remember to keep watch. If any monsters sneak in and eat you, its none of my business.” After Wang Yu finished speaking, he picked up the things on the ground and went back to the tent.

The three of them opened their mouths, but no words came out. The cold wind blew, and they sneezed.

In the tent, Wang Yu took a look at the equipment he had extorted, but there was nothing suitable for him.

However, the value of these pieces of equipment was not low, especially those of the two Rank 2 professionals. They were worth about 200,000.

“As expected, killing and setting fire are all gold. The ancient people didnt lie to me.” Wang Yu sighed and kept the items.

After setting up the security and instructing the Big Brother Goblin to guard the door, Wang Yu fell asleep.

It was a quiet night.

The next day, Wang Yu woke up early and defrosted the group of people who had been frozen for the whole night. He watched the four of them leave.

Just as Wu Qi had thought, he really didnt dare to kill the four of them.

Just like the online games in his previous life, after the game descended in this world, there was also a setting that increased the crime points by killing people.

It was also because of the crime value that professionals in China did not dare to kill people wantonly. Only ordinary people had room to survive.

With the exception of other countries.

If he killed the four of them, he would be arrested and interrogated by the City Guard Division within ten minutes of entering G City.

Of course, this did not mean that the four of them would have an easy time.

Without any equipment, if they wanted to return to G City from the Extreme Darkness Plains that were surrounded by monsters, they would be killed or at least be skinned.


After leaving the campsite, Wang Yu killed three more Goblins. Other than some broken equipment, his level went from Level 13 to Level 14.

He didnt plan to farm Goblins anymore.

There was no other reason, but the benefits were too low.

Ordinary Goblins didnt drop any good equipment, and most importantly, their level rewards were too low.


The game interface had a very serious penalty for professionals to kill low-level wild monsters.

For example, one level lower would only give 75% experience, two levels lower would give 50%, three levels lower would give 25%, and four levels lower would give 10%.

If the level difference was five lower, then there would be no experience at all.

Moreover, the experience points required would increase as the game progressed.

Wang Yu was already Level 14, and he could only gain 10% of the experience points from the Level 10 Goblins, which was not worth it.

After thinking for a while, Wang Yu decided to go to the Iron Skin Boar Tribe to farm monsters. It was just in time to avoid the possibility of the four people coming back to find him.

After passing through the Goblin Tribe and getting rid of the Goblins blocking his way, Wang Yu successfully arrived at the territory of the Iron Skin Boar.

The number of monsters in the Iron Skin Boar Tribe was obviously higher. Not long after they entered, Wang Yu saw several Iron Skin Boars foraging for food.

When the Iron Skin Boars saw Wang Yu, they immediately raised their hooves and ran toward him.

It was said that there was one pig, two bears, and three tigers. A half-ton pig running toward him at high speed, coupled with the dust it stirred up, was quite a deterrent.

Wang Yu formed his Ice Army Blade and summoned his Big Brother Goblin to pin down one of the Iron Skin Boars while he faced the rest.


Three minutes later, Wang Yu cut the throat of the last Iron Skin Boar and let out a heavy breath.

The Iron Skin Boars skin was rough and its flesh was thick. Its defense was even higher, and it was even harder to kill.

Naturally, the experience points provided by the Iron Skin Boar were also higher.

The experience points from these three Iron Skin Boars alone were equivalent to the total experience points of a Goblin camp!

Just as Wang Yu was about to collect his spoils, a rumbling sound came from afar.

It sounded like a large group of monsters migrating!

As far as Wang Yu knew, the monsters in the Extreme Darkness Plains did not have the habit of migrating.

Could something have happened Wang Yu was puzzled.



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