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Ice Aeon, Destroying the Enemy With One Finger

Wang Yu quickly found a higher ground and saw a large group of Iron Skin Boars running in this direction. There were at least a hundred of them.

A hundred Iron Skin Boars running together was quite a powerful force.

However, for those who were being chased by the Iron Skin Boars, it was not as simple as the impact.

Thats right, the group of Iron Skin Boars was chasing a person.

Moreover, it was someone Wang Yu was familiar with.

He was wondering who was so brave, but it was Su Bai.

He was so busy preparing to fish in the Extreme Darkness Plains that he forgot to ask Su Bai if he had successfully changed his profession.

It seemed that he had succeeded. Otherwise, he wouldnt have appeared in the Extreme Darkness Plains.

He just didnt know how he had provoked this group of Iron Skin Boars.

As he thought about it, Wang Yu went up to him.

Su Bai was about to be caught by the Iron Skin Boars. If no one could save him, he would be stomped into a pulp.

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Su Bai was running for his life when he saw a man suddenly appear not far ahead, blocking his and the Iron Skin Boars way.

“Brother, quickly run!” Su Bai said loudly.

When he entered, he realized that the person blocking his way was none other than his good brother, Wang Yu.

“Old Wang, quickly run!” Su Bai was a little anxious. Could he not see those Iron Skin Boars behind him

Wang Yu was unmoved. “Trust me,” he said. “Get out of the way!”

Looking at his determined eyes, Su Bai gritted his teeth and made a 90-degree turn.

Seeing that someone dared to stand in their way, the Iron Skin Boars suddenly increased their speed and were about to hit Wang Yu.

At this critical moment, Wang Yu pointed forward and said in his heart,Ice Aeon!

In an instant, a biting cold wind blew, and the entire earth seemed to have entered the Ice Age. A thick layer of frost formed on the ground, and when the cold wind blew, it made people shiver.

As for the Iron Skin Boars, they were frozen in a thick layer of ice, still maintaining their running posture. If one looked closely, one could still see their rolling eyes.

“This, this...” Su Bai opened his mouth and couldnt say anything.

The entire herd of Iron Skin Boars, as well as the fan-shaped area behind them, were all frozen with a thick layer of ice. How could he not be surprised

“For... A forbidden spell” Su Bai suddenly had a bold idea. The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was possible.

With such a large area of effect and such an exaggerated effect, it was definitely a forbidden spell!

Wang Yu knew a forbidden spell!

The so-called forbidden spells referred to skills that had a large area of effect, high damage, and powerful effects. They were also difficult to control, and could even be used without distinguishing between friend and foe.

For example, there was an incident that happened overseas. An advanced professional had used a forbidden spell – Undead Calamity.

Instantly, countless undead emerged from the ground and attacked any living thing indiscriminately, turning the entire country into a city of death!

Even now, that place was still a paradise for undead and monsters, and countless professionals would turn pale at the mention of it.

As such, every country had explicitly restricted the use of forbidden spells in real life.

The wordforbidden in a forbidden spell really meant forbidden.

Under normal circumstances, forbidden spells were abilities that only a few special advanced professionals could master.

How could Su Bai not be surprised that Wang Yu had mastered a forbidden spell when he was only Level 10

Hearing this, Wang Yu raised his eyebrows and did not say anything.

Ice Aeon could really be considered a forbidden spell in the later stages. As for now, forget it.

“F*ck, Old Wang, youre awesome!” Su Bai patted his shoulder and said like a curious baby, “Tell me how you mastered this ability!”

“I caught a fruit when I was fishing, and this happened after I ate it.” Wang Yu did not hide anything.

“Really” Su Bai couldnt believe it and showed an expression ofdo you think Im stupid

“Its true!” Wang Yu said sincerely. At the same time, he added in his heart,Because I have a cheat.

Su Bai thought about it carefully. Wang Yus family was poor and he didnt have parents. That was the only possibility.

He sighed at Wang Yus good luck, but he did not feel much jealousy.

“By the way, how did you provoke such a large group of Iron Skin Boars” Wang Yu changed the topic.

Su Bai patted his chest and explained everything clearly with a look of lingering fear.

It turned out that ever since the class-change ceremony ended, the school had organized this group of students who had successfully changed their classes to come to the Extreme Darkness Plains to level up.

Su Bai was in a team with three other people. Somehow, a group of Iron Skin Boars suddenly appeared and attacked them without saying anything.

After a few times of escaping, they got separated and then met Wang Yu.

By the way, Su Bai had changed his profession to a good one, and it was a hidden one, Earth Shield Bearer.

“So you dont know what happened either” Wang Yu asked with a frown.

“En!” Su Bai nodded. He also realized that things were not as simple as they seemed.

“Lets deal with these Iron Skin Boars first. After that,” Wang Yu said, “well go to your teachers place to take a look. Maybe they know what happened.”

Since the school dared to let a group of students go deep into the horde of Iron Skin Boars, where the average level was 18, there was naturally a teacher leading the team.

It was just that this group of Iron Skin Boars had come so suddenly that the teachers had not reacted in time.

Su Bai was about to nod when the message that popped up stunned him.


[Player Wang Yu has sent you a party request. Do you accept]

[Yes], [No].

“Old Wang, what are you doing” Su Bai asked.

“What are you doing Agree to it! You dont have to say no,” Wang Yu said, waving his hand.

“Its not like you havent seen my ability. Do you think Id care about sharing some experience with you”

Although Wang Yu sounded like he was acting cool, Su Bai agreed after some thought.

[Iron Skin Boar killed. Exp gained x300.]

[Iron Skin Boar killed. Exp gained x500.]

[You have killed the Iron Skin Boar King. Exp gained x1,000.]


Over a hundred Iron Skin Boars provided them with a lot of experience. Wang Yu smoothly rose from Level 14 to Level 16, and Su Bai also rose from Level 12 to Level 15.


Although he had taken a large amount of experience, Wang Yu was not reluctant at all. Or rather, this was exactly what he wanted.

In order to balance the children of the commoners and the second-generation of the rich and the class holders, so that the gap between them would not be so big, the college entrance examination in China had an upper limit on the level of the profession.

Level 20.

Those above Level 20 could not take the college entrance examination.

This was also for the sake of fairness. It was to avoid a situation where one was at Level 20 while the other was at Level 40 and had already completed the second transition.

One had to know that among professionals, every transition was a qualitative leap.

In order to exchange for a new fishing map in the system, Wang Yu had to obtain as much high-grade equipment as possible.

Where did the equipment come from

Other than buying, they would be farming monsters.

Therefore, if he had someone to help him split the experience points, he would be able to kill more monsters and have a higher chance of getting high-level equipment.

That was the reason why Wang Yu had formed a team with Su Bai!



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